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Hippie Websites

For sites selling items of interest to the "Hippie" culture.
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Did You Say

Wood and plastic door beads and beaded curtains with over 60 designs.
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Offers natural fiber and hemp clothing, including handmade items, hats, bags and jewelry. Also has jam-band merchandise, Indian incense, and tie-dyed goods.
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Hippie Shop

Clothes and gifts at discount prices. Shop for groovy clothing, footwear, tie-dye, bags and backpacks, door beads, and incense. Newsletter and free contest.
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Meadows Grove Patchwork

Handmade patchwork clothing, pants, spinny dresses, skirts, shorts, aprons, hemp jewelry and accessories.
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Peace Love and Me

Gifts, tie-dyes, books, sunglasses, hippy stuff, hand painted tiles, peace signs, sterling silver and surf jewelry.
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The Spinning Stitch

Offering handmade patchwork clothing and goods including dresses, skirts, apron tops, pants, hoodies, hemp chokers, and patchy scarves.
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Wide selection of trippy and psychedelic posters, tapestries, electrical items, candles, incense, stickers, music, movies, and books.
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Handmade clothing, featuring patchwork dresses, skirts and apron tops.
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Gypsy Rose

Sells hippie clothing, door beads, peasant blouses, Grateful Dead items and other hippie stuff.
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Shop Therapy

Alternative lifestyle emporium offering casual clothing, hemp products, pop culture merchandise, and incense.
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Offers handmade patchwork clothing and accessories. Premade items available and custom orders welcome.
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Sunshine Joy Distributing

Includes moving waterfall pictures, tie dye apparel, tapestries, window gels, and Zippos.
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Phunky Brewster

A gallery of patchwork earth threads, healing amulets, crystal jewelry, and home brewed herbals.
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An eclectic blend of handmade fabric and glass goods including dresses, skirts, tops, shorts/pants, quilts/wallhangings, accessories, pendants and jars. Styles are always changing. Custom requests are welcomed.
15 -

Earth Expressions

Handmade patchwork and hippie style clothing crafted from recycled fibers.
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Spinnin Threads

Original handmade clothing. Patchwork, hemp and corduroy. Dresses, skirts, and tops.
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Handmade patchwork hippie inspired clothing, bags and babywear. Slings available by custom order.
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Wild Roots

Hippie clothes, gifts and jam band gear.
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Sunshine Daydream

Jamband merchandise, CDs and DVDs, patches, posters, stickers, t-shirts and tie dye clothing for the whole family.
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Intergalactic Apparel

Handmade patchwork, hippie and hemp dresses, apron tops, skirts, and purses.
21 -

Pixy Patch

Specializing in handcrafted hippie patchwork clothing and accessories, organic herbal products and jewelry.
22 -

Soul Sister Creation & Design

Hippie patchwork clothing and hair wraps. Toddler to plus size, featuring applique and embroidery.
23 -

Good Day Sunshine

Featuring natural soap and bath products, custom patchwork clothing, incense, handmade tie dyes, and sandals.
24 -

The Electric Marmalade

Offers music, jewelry and other items all dedicated to the psychedelic 60s.
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