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Gemstones Websites

This category features handcrafted jewelry that is predominantly composed of semi-precious or precious gemstones, and includes materials such as mineral crystals, agate, turquoise and stones.
1 -

Gannaway Bros. Jewelers

14K gold, sapphire, diamond, and precious gem necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
2 -

Saori C. Jewelry Designs

Creates pearl and bridal jewelry, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Custom orders available.
3 -


Online boutique of modern style gemstone jewelry.
4 -

String of Jewels

Handcrafted with sterling silver and semi-precious stones such as turquoise, amethyst and freshwater pearls.
5 -


Jewelry made with gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling charms.
6 -


Selection of handcrafted necklaces made with precious and semiprecious stones, such as pearl, malachite, and lapis.
7 -

LJV Designs

Gemstone designs include nuggets, pearls and Venetian glass.
8 -

Vael Designs

Gemstone, pearls, sterling silver and Swarovski crystal design. Also offer custom design.
9 -

Anne Koplik Designs

Antique-inspired bracelets, earrings, pins and watches using crystals and semi-precious gemstones.
10 -

Cool Jade

Specializes in jewelry made with carved jade pendants.
11 -

The Scarlet Poppy

Handcrafted jewelry using semi-precious gems, sterling silver, gold and other vintage and natural materials.
12 -

Schwa Designs

Earthy colored precious and semi-precious gemstones with sterling silver findings.
13 -


Gold and gemstone jewelry with a specialty in Alexandrite.
14 -

Designs by Shirlee

Modern and contemporary designed gemstone and diamond jewelry.
15 -

The Final Finish

Custom gemstone and diamond designs. Also offers repair and restoration services.
16 -

Simply Jems

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for women, children and babies.
17 -

Moonlight Mining Company

Handcrafted jewelry designs in coral, turquoise, shell, carnelian, topaz, jasper, agate, pearl, tiger eye, and fluorite.
18 -

R.D. Allen Jewelers

Tourmaline Jewelry in necklaces, rings and pendants.
19 -

Cassowary Jewelry

Features designs using vintage materials, gemstones, and sterling silver.
20 -

Jealousy Jewels

One-of-a-kind and limited edition Pearl and beaded gemstone jewelry.
21 -

Amy Holton Designs

Jewelry of precious and semi precious gemstones and pearls in sterling and fine silver, 14 karat gold and gold filled metals, handcrafted in Austin, Texas.
22 -

Kim Gilby

Handcrafted gold and silver jewelry set with semi-precious gemstones.
23 -

Candori Jewelry

Designer of custom crystal jewelry. Each piece starts with a neutral color base and adds additional textures and shapes.
24 -

Sweetie Pie Jewelry

Contemporary earrings, necklaces and bracelets, with vintage components, by Dana Carvalho and Kristin Bishop. Also lists stores in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia where their products are carried.
25 -

Bright Moon Jewelry

Artisan pieces with gemstones and authentic ancient coins.
26 -

SweetWater Jewelry Designs

Contemporary heirloom quality jewelry.
27 -

Pilula Jula Artisan

Jewelry with sterling silver, semi precious gemstones and vintage charms.
28 -

Sundance Gems

Semi-precious gemstone and crystal jewelry in unique designs.
29 -

Bijou Cove

Collection of handmade jewelry using natural untreated gemstones, mined crystals, and Italian artisan blown glass beads with 24k gold foil.
30 -

Gleam Jewels

Manufacturer of fine jewelry studded with natural gemstones and natural Diamonds made with sterling silver and 14k solid gold.
31 -

Harlow Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry made of natural materials, accepts custom orders.
32 -

Ruby Mill

Gemstone jewellery using precious opal and coloured gemstones.
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