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Wooden Websites

Toys made predominantly from wood. This includes machine-made products and handcrafted products that are bought in quantity from the crafter and then offered to the public for resale.
1 -

Woody Wood Toys

Selling wooden toys and presents for children.
2 -

Ringinglow Rocking Horse Company

Handmade rocking horses and restoration.
3 -

Clementine Toys

UK wooden, traditional and educational toys.
4 -

Knot Toys Limited

Offers both traditional and unusual wooden products. Catalogue and contact details.
5 -

Wisconsin Wagon Company

Wagons, scooters, wheelbarrows, sleds.
6 -

The Cubbyhole

Educational toys, puzzles and personalized items.
7 -

The Froebel Gifts

Wooden blocks, shapes and small toy sets.
8 -

Traditional Wooden Toys

Easy assembled wooden castles, forts, garages and farms. UK site delivers worldwide.
9 -

S. Clausson Toys

Wooden toys for children aged 3 through 12. Includes pull toys, trains and cars.
10 -

Vermont Wooden Toys

Trucks, trains, blocks, rocking horses and cars.
11 -

Heirloom Wooden Toys

Handcrafted toys and board games.
12 -

Jalu Wood Creations

Handmade wooden Waldorf toys. Toy sets include savannah animals, toy props, farm people and animals and forest people and animals.
13 -

The Wooden Wagon

Traditional and innovative toys for children, including trains, cars and figures as well as German folk art.
14 -

Jonesy’s Wood Products

Wooden trains, rocking horses, puzzles, blocks and farm toys. Also offers wooden doll houses and toy boxes.
15 -

Waldorf Play

Wooden and handcrafted toys for children.
16 -

MonkeyBean Toys

Offers a variety of toys including blocks, puzzles, games, books, dolls and ride on toys.
17 -

Peanut Gallery

Wooden, educational and traditional toys for children aged birth to 8 years. Products include puzzles, games, ride-ons, pull-alongs, blocks, doll houses and imaginative play toys.
18 -

Petra Toys

European toys including rockers, puzzles, pull toys and hand puppets.
19 -

German and European toys including blocks, dollhouses, pirate ships, Chelona puzzles, and Anchor Stone Building Sets.
20 -

Wooden Toy Shop

Wooden toys, gifts and games for all ages. Also makes custom toys and furniture.
21 -

Lindenwoods Toys & Imports

Specializing in hand-crafted wooden toys imported to the US, primarily from Europe.
22 -

Lasting Treasures, Inc.

Includes games, school supplies, educational items and doll furniture.
23 -

Rob-Roy Wooden Toys

Handmade wooden toys.
24 -

The Wooden Toy Company

Wooden toys including construction, educational and musical toys. Also offers puzzles, and physical and imaginary play toys.
25 -

Little Bundles

Traditional wooden toys and games for children.
26 -

Creative Crafthouse

Specializing in wood brain teaser puzzles. Wholesale information available.
27 -

Wooden train sets in boxes

Trains sets of solid Oak in a classic drive thru carrying box. Craftsman van personalize the set by hand carving child’s name in the box.
28 -

Carl And Me

Non-toxic wooden toys such as building kits, blocks, cars and trucks.
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