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Prisons Websites

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A participatory examination of the criminal justice system that takes a critical look at who is in prison today and why.
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Crime Magazine

Crime Magazine includes a separate section on prisons and prison issues.
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San Francisco Bay Area Police/Prison IMC

Indymedia group documenting the growing movement against police brutality and prisons in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Prison Activist Resource Center

The source for progressive and radical information on prisons and the criminal prosecution system. Educational and activist resources, news, alerts and analysis.
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Prison Search

Directory of State Department of Corrections websites offering free information and photographs of inmates. USA
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Hard Core Truth: Is Prison a Crime Deterrent?

Personal perspectives of a former guard on the lack of effectiveness of current US prison policy.
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Prisoners of Love

Support community for families of the incarcerated. Also offers prison collectibles and crafts hand-made by inmates, prison-related books and an online newsletter.
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Prison Photography Eastern State Penitentiary - Northstar Gallery

Photographic documentary of Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia Pa, Northstar Gallery.
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Prison Rape Resources

Listings of and links to articles, agencies, organizations and websites to find help for adult and juvenile victims of rape and sexual assault in prisons and correctional facilities.
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California Prison Focus

An organization working to stop human rights violations, improve medical care and end long-term isolation in California prisons.
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The Wrongful Death Institute

Addresses issues involving wrongful death cases and medical negligence inside prisons.
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PTO Prisoner and Family Support Forums

Information and assistance site composed of forums, photo galleries, and live chat.
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Web Ring for Prison Reform Unity Project

Links to 38 sites and groups involved in PRUP 2000. For more information, see Prison Reform Unity Project, above.

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