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Accessories Websites

Accessories are items that are not generally used alone, but rather in conjunction with another item, to increase its effectiveness.
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Catch 22 Travel Products

Products aimed at keeping possessions secure. Provides ideas, information and products selected for their safety features.
2 -

Roaming Fox

Products for trip safety, health, and sleeping. Also offers luggage and toiletries.
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TravelSmith Outfitters

Clothing made of easy care, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, shoes designed for comfort and walking, totes and soft-sided luggage, and travel accessories.
4 -

The Savvy Traveler

Offers luggage, clothing, books, maps, and voltage converters.
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Offering luggage, locks and security, packing aids, safety, repair kits and luggage tools.
6 -

Changes in Latitude

Provides luggage, packing aids, books, and clothes. Offers tips and tricks.
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Safariquip Ltd

Supplier of travel accessories, luggage and clothing as well as a range of mosquito nets and insect repellents. Includes advice, newsletter and a photo gallery. Located in the UK.
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The Travel Oasis

Items for the safety, health, and comfort for families on vacation and those on the road.
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Walkabout Travel Gear

Provides a wide range of trip related gear. Features tips and an announcement board.
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Offers a range of power adapters and transformers for use worldwide with electrical items such as computer equipment, medical equipment, or just everyday household items.
11 -

The Jet Rest

Features a range of items such as inflatable pillows and lumbar supports.
12 -

Travel Comfortable

New Zealand books, maps, healthitems and pillows.
13 -

Right Brain, Ltd.

Sells Knee Defender, that helps protect knees and legs on airplane seats by blocking reclining seats. How to, news and purchasing information.
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Organizer that holds, organizes and protects items like a cell phone, cash, credit cards, license, keys or a hand held computer.
15 -


Individual travel sizes in categories such as personal care, medicine, laundry, food, beverage, and pre-made kits. Wholesale pricing and kit customization also available.
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Offers a range of prepackaged kits for different requirements and needs.
17 -


Offers plug adapters, converters, and universal power strips for various parts of the world.
18 -

Easy Traveler, Inc.

Markets small and medium size refillable flasks.
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Markets an inflatable pillow that is designed for airline trips.
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Extras 4 Travel

Provides a range of trip aids from health to security items.
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Specializing in luggage and travel accessories for children. Includes games and puzzles, organizers and bike bags. Gift wrapping available.
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An online boutique providing natural, organic and fairtrade travel accessories, blogs, tips, advice.
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CARES - Kids Fly Safe

Offers an FAA approved safety harness for children weighing 22 to 44 pounds. Installation instructions, FAQs, and a photo gallery.
24 -

Going in Style

Provides a selection of items including appliances, specialty bags and luggage, packing organizers and clothing.
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Korjo Travel Products

Australian company offering a range of products as well as tips and checklists.
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