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Green living is a lifestyle that values life in harmony with the natural environment, promoting ecological sustainability.- Category ID : 432679
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The Green Store

Environmentally safe and organic products including stationery, games, clothing, beauty products, and home accessories.
2 -

Resource Revival

Offers items made from discarded materials, mostly bicycle parts. Candlesticks, furniture, picture frames and jewelry.
3 -

Our Green House

Natural and organic home, baby, and pet products as well as environmental test kits and building supplies.
4 -

My Pumpkin Doodle

Organic and bamboo baby, apparel, and home products.
5 -

Fresh Unlimited

Offering organic gourmet foods, organic baby products and sustainable home accessories and gifts.
6 -

A.R.E Naturals

Featuring a range of gifts baskets, home accents and yoga tools.
7 -

Nirvana Safe Haven

Organic cotton or wool bedding, futons and mattresses. Air purifiers, ceramic radiant heaters.
8 -

Wearable art and home furnishings created from trash, discards and natural materials. Also suggests gifts for weddings and corporate promotions.
9 -

American Environmental Health Foundation

AEHF is a nonprofit organization founded to provide research and education into Chemical Sensitivity. Sponsors educational and research information, as well as carrying over 1,500 environmentally safe products.
10 -


Eco-friendly goods including household items, bags, clothing, stationery and products for pets.
11 -

The Healthy House

Products for those suffering from environmentally caused conditions. Air, books, natural bedding, dust mite proof products, electrical and radiation, gloves for eczema, laundry balls, light therapy, paint and varnishes, vacuum and steam cleaners, and water.
12 -

Bears In The Woods Products

Products for natural living such as juicers, air and water purifiers, and grain mills, and Tiffany style lamps. Ships in USA.
13 -


All organic, recycled and chemical free consumer products, including water and air cleaning, mattresses and linens, clothes, baby products, cleaning products, gifts, garden and pest control supplies, laundry products, and personal care products.
14 -


Green alternatives available in Britain, including green homes, offices, holidays, electricity, gardening, jobs, gadgets, courses and cars.
15 -

The Natural Collection

A large selection of environmentally friendly gifts and household items. Located in the UK.
16 -

GreenSense General Store

Handmade crafts, earth-friendly eco-gifts, and other "green" products and services.
17 -


Energy and resource-saving products, including electrical, solar, plumbing, and a large number of other eco-friendly items.
18 -

Green Home

Environmentally safe products for the home, including energy saving products, organics cotton and non-toxic cleaning products. Information on common household hazards and a healthy home.
19 -

Non-profit business selling used-tire akala sandals from Nairobi.
20 -

Planet Squared

Sells furniture, art and music produced and packaged from non-toxic, recycled materials.
21 -

VP Specialty Products, Inc

Offering nontoxic, biodegradable, and non-abrasive cleaning products, as well as a pain-relieving spray for joint pain.
22 -

Wood Creek Farm

Offers a range of natural organic products such as herb, plants, and vegetables.
23 -

Real Goods

Energy efficient, non-toxic and environmental products for sustainable living as well as organic apparel and educational solar gifts.
24 -

Close the Loop, LLC

Supplier of recycled products including rubber mulch and pavers for playground and equestrian use. Includes fencing, and landscaping products.
25 -

Green Earth Market

Natural and organic baby, toddler, and home products.
26 -


Energy and water conservation products for the home.
27 -

LetsGoGreen, Inc.

Sells eco-friendly home and office products. Ships in USA.
28 -


Offers biodegradable and sustainable products including disposable storage and kitchenware, and cleaning products.
29 -


Earth-friendly products for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and patio.
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Handmade soaps, laundry ball, bodycare, new age music, books, natural cosmetics, gifts, vitamins, herbs, and minerals.

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