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Ministries Websites

Lists the official sites of ministries of finance, economy or property.- Category ID : 438005
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Mexico - Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público de México

Tax and debt information from the Ministry of Finance, with more detail in Spanish.
2 -

Bulgarian Ministry of Finance

Writes and monitors the implementation of the annual state budget, and implements the Government policy targeting at stability of state finance and the national currency.
3 -


Ministry of Finance
4 -

Danish Ministry of Finance

Press releases and speeches since 1996, with more information in Danish.
5 -

Vietnam - Ministry of Finance

Budget, legal and fiscal information.
6 -

Kyrgyz Republic

Ministry of Economy and Finance.
7 -

Macedonia - Ministry of Finance

With news, various factual bulletins, details of various laws, and forthcoming tenders.
8 -

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ministry of Finance.
9 -

Thailand - Ministry of Finance

Administers the national finance in the collection of revenues, the management of the Crown Property and disbursement of royal fund.
10 -

Austria - Bundesministerium für Finanzen

The Federal Ministry of Finance, with some English publications on subjects such as tax and the stability programme.
11 -

Belgian Ministry of Finance (Administration of the Treasury)

Responsible for all revenues and expenditure of the Federal Government including the public debt, salaries of State employees.
12 -


Ministry of Finance.
13 -


Ministry of Finance.
14 -

Bahrain - Ministry of Finance and National Economy

Information on public finances and the economy.
15 -

Jordan - Ministry of Finance

Budgets, technical policy papers, more content in Arabic.
16 -


Ministry of Finance.
17 -

Hong Kong - Treasury

Publishes the accounts of the government, provides payment, collection and fund management services, responsible for handling, security and accounting of public monies, and for providing accurate and up-to-date financial information.
18 -


Finance Services Bureau, also known as the Direcção dos Serviços de Finanças and as 財政局.
19 -

Burkina Faso - Ministère des Finances et du Budget

Missions are the mobilization of financial resources to back up development activities; the pursuit of a durable economic development; and the optimum repartition of financial resources of the state.
20 -

Canada - Treasury Board Secretariat

The TBS helps the Government of Canada manage its human, financial, information and technology resources.
21 -

Canada - Department of Finance

Sets policy for tax, economic development, corporate finance, social policy, financial sector, and international trade.
22 -

Latvia - Ministry of Finance

With a detailed history of the Latvijas Republikas Finansu Ministrija.
23 -

Japan - Ministry of Finance

Details of the Budget, fiscal out-turns, borrowing policy and tax policy.
24 -

Pakistan - Ministry of Finance

With information about the Budget, the economy, and the debt-reduction program.
25 -


Department of Finance.
26 -

Sri Lanka

Ministry of Finance and Planning.
27 -


Ministry of Finance and Planning.
28 -

Malaysia - Treasury

Some economic data in English, most content in local language.
29 -

India - Ministry of Finance

Includes the Departments of Economic Affairs, of Expenditure, and of Revenue.
30 -


Ministry of Finance, Finance Division.
31 -

Trinidad and Tobago

Ministry of Finance.
32 -

Isle of Man - Treasury

Duties are to administer the financial resources of the Government; to supervise the collection and management of the revenues of taxes; to control all matters relating to the financial affairs of the Government; to determine priorities of expenditure.
33 -


Ministry of Finance.
34 -

Czech Republic - Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

Responsible for the state budget, the Treasury, the financial markets, taxes, customs duties and fees, the financial economy, financial supervision, foreign-exchange policy, foreign investment, privatization.
35 -

Ireland - Department of Finance

Responsible for the administration of public finance, including, the collection and expenditure of the revenues.
36 -


Ministry of Finance.
37 -


Ministry of Finance.
38 -

Lebanon - Ministry of Finance

Includes a CV of the minister, with many other pages under construction.
39 -

Kuwait - Ministry of Finance

Some selected pages in English, mostly from the Tax Department.
40 -


Ministry of Finance.
41 -


Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.
42 -


Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development.
43 -


Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.
44 -


Ministry of Finance.
45 -

Botswana - Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Includes the Department of Supply, the Central Statistics Office, the Department of Customs and Excise, the Department of the Accountant General, and the Department of Taxes.
46 -

Cook Islands

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management.
47 -

Australia - Department of Finance and Deregulation

Works for sustainable Government finances and operations.
48 -

Australia - Department of the Treasury

Responsible for, inter alia, the Budget, economic policy and forecasts, and the Australian Royal Mint.
49 -

Portugal - Ministério das Finanças

Information on the tax system of Portugal in Portuguese and English.
50 -

Icelandic Ministry of Finance

Includes a weekly press release in English.
51 -


Ministry of Finance
52 -

Belgium - Ministry of Finance

Includes a tax survey, with other content in French, Dutch and German.
53 -

United States - Department of the Treasury

Divided by topic into Accounting and Budget; Currency and Coins; Financial Markets; Bonds and Treasury Securities; International (economic sanctions, markets); Law Enforcement; and Taxes (online filing and Reporting).
54 -

Iceland - Ministries of Industry and Innovation

Two separate ministries though under one Minister.
55 -

Poland - Ministry of Finance

Ministerstwo Finansów has departments for the State Budget, Customs, Public Debt, Local Government, Gambling, and others. Site has most announcements relating to the issuance of public debt.
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