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Diamonds Websites

This section will include sites whose main focus is to offer diamond related merchandise, to the end customers.
1 -

Suwa and Son Inc.

Offers unique diamond eternity rings.
2 -

Cool Diamonds

A collection of designer labeled diamond jewelry.
3 -

Offers diamond engagement rings, stud earrings, pendants, and loose stones.
4 -

Jogia Diamonds International

Australian business offers a catalog of loose stones, as well as engagement rings. Includes information on product history.
5 -

Holloway Diamonds

Ideal cut and natural fancy colored diamonds, designer jewellery. Features advanced diamond education.
6 -

Diamond Cutters

Offers loose diamonds in a range of cuts, shapes and carats. Many diamonds are GIA and EGL certified.
7 -

Diamonds USA

Diamond cutters selling retail loose diamonds, all with EGL or GIA certificates.
8 -

Union Diamond

Offers earrings, rings, and loose stones.
9 -

RTL Jewelry

Diamond importer, jewelry designer and manufacturer. Specializes in certified ideal cut diamonds.
10 -

IceStore Inc.

Offers GIA and AGS certified loose diamonds. Includes yellow and fancy, as well as platinum engagement rings.
11 -


Education, guidance, and sales of diamonds.
12 -, Inc.

Offering loose diamonds, as well as rings, pendants, and earrings.
13 -

Certified diamonds and diamond jewelry direct from the cutters and jewelry manufacturers.
14 -

Buy Diamond Direct

Certified diamonds and jewelry.
15 -

USAJewels, Inc.

Offering GIA loose diamonds, as well as finished jewelry. Includes gold, platinum and gemstone designs.
16 -

Fancy Diamond Inc.

Offers loose diamonds, gold, and platinum engagement rings.
17 -

McGivern Diamonds

GIA Certified diamonds and jewelry, in a wide variety of designs.
18 -


Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.
19 -

Spencer & Spencer

Includes engagement and anniversary rings, earrings, and bracelets in 18k gold and platinum.
20 -

The Diamond Source USA

Sell GIA and EGL certificated fine cut diamonds
21 -

Diamonds Here

Jewelry shop, offers diamond jewelry items such as loose stones, rings, coins and precious gems.
22 -

May Diamonds

GIA loose stones and custom made diamond settings
23 -

Diamonds On Web

Find a diamond online and inspect the diamond at a local jeweler of your choosing.
24 -

Jensen Jewelers

Offers jewelry and diamond engagement rings including Love Story, Elk Ivory jewelry, and Chamilia bracelets.

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