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American Solar Energy Society

Profiles national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment.
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Dedicated to raising awareness and discussion of the impending and permanent decline of cheap oil and gas supplies. Includes contact and local group details, resources listing, events, news and a forum.
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NW Energy Coalition

An alliance of organizations promoting renewable energy and conservation in the Pacific Northwest.
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Export Council for Energy Efficiency

Contains energy efficient export opportunities, links to the global energy efficiency community (including US efficiency manufacturers and ESCOs), and market assessments and financing resource guides.
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Renewable Energy Focus

Reports on all the latest developments in the renewable energy industry and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information as well as many useful links.
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Central American Solar Energy Project (CASEP)

Promotes the use of solar energy for cooking in the countries of Central America.
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Energy Policy & Technology Research

ICCEPT at Imperial College research centre tackles major energy and environment problems offering advice to industry, government and NGOs
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Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)

Promotes energy efficiency worldwide for economy, environment and security. Offers K-12 lesson plans, energy saving tips and resource links to other educational supportive information.
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Alternative Technology Association (ATA)

A non-profit community group that aims to use and promote environmentally friendly technology. ATA has around two thousand members across Australia, conducts regular meetings, workshops and courses, and produces a range of educational publications.
10 -

Hubbert Peak of Oil Production

Provides data, analysis and recommendations regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction. Work by various experts on the subject, possible scenarios, and links to news articles.
11 -

Energy Foundation

A partnership of major foundations interested in sustainable energy.
12 -

Renewable Energy

An expose of the fantasy world of "sustainable development", showing how current levels of consumption are not sustainable no matter what alternatives are consumed.
13 -

Citizens Energy Corporation

A non-profit company whose commercial subsidiaries support a wide array of social and charitable programs to help the poor and needy in the United States and abroad.
14 -

Association for the Conservation of Energy

Formed in 1981 by a number of major companies active within the energy conservation industry, in order to encourage a positive national awareness of the need for and benefits of energy conservation.
15 -

Portland Energy Conservation

Conservation group that promotes the benefits of responsible energy.
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Tips helping home and small office cut utility bills with energy conservation.
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Comparative Study of hydroelectric projects in Canada and India covering environmental, economical and other impacts. Appendices on Integrated Resource Planning and Great Whale Project.
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Renewables for Development

RforD works for commercialization of decentralized renewable energy projects on a large scale in rural areas of developing countries. Provides information on concept, programs and projects.
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Solar for the Powerless: Electrifying Rural Africa with the Sun

Showcases a documentary comparing unsubsidized solar home systems markets in Kenya with subsidized solar utilities in South Africa. Includes streaming video plus links to the funder and relevant research.
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Energy Policy: Setting the Stage for the Current Debate

An overview of the Bush Administration national energy plan, issued May 16, 2001, and U.S. energy policy since the 1970s.
21 -

Center for Energy and Environment

Nonprofit organization promoting responsible use of energy and natural resources in Minnesota.
22 -

2020 Institute

Advocates getting the United States into energy self-sufficiency, and provides links for individuals to find more information or purchase alternative energy sources.
23 -

Post Carbon Institute

Assists societies in their efforts to relocalize communities and adapt to an energy constrained world. News items, local groups, events, and publications.
24 -

Ban the Bulb

Weblog advocates outlawing (or at least taxing) incandescent lights to reduce energy use.
25 -

Energy Bulletin

A clearinghouse of information concerning the peak in global energy such as oil and gas.
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Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

An association of researchers, professionals and others with an interest in the study of peaking and subsequent decline of fossil fuels. News items, upcoming events, and an overview of the energy issues.
27 -

World Without Oil

An online, alternate reality game that allows players to play out the events that could arise from the increasing scarcity of petroleum.
28 -

Peak Oil Chat

Real time, web based IRC discussion on the impact of the peak in world oil production and its consequences.
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A blog of oil supply and production graphs by an independent petroleum geologist.

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