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Ethnic and Regional Websites

Sites in this category sell handcrafted ethnic and regional jewelry. Subcategories have been created for African, Celtic, and Native American. Sites selling jewelry for a variety of ethnicities can be listed at the top level, otherwise they should be listed in the appropriate subcategory. Sites submitted must be those of the individual artist who crafted the work.
1 -

Oro De Monte Alban

Handmade Mexican jewelry from the pre-Columbian era found in Monte Alban Mexico is available from the online jewelry store Oro de Monte Alban.
2 -

The Bone Art Place

Features pieces in the art of handcrafted New Zealand Maori bone and jade carving.
3 -

Jewelry From Hawaii

Offering custom Hawaiian styles. [Requires Flash]
4 -

Vault of Valhalla

Viking, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon jewelry designed by Vincent Zahnle using period sources and handcast in pewter, brass, white bronze and silver.
5 -

Natural Artist

Art, bags, handmade jewelry, and beading supplies from Latin America.
6 -

Bad Food and Snakes

Jewelry from India, Burma and Thailand. Includes Jain jewelry.
7 -

Hei Maori Art

Traditional hand crafted Maori jewelry from New Zealand.
8 -

Dorje Designs

Ethnic jewelry made with new and antique beads and pendants from around the world.
9 -


Middle Eastern ethnic and tribal jewelry
10 -

More Than Words

Ayala Bar jewelry, accessories and gifts handcrafted in Israel.
11 -

Judy Perlman

Sterling silver and stone jewelry.
12 -


Handmade Israeli jewelry and crafts.
13 -

Peruvian Jewelry Shop

Handcrafted peruvian jewelry made from natural stones.
14 -

Bone With Attitude

Maori bone-carved jewelry
15 -

The Jade Studio

Traditional New Zealand Maori jade jewelry including Korus, Hei Matua and Adzes.
16 -

Wanderlust Jewelry

Hand-painted jewelry by Peruvian artisans.
17 -

Handmade jewelry and driftwood

Handmade jewelry and driftwood made in corsica
18 -

Toa Carving

Handcrafted New Zealand Maori bone-carved jewelry

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