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Vegan Websites

A vegan is one who eats no animal food or dairy products, and also might not use any products from animals such as leather or animal-fatted soaps.- Category ID : 432708
1 -

Ethical Wares

Cruelty-free footware, clothing, accessories, and toiletries. UK retailer ships world-wide.
2 -

Green Valley Trading Co.

Selling a range of vitamins, supplements, body care products, perfumes, cosmetics, confectionery. All cruelty-free and vegan.
3 -

Vegan Store Ltd.

Certified footwear, groceries, chocolates, candles, clothing and accessories, skin care, and of course, food. Located in the UK.
4 -

Pangea Vegan Products, Inc.

Food, clothing, body and health care items, household goods, pet care, and gifts.
5 -


Health and beauty aids, clothing and accessories, jewelry, pet care, food, and books.
6 -

The Vegetarian Site

Has a range of products for sale including groceries, vitamins, clothing, belts, and gift baskets, all vegan.
7 -

Animal Aid Shop

Retailer of cruelty-free products sold to support the Animal Aid charity. Offering products including chocolates, cosmetics, toiletries and gifts.
8 -

Shop Vegan

UK retailer selling a wide range of vegan products including bodycare, perfumes, clothing, cosmetics, confectionery and supplements.
9 -

Florere Holistic Skincare

Specialist company selling a small range of vegan deodorants and skin care products.
10 -

Vegan Health and Beauty

Online retailer specialising in cruelty-free health and beauty products.
11 -

Vegan Cuts

Offering exclusive deals on selected vegan products.
12 -


Selling organic, vegan and raw vegan gift baskets and snack packs.
13 -

Pioneer Soaps

Selling herbal, handmade vegan soaps, oil scrubs and gift sets.
14 -


Sellers of gluten free, vegan products that are earth friendly.
15 -

Veggie Meal-Maker

A meal planning resource that provides vegetarian and vegan meal planning resources such as: weekly menus, shopping list, recipes and links.
16 -

Raw Gaia

Natural skin care products for women, men and babies. 100% organic, pure, raw and vegan.
17 -

The Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

An online cooking school for vegans and vegetarians. Offered as an online course or in DVD plus spiral book.
18 -


Sells vegan and cruelty-free makeup, skin care products, and fragrances.
19 -

The Plant Age

Selling only vegan friendly goods, as well as many products that are also gluten free and non-GMO.
20 -


A multi-vendor shopping community, listing a range of 100% vegan products which are also ethical and sustainable. Products sourced from retailers from around the World.
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