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Knives Websites

1 -

Mikov Internet Store

Offering Mikov automatic knives made in the Czech Republic.
2 -

B & D Knives and Swords

Collectibles and tools, including Hibben, United, Harley-Davidson, Spyderco, Case, Gerber, and Colt.
3 -

Cutlery Shoppe, Inc.

Retailer of name brand cutlery, sharpeners and tools. Located in Meridian, Idaho.
4 -

Dealer of Tops knives, blades, and accessories.
5 -

Buck Knives

Manufacturer of hunting, outdoor, tactical, and everyday knives. Retailer directory.
6 -

Arizona Custom Knives

Folders, art, automatics, tactical, and investment knives. Includes pictures of products.
7 -

Kellam Knives Company

Specializing in knives from Finland including custom, puukko, folding, and hunting, plus Nordic books and gifts.
8 -

Top of Texas Knives

Factory and custom knives including pocket, tactical, folders, fixed blades, and kitchen.
9 -

A.G. Russell Knives

Oldest knife mail order company in the United States.
10 -

Nordic Knives

Large selection of Randall made knives, vintage and new. Custom knives also a specialty.
11 -

Relentless Knives USA

Featuring custom designed survival knives. Includes testing information.
12 -

Knife Outlet

Includes Buck, Gerber. Also sharpeners and accessories.
13 -

Includes automatics, butterfly, sharpeners and accessories.
14 -

Rayjay Knives

Includes Microtech, Dalton, Hubertus, and Italian Stilettos.
15 -

World Knives

Imports including Mercury, Herbertz, and Bulldog. Boot knives, and daggers for outdoor hunting, fishing, multi use.
16 -

Dunn Knives

For hunting, fishing, trapping, use in kitchen.
17 -

Entrek USA

For the Entrek line of knives, includes warranty and contact information.
18 -

Exquisite Knives

Custom collectors knives, from various makers.
19 -

Himalayan Imports

Hand-forged khukuris, the knives of the Gurkhas, in a variety of traditional and modern patterns.
20 -

Pacific Solution

Wholesale sword and knife importer.
21 -

Randall Made Knives

Sheath knives, designed and forged, creating blades of the hunting, camping, fishing, bowie, outdoor, and cutlery styles.
22 -

Bayou Lafourche Knife Works

Collector sets and swords including Spyderco and Gil Hibben.
23 -

Vintage Knives

Pocket knives from dealers with verifiable history of integrity.
24 -

Beltrame Italian Knives

Automatic models and stilettos.
25 -

American Edge

Complete line of hard-working Kershaw knives.
26 -

True North Knives

Offers custom and production models.
27 -

Sarco Pocket Knives

New and antique, private line of Case commemoratives and groomsmen gifts. Valuation book and free monthly antique list.
28 -

Kutters Knives

Retailer of knives and accessories from around the world.
29 -

BlackJack Info Pages

Coverage for collectors of BlackJack knives. Also buy, sell, trade.
30 -

Specialist in Cudeman knives. Also offers budget knives.
31 -

For many purposes, offers numerous brands.
32 -

Northwest Knives

Pocket, sheath, military, bowie, dirk, ethnic knives and swords. Handmade and factory knives also.
33 -

Knife World

A monthly periodical covering knives, some razors. Also publishes and sells reference books.
34 -

Blade Play Knives

Large selection of hunting, law enforcement, collectibles, and some clones. Forums, general and model tips.
35 -

Fox Quality Knives

New, used, vintage, for collectors, hunters, fishermen. Dealer for Gerber, Buck, Case.
36 -

Discount Cutlery

Offers a variety of multitools, scissors, axes, daggers, replicas, and armor.
37 -

Cold Steel, Inc.,

Fixed or folding blade knives, swords, spears, and edged weapons training aids.
38 -

Cutlery To Go

Offers knives, cutlery and canes from Europe.
39 -

Bud K Worldwide, Inc.

Knives, swords, and other edged weapons.
40 -

Bullman Cutlery

Offers multitools and Swiss Army, pocket and camping knives.
41 -

The Knife Center of the InterNet

Includes scissors, swords and cutlery.
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