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This category contains sites that focus on allowing the consumer to buy maps over the Web. These sites include information about maps, related products, prices, and ordering details.- Category ID : 433334
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Atlas & Zanzibar: ManyMaps

Maps and guides for hiking and climbing, plus road maps and travel guides.
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Offers globes in a variety of sizes, styles, and languages. Based in France. [Site in English, French, and German.]
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McElfresh Map Company

Specializes in hand drawn, watercolor maps of significant events in American history including famous Civil War battlefield maps.
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Subscription service offering printable maps of mountain bike, dirt bike, ATV, off road vehicle, horse, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing trails.
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Maps of India

Sells CD of maps featuring Indian states, cities, railway networks, highways, history, tourism, wildlife, and industries.
6 -

Elstead Maps

A selected range of maps, wall maps, atlases, mapping cd-roms, guides and globes. Based in UK.
7 -

The Hereford Map Centre

The European online map specialists. Cycling map, road maps, and walking maps.
8 -

The Map Shop

Includes catalogues of stock, description of Ordnance Survey products and services, business and multimedia products, and ordering information. Based in the UK; ships worldwide.
9 -

XYZ Digital Map Company, Ltd.

Offers world maps, UK street maps and CDs, air photo posters, digital images, GIS map data, map-related software, and training.
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Map and travel book store in the United Kingdom sells world-wide street, road, travel, walking, and wall maps. Includes newsletter.
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Pathfinder Maps

Sells Canadian topographic maps, aeronautical charts, nautical charts for Canada and the USA, globes, historical map reproductions, wall maps, street maps, and custom cartography. Product photographs and descriptions.
12 -

Map Town

Specializing in Canada but carrying maps and travel guides for the world.
13 -

The Map Center

New England store offers maps, globes, atlases, charts, and accessories for business, personal and recreational use.
14 -

Wide World of Maps

Sells maps, atlases, globes, books, gps units, and travel guides, including a specialty of products covering Arizona and the Southwest.
15 -

Maps and guides for travellers.
16 -

A Maps & Graphics Company

Maps for business and reference, specializing in custom cartography for regional marketing and sales. In-stock wall maps, globes, and atlases. Mounting, laminating and framing services available.
17 -

The Map Shop

Offers maps, nautical charts, globes, travel guides, satellite imagery, flags, geography games, custom mapping, USGS maps, and related items. Products, services, and map facts.
18 -

Arnold Map Service

Sells a wide range of maps and nautical charts, with a specialty in maps of the Pacific Northwest and local maps for Clark County, Washington. Product information and sample views of some types of maps.
19 -

Tasmanian Map Centre

Sells local, Australian, and international maps and literature. Includes information about Tasmania, and photos of the shop and its owners.
20 -

National Geographic Society: Maps

Access to political and physical maps and information for anywhere in the world.
21 -

Map Marketing

A wide range of maps of the world, continents and countries. Business aids include UK postcode maps as well as sales and marketing maps and other map related products.
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Sells online digital map data. Users can search, browse, zoom, purchase, buy, print, download, and import maps, aerial photography, dem and satellite imagery interactively over the internet. Data is provided from leading map and image publishers.
23 -

Advantage Maps

Offers over 300 map titles covering the USA.
24 -

Zip Code Maps

Maps of every metro, county, and custom radius (USA).
25 -


Weatherproof maps in various scales. Ireland and the UK complete, Europe progressively added.
26 -

Omni Resources: Map

A wide collection of maps, flags and other geographical items.
27 -

Land Info

Maps and GIS data for over 60 countries. Products for recreational and professional use.
28 -

EWP Maps and Guides

Maps and guidebooks to the mountains of East Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
29 -


Digital maps of the world. Bilingual English and Spanish.
30 -

Maps Galore

Sells a large selection of atlases and road maps of the United States: national, state, county, city and regional maps.
31 -

Maps To Anywhere

City and country maps, globes, travel guides, languages, dictionaries and travel accessories. Order by email or phone.
32 -

1-World, LLC

Sells maps and globes for the classroom, office, and home from a variety of publishers. Product photos and descriptions.
33 -

World History Maps

Offers historical maps, showing countries of the world for every year in recorded history.
34 -

