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Kites Websites

Online shopping for kites and kite related products.
1 -

The Kite Shoppe

Vancouver, Washington based kite store sells a variety of kites and accessories, garden decor, flags, toys, spin socks, wind socks.
2 -

Jinkoko Sport Kites

Malaysian shop offers a small collection of sport designs.
3 -

Skyblooms UK

Hand crafted windsocks, display banners and kites from the UK. Many with detailed applique designs.
4 -

Force Nine Kites - Kiteworld

Large selection of classic, sport and power kites, buggies and spare parts, juggling equipment, gag gifts. Display van available for festivals near Essex, UK.
5 -

Raindrop Kites

Single line applique kites and banners custom built per request. Popular models in stock. Catalogue available.
6 -

Extreme Kites

Power kiting specialists in the North West of the UK sells kites, boards and accessories, and offers instruction and demo days.
7 -

Highline Kites of Berkeley

Tom McAlister has provided kite sales and service to the San Francisco Bay area for more than 15 years and is host to the annual Berkeley Kite Festival.
8 -

Into The Wind Kites

Hundreds of classic, sport and power kites, accessories, building materials, flags, windsocks and outdoor games. Request a copy of their 80-page print catalog or shop online.
9 -

Cobra Kites

US dealer of sport and traction kites including Flexifoil products. Additional information on kite surfing and sport kite flying tips.
10 -

The Kite Company

Newport, Oregon dealer of classic and sport kites, windsocks, banners, flags and gifts from around the world.
11 -

Catch the Wind Kites

Huge selection of kites, spinning windsocks, books, toys, and kite building materials.
12 -

Gomberg Kite Productions International

Distributor and retailer of specialty giant show kites, inflatables, line laundry, banners. Site also contains international kite travel, lots of photos and a directory of U.S. kite shops.
13 -

Amoka Wind Sports

Windsurf and traction kite shop located in Northwest Ohio and Maumee Bay offers Peter Lynn and Quadrifoil products.
14 -

Mackinaw Kite Company

Offers a variety of kites and yoyos.
15 -

Kite World

Includes single-line, stunt, and power designs. Also offering kiteboarding gear, videos and accessories.
16 -

Wind of Atlantis

Offers a variety of single, stunt, quad-line and custom kites, windsocks, and flags.
17 -

World Wind Kites

Specializes in New Tech, Prism, and Revolution models. Includes customer reviews, discussion forum, news and upcoming events.
18 -

Leading Edge Kite Company

Australian kite manufacturer offers medium range of single-line and sport kites. Also sells power kites and buggies.
19 -


Offers a variety of kites including box and diamond.
20 -

Power Kite shop

Power kite shop and Kiteboarding school based in Norfolk/Suffolk, UK.
21 -

Kitty Hawk Kites

Large full service kite store in North Carolina with a huge inventory of single, dual, and quad-line kites. Also kite surfing and hang gliding lessons.
22 -

B and S Kites

Full service kite store with a wide variety of classic and sport kites offers free lessons right on the beach. Located in South Padre Island, Texas.
23 -


Richard and Sheila Goodwin have been selling kites, flags, windsocks and windchimes from their home shop in Gardner, MA since 1989.
24 -

Kite Studio

Specialist dealer of kite building supplies such as sail cloth, framing materials, fittings, tools and patterns.
25 -

Windstar Kites

Con Engels sells Skydancer, Revolution, Prism, HQ kites, plus building supplies, books and videos in Greater Pittsburgh North.
26 -

The Kite Guys

Sells a full range of traction kites and windsocks. Also offers flying lessons.
27 -

Rainbow Flight & Kite Shop

A selection of kite products and services in Nelson, New Zealand.
28 -

World Smallest Kite

Post card size kites made in Ireland are small enough to fit in the pocket and really fly.
29 -

Kites On A Roll

Hands-on kite building activity. Plastic roll of 20 printed kite patterns in 3 designs. Pre-cut sticks and string included.
30 -

Above It All Kites

Dave Colbert offers a selection of over 400 kites, windsocks and air toys. Based in Long Beach, Washington.
31 -

China Kite Online

Hand-painted traditional kites from Weifang, China plus delta, diamond, sport, advertising and parafoil kites.
32 -


Power kite shop in Switzerland features the Spider Competition bar and the UDS-Universal de-power system.
33 -

Kites Inc.

Premium selection of performance sport kites for all ages and skill levels.
34 -

Kite Place

Specializing in kites and accessories, wind toys and mobiles.
35 -

AIRmania Windspaces  Gallery

A selection of artistic kites and special custom made kites.
36 -


A large assortment of sport kites, power kites, buggies, ATB mountainboards, kite surfing gear, plus juggling supplies, hammocks and outdoor games. Located in Vannes France. [French - English]
37 -

Kite Country

Kite shop active in the San Diego area for 15 years provides kite supplies and service for all types of flying.
38 -

Chicago Kite

Kites and outdoor toys. Based in Oak Park, IL.
39 -

Thompson Trio

Featuring hand painted silk Chinese imported kites. Wholesale orders welcome.
40 -

BrisKites - Australia

Specialist kite store located at the start of the Redcliffe Peninsula, just North of Brisbane Australia carries classic and sport kites, buggies, kitesurf kites and boards, kayaks and scooters.
41 -

A Wind Of Change Kites

Authorized dealer of Peter Lynn, Ozone, Revolution, Prism, Premier and HQ kites. Large range of sport and power kites. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
42 -

Breeze Chasers Kite Shop

Family oriented kite store offering a wide selection of kites, accessories and wind ornaments. Features helpful kite flying instructions and tips. Based in Lincoln, NE.
43 -


Specializing in stunt kites, parafoils, single line kites and accessories. Plus windsocks and airtoys. Cornwall UK.
44 -

Sky High Kites

UK-based kite and outdoor toy shop offers a large selection of kites, air toys and outdoor fun items.
45 -

Sea Side Kites

Kite shop in Nantasket Beach, MA sells single-line kites, sport and quad-line kites, plus designer kites and accessories. Provides a calendar of local events.
46 -

Fun With Wind

Recreational kites, sport and power kites with accessories and gear. Plus garden decoration and windsocks.
47 -

Picture Pretty Kites

Kite shop in Omaha, NE offers kites, accessories and garden art. Web site features kite history, beginner information, tip and tricks, plus kite care instructions.
48 -

Kites and Puppets

Specializing in Prism and Revolution stunt kites.
49 -

Midwest Kites

Kite shop in Davenport, IA sells classic kite, stunt kites, accessories and replacement parts.
50 -

Great Canadian Kite Company

Family owned shop selling stunt, traction kites and accessories. Based in Alberta, Canada.
51 -

Dealer offering a variety of single and dual line kites and accessories. Includes laundry lines, and windsocks. Located in Canada.
52 -


Small selection of power kites and buggies in the Highlands of Scotland.
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