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Debt Agencies Websites

Government debt agencies borrow money on behalf of the government and otherwise manage the national debt. In some countries the central bank manages all or some of the government debt; this category lists the non-central-bank debt agencies, which may or may not be separate from the finance ministry or equivalent.- Category ID : 438001
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Spain - Tesoro Público

Auction results, and details of newly syndicated debt.
2 -

Austrian Federal Financing Agency

Enabling law, and details of recent and forthcoming auctions.
3 -

German Finance Agency

Explanation of Bundesanleihen (Bunds), Bundesobligationen (Bobls), Bundesschatzanweisungen (Schatze) and other German debt instruments, and other press releases.
4 -

Belgium - Federal Public Debt Department

Explanation of OLOs and Treasury Certificates, economic figures and news releases. Other information in French and Dutch.
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France - CADES

A Social Security Debt Repayment fund that finances the debt accumulated by the French national security scheme from 1994 to 2006.
6 -

France - Agence France Trésor

With details of all French government debt instruments including BTAN, OAT, OATi and OATei, and the monthly AFT bulletin. In English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and Italian.
7 -

Latvia - The Treasury, Valsts kase

With press releases and information relating to the borrowing programme.
8 -

Singapore Government Securities

With results of recent auctions and a calendar of forthcoming announcements and auctions.
9 -

United Kingdom Debt Management Office

Annual remit, quarterly calendars and other announcements.
10 -

Hungarian Government Securities

Technical information for resident and non-resident investors.
11 -

Ireland - National Treasury Management Agency

Detailed description of the Irish debt program, and information about the economy and the National Pensions Reserve Fund.
12 -

New Zealand Debt Management Office

News and description of kiwi government bonds.
13 -

Italy - Dipartimento del Tesoro

Forthcoming BTP, BOT, CCT and CTZ issuance, and other information about Italian government debt.
14 -

Norway - Kommunalbanken

The Norwegian local government funding agency that provides low cost loans to Norwegian local governments.
15 -

Portugal - Instituto de Gestão do Crédito Público

List of primary dealers, an explanation of the instruments and their means of sale, and an auction calendar.
16 -

Swedish National Debt Office

Press notices relating to Swedish government debt, and some history about that debt.
17 -

United States - Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Consumer site with basic debt information and an online bond-transaction page.
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Netherlands - Dutch State Treasury Agency

Funding plans and issuance calendar for coming year, and other DSL information.
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Iceland - National Debt Management Agency

Prices, yields, and other facts about Icelandic government bonds.

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