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Hydroponics Websites

1 -

Homegrown Hydroponics

Offers gardens, lighting, nutrient, propagation, growing media, aeration, garden care, pest controls, and books. Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.
2 -

Greenfields Hydroponics

Products include complete grow kits, lights, books, growing media and nutrients, ventilation and odor control supplies.
3 -

The Hydroponicum

Hydroponics information and online catalog includes starter kits, nutrients and propagation.
4 -

GreenCoast Hydroponics

Offers grow lights, systems, and environmental controllers. Includes a library of indoor growing information.
5 -

Atlantis Hydroponics

Suppliers of hydroponic equipment, nutrients, hormones, complete hydro and lighting systems. Also has stores in Georgia, USA.
6 -

American Agriculture

Includes lighting systems, supplies, tools and books.
7 -


Offers controlled environment growing systems and technology for specialty crops including hydroponic vegetables, aquaculture and exotic mushrooms.
8 -

Interior Gardens

Enjoy full spectrum grow lights and supplies for a year round indoor flower, fruit and vegetable garden. Also hydroponics supplies.
9 -

GTG Hydroponics

Provides a wide variety of indoor gardening supplies, grow lights, organic fertilizers, as well as advanced climate and carbon dioxide controllers. Online forum and FAQ.
10 -

Sea Of Green

Hydroponic and horticultural gardening systems and supplies. Ships in USA.
11 -

Growco Indoor Gardening

Hydroponic and intense lighting systems plus grow room supplies and nutrients.
12 -

Harvest Moon Hydroponics

Supplies for hydroponics. Greenhouses, artificial lighting and new plant varieties.
13 -


Features a complete line of grow lights, hydroponic gardens and growing supplies.
14 -

Discount Hydroponics

Sells grow lights, nutrients, systems, pest control, blowers and hydroponic accessories.
15 -

Foothill Hydroponics

Everything you need to grow plants indoors, hydroponic systems, nutrient, rockwool, perlite, pumps, and trays. Free expert advice.
16 -

Hydroponic Center Guy Dionne

Offers a complete line of professional quality hydroponic and aeroponic materials, greenhouse management equipment, lighting systems, growing mediums, and fertilizers. Quebec Canada.
17 -

3R Lighting Company

Hydroponic, bioponic, indoor gardening equipment, grow lights, nutrients, and systems.
18 -

BG Hydro

Offer a large selection of indoor hydroponics supplies and systems.
19 -

Progressive Growth Garden Supply & Hydroponics

Hid lighting, hydroponic systems, ph, nutrients, and reflectors. BC,Canada.
20 -

Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

Offer various products as well as literature and a newsletter.
21 -

Interior Water Gardens: A Hydroculture Oasi

Offers kits for growing Orchids in hydroculture and hydroponics. Also supplies, nutrients, culture instructions, and a photo gallery.
22 -

4 Ever Sun

Manufacturer of indoor hydroponic self contained grow boxes and accessories.
23 -

Bustan Urban Gardening Essentials

Includes propagation supplies, grow mediums, soil amendments, nutrients and supplements, horticultural lighting, tools and accessories, books, containers, seeds, bulbs, and exotic plants.
24 -

Plant Lighting

Hydroponic and organic gardening systems and supplies. Lights, fertilizers, supplements and organic nutrients, grow media, and greenhouse controls for hobby and commercial growers.
25 -

Tronix Industries

Automation of the hydroponic greenhouse and growroom using plug n play devices.
26 -

Thin Air Growing Systems

Manufacture and sell an aeroponics system where the roots never stand in water.
27 -


Sells hydroponic cabinets and systems.
28 -

Hydro Wholesale

Sells wide selection of products such as irrigation supplies, books and magazines and testing equipment.
29 -

Cheap Hydroponics

Offers full range of products such as hydroponic systems, grow lights, nutrients, and accessories.
30 -

Green Fortune

Suppliers of Streamgarden systems.
31 -

Hydro Depot

Offers wide range of items such as equipment, indoor gardening supplies, and accessories.
32 -

Pyraponic Industries

Sells the Phototron automated indoor growing system featuring vertical fluorescent lightbulbs, and a range of supplies and parts.
33 -

Sunburst Hydroponics

Offering indoor gardening supplies, including growlights, nutrients and equipment.
34 -

Alternative Garden Supply

Featuring supplies for hydroponic and organic gardening. Includes books, bulbs, and testing equipment.
35 -

EzGro Garden

Vertical garden system. Information and contact details.
36 -

Greenstream Hydroponics

Offers kits and systems of various sizes, grow lights, nutrients, organics, and related tools.
37 -


Selling bottle kits for the smallest hydroponic urban farming system in the world, developed to cultivate lettuce and herbs on a windowsill. [English/German]
38 -

Horizen Hydroponics

Offering grow lights, organic fertilizers, soil amendments, and environmental controls. Includes used equipment.
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