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Money supply (as it is), in terms of current law and practice, involves central bank decisions on short term interest rates and ratios of reserves and capital required to keep banks that serve the public financially strong. These decisions affect prices, employment, liquidity, economic growth and interest costs and earnings. Stable prices, full employment, sustainable growth and favorable security effects are the goals of central banks.

Money supply (as it should be), in terms of reform proposals by those who would change current law and practice, may involve ideas to make money less vulnerable to inflation and/or to make money promote full employment, prosperity, security and economic democracy.

The category includes money supply (as it is) and money supply (as it should be).

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1 -

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The "Fed" is the central bank of the United States and controls the money supply.
2 -

American Monetary Institute

A foundation dedicated to the study of monetary history, monetary theory and monetary reform.
3 -

Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education

A non-profit group that advocates honest monetary weights and measures and argues against fiat monetary systems.
4 -

The Money Is No Good

An alternative view examining the role of money, reassessing the workmanship that goes into new "larger portrait" currency, and taking a closer look at the economics behind globalization.
5 -

Gold, Paper, or...: Is There a Better Money?

Policy Analysis from the Cato Institute by David Friedman that evaluates the monetary alternatives that face all societies.
6 -

The Mechanics of Inflation: The Great Government Swindle and How It Works

Your government takes money away from you by printing or spending with a deficit, causing inflation. This article explains how and why.
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