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Child Soldiers Websites

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UNICEF: Impact of Armed Conflict on Children

Full text of and other information surrounding the official report produced by Graca Machel, Expert of the Secretary-General of the UN.
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Impact of Armed Conflict on Children: Child Soldiers

Extract from the report of Graca Machel, expert of the Secretary-General of the UN.
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Children and War

International Committee of the Red Cross information on the fate of children caught up in the turmoil of conflict.Includes information on children, war and humanitarian law.
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Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers

Nonprofit activist group working to stop the recruitment of children in war.
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Reluctant Recruits: Children and Adults Forcibly Recruited for Military Service in N. Kivu (Congo)

Human Rights Watch report (29 May 2001)points to the continued recruitment of children by the major Congolese rebel group.
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Child Soldier Use 2003

Documents the deployment of children as combatants, to commit abuses against civilians, as sex slaves, forced labourers, messengers, informants and servants in continuing and newly erupting conflicts.
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UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children in Armed Conflict: Child Soldiers

Website of the office of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary -General for Children in Armed Conflict focusing on child soldiers.
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Children in Conflict: Child Soldiers

Gives details of projects around the world by SOS Children for child soldiers including current conflicts and a look back with ex-soldiers at past conflicts.
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BBC News - Child Soldiers: Children of Conflict

Most of the victims are obviously boys. Listen to child soldiers, wounded, lost and working children tell their stories in sound files.
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