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Public Schools Websites

Sites discussing church-state issues as they relate to taxpayer-funded schools.- Category ID : 440082
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Public School Prayer Persecution

Presents arguments why prayer should not be permitted in public schools, and criticism of Christian conservatives.
2 -

National Center for Science Education

National organization devoted to defending the teaching of evolution in public schools, and keeping creationism out.
3 -

Religion in U.S. Public Schools

Presents both sides of the issue on religious activities in schools, with essays on current legal decisions.
4 -

Alliance for the Separation of School and State

Offers essays and a petition to sign.
5 -

Internet Infidels: School Prayer

Collection of articles for and against government led prayer in the public schools.
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Pontotoc, Mississippi School Prayer Case

An essay on the North Pontotoc school prayer trial in U.S. District Court, involving a suit brought by Lisa Herdahl of Mississippi against the Pontotoc County School District. Includes judicial decision and links.
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Can Public Schools Be Religiously Neutral?

Argues that secular humanism is the "religion" currently being taught in public schools, and that the schools should therefore be open to all major religions.
8 -

Challenging Religious Education

This site promotes the view that religious education (RE) in schools in England and Wales should encourage pupils to learn a faith as opposed to learn about faiths.
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National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools

A program to bring a state-certified elective Bible course, "The Bible as History and Literature", into the public high schools in the U.S. Provides streaming video, endorsements, and articles covering historical and legal issues, as well as related links.
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ADL: Education

Information about Anti-Defamation League programs and initiatives for promoting diversity, combating anti-Semitism, remembering the Holocaust, and other topics in schools.
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