1st Stop Travel Store

Sells world globes and luggage. Product images and descriptions.
35 -

Web Travel Services

Sells large wall maps of the world and of Europe. Product descriptions and images.
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Sells maps and walking books. Maps include Ordnance Survey, Harvey, and laminated maps. Walking books come from a wide range of publishers. Product details and links to sites of British walking, motoring, and outdoor groups.
37 -

Summit Geology & Consulting, LLC

Sells high-resolution satellite image wall maps and posters, including popular recreation areas of the mountain ranges and desert parks of North America. Images, descriptions, and geological research project services.
38 -

4 Corners Maps

Sells maps and globes, specializing in wall maps of the US, world, regions, states, counties and cities; zip codes and custom territories in the US; and desk and floor stand globes. Product descriptions and photos.
39 -

The World History Chart

Seller of poster wall map of world history. Close-up image of chart and online store for purchasing.
40 -

Info-Map for the Georgia Mountains

About the Info-Map, showing the locations of many area attractions, including waterfalls, hiking trails, and campgrounds.
41 -

Maps Worldwide

Specialist supplier of maps, travel guides, globes and satellite images for 200 countries. Shipped worldwide.
42 -

Milwaukee Map Service, Inc.

Sells maps, globes, atlases, and software, with a specialty in maps of Wisconsin and Illinois.
43 -

FLATTEXT Database Scripts

Offers custom ZIP Code maps for all states and counties in the United States. Specializing in maps showing political, economic, educational, transportation, and environmental data.
44 -

Intelligent Direct, Inc.

Sells maps featuring geographic data, census data, consumer data, and business location data. Also sells mapping software and databases, and offers custom services.
45 -

Digital Map Store

Sells topographic maps, atlases, and software, plus aerial photos, covering all US states, for recreational and professional use.
46 -

Davenport Maps Ltd.

Specializes in maps covering British Columbia, Greater Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, Canada. Also offers custom mapping services.
47 -

Mexico Maps

Maps and atlases for Mexico. Also offers topographic sheets from INEGI.
48 -


Atlas of electronic maps for the Mediterranean Sea. Scale 1:500 000.
49 -

s.mile Direct Corporation

Physical, political, history, thematic, and climate maps.
50 -


Online sale of wine country maps in different areas of world.
51 -

Historic Atlas Series: 19th Century County Maps

19th century county maps and atlas data including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
52 -

Red Thread Maps

Sells hand drawn China provincial orphanage location maps.
53 -

Software Maps

Specializes in software topographic maps of the western states, Alaska, and Hawaii, and custom street maps for the entire country, for PC and PDA/GPS applications.
54 -

Texas Map Store

A comprehensive inventory of Texas maps. Offers map books as well as wall, topographic, lake, historical, and street maps.
55 -


Editable digital maps for use in presentations, websites and multimedia applications.
56 -

Geography Store Online

Maps, atlases, and globes for classroom and home use.
57 -


Sells maps in digital format for carrier routes, ZIP codes, and Canada postal codes. Also sells demographic, street, and census maps.
58 -

Map Books 4 U

Sells road and street atlases, Thomas Guides, and wall maps.
59 -

MicroGlobe LLC

Features digital georeferenced topographic map downloads, covering the world and popular travel regions. Includes press information and FAQ.
60 -

TerraPen Maps

Offers recreation, geology, and Forest Service maps featuring the Rocky Mountain area. Also books and DVDs.
61 -

Pangloss Tech

Sells maps relating to US health insurance and unemployment distribution by state, as well as global weather and geological features.
62 -

Rocky Mountain Maps & Guidebooks

Maps and guidebooks to the Rocky Mountain west, including ones featuring driving, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, hunting, history, and geology.
63 -

East View Geospatial

Specializes in the supply of worldwide topographic maps, in many scales, including large-scale maps for "difficult" countries.
64 -


Over 50,000 digital, topographic, and paper maps covering the entire world.
65 -

The Exploration Company

Maps and globes for classroom use.
66 -

Treasure Trails

Offers murder mystery, spy trail and treasure hunt guides to regions in the United Kingdom.
67 -

One Map Place Inc.

Carries maps for the entire world, including wall maps and folding travel maps.
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