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Flags and Banners Websites

This category contains sites that primarily market flags and banners.
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Offering themes including world, sport, regional and historical in nautical polyester. Located in Italy, site offered in English, Italian and German.
2 -

The Flag Company, Inc.

Specializes in custom made flags and aluminum poles.
3 -

Flags Unlimited, Inc.

Manufacturer of American, state, international, sports, historical, military and other flags and banners.
4 -

Tidmore Flags

U.S., state, international, custom, historic, and commercial flags.
5 -

Hampshire Flag Company

Source for flags, banners, and poles from the UK.
6 -


Country flags in several sizes from 5x3ft upwards, and UK football clubs.
7 -

Greens of Gloucestershire

Offers flags and accessories. Describes its product range and includes shopping cart.
8 -

Heritage Flag and Supply

A large selection of flags including, world, U.S., nautical, religious, and military. Includes flag etiquette.
9 -

Adirondack Flagpole Company

Hand produces flagpoles from native species of eastern white pine and northern red oak. Includes product list and shipping information.
10 -

Flag-Works over America, LLC

Provides variable size flags and poles. Includes grave markers, kits, state specific themes, and magnets.
11 -

Broward Flag & Display Co.

Carries flags, banners, and flagpoles. Find a catalog of world, historic, military, and college flags.
12 -

Conder Flag Co

USA. Manufacturers of flags, banners, pennants and accessories.
13 -

Flag Line

Offers flags and banners for occasions, holidays, and countries, includes product catalog and related items.
14 -

The Flag Lady

Offers American flag, state, custom, and flags of the world as well as flag poles and banners.
15 -

Quality Flags

Carries a selection of US, decorative, and custom flags, as well as mailbox covers.
16 -

Apollo Flag Company Inc.

Sells US, historical, state, foreign, military, holiday flags as well as providing custom services, poles and accessories.
17 -

American Flag & Banner Co. Inc.

US and international flags, poles and accessories. Includes customization options.
18 -

American Flagpoles and Flags

Providing flags, poles, and repair services. Styles offered include American, international, state, historical, armed forces, and custom logo.
19 -

Sunsetter Flag Poles

Aluminum, bronze, and white enamel flag poles. Also offers eagles, stands and mounts, and carrying bags.
20 -

Manufacturer of custom flags, banners, pennants, trade show decorations. Distributor for American, military, historical, home and garden, and nautical flags and supplies.
21 -

Fairbanks Flags

Offers a selection of Celtic, country, state, pirate, car, fun, and sign flags.
22 -

Carrot-Top Industries Inc.

Offers a selection of US flags, banners, and accessories.
23 -

Dixie Flag Manufacturing Company

Supplying a variety of flags and banners to customers around the world.
24 -


Offers sales of all types of flags, banners, windsocks, and accessories. Yuma, Arizona.
25 -

A House of Flags

US and state flags, country flags, custom flags, banners, sales, service and installation.
26 -

Regal Flags and Poles, Inc.

Features a large variety of domestic and international flags and poles.
27 -

U.S. Flag & Flagpole Supply, Inc.

Specializing in flags, flagpoles, custom installation and accessories.
28 -

Flags Online

Features national and decorative flags, as well as mats, wall hangings, and mouse pads.
29 -

American Flag Store

Offering American flags, world, state, military, and flagpoles for home and business.
30 -

Gallery of the Republic

Handmade, historically accurate reproductions of the many flags which have represented Texas and the United States.
31 -

The Flag Shop

Canadian seller and manufacturer of flags and banners.
32 -

American Heritage Enterprises

Sells a range of sizes and types of flags, flag poles, street banners and signage.
33 -

USA Flags

Sells American, historical, and POW flags, and porch flag kits.
34 -

Money Maker Flags

International, states, novelty, advertising, historical flags, windsport, windsocks and flagpoles.
35 -

Flag Store USA

American, state, international, historic, military and POW/MIA flags and poles.
36 -

Never Furl

Offers non furling devices for flags.
37 -

Kosco Flags & Flagpoles

Northern Illinois vendor of state, international, military flags, flagpoles, banners, windsocks, and custom flags/banners.
38 -

American Flag and Gift

Retailer of flags, banners and flagpoles. Includes sports, custom, historical, and holiday flags such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving.
39 -

Flagman of America

Historical flags, banners, and flag accessories.
40 -

Flagship Distributors

Sells U.S. and state flags, flagpoles, banners, historical, parade sets, military, nautical, sports, and pennants.
41 -

The Map Shop

Provides various grades of international flags, includes commercial high wind flags as well as budget indoor flags.
42 -

Flag Emporium

On-line source for flags, flagpoles, decals, lapel pins, patches, mini flags, banners, custom flags and flag items.
43 -

Flags on Cars

American flags and accessories in various forms and sizes, with an emphasis on automotive displays. Images, product details.
44 -

Colonial Flag

Suppliers of flags and flagpoles, mailboxes, home and garden accents. Also offers flag handling directions.
45 -

About Flags, Inc.

Flags, banners, pennants and bunting, including custom designs, accessories and etiquette information.
46 -

Flag Outlet

Manufactures flags and flagpoles. Products include Canadian, US, pennants and specialty flags.
47 -

Mr Flag

Sells a range of national, sports, and historic flags as well as related accessories and clothing.
48 -

Capitol Flags

Includes the sale of US, Civil and Revolutionary War, state and historic varieties. Also offering military shadow boxes and cases with personalization, and poles.
49 -, Inc.

Offers flags that are displayed to honor the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. Also provides T-shirts and other related items.
50 -

Flag Store, Sign & Banner

Manufactures and sells a wide selection of flags, banners, signs, and poles.
51 -

Flags Over America

Markets national, state, ISO, military, historical, novelty, and custom flags and banners.
52 -

Atlantic Flag & Banner

Offers an inventory of US, state, foreign, historical and POW/MIA flags, plus decorative flags, flagpoles and patriotic products.
53 -

Grand Flags

Offers Canadian as well as seasonal flags, banners, and poles. Located in Canada.
54 -

Epic Flags, LLC

Markets flags, poles, and accessories.
55 -

A-D Distributing Company

Sells US and state flags as well as patriotic decorations, fans, and bunting.
56 -

Flags Unlimited

Makes and sells custom flags and banners, patio umbrellas, and flagpoles. Materials utilized include satin, nylon, polyester, duraknit, duralux, and duramax.
57 -

Sells US flags as well as related art works. Provides information about flag etiquette.
58 -

Presents a selection of appliqued, sculpted and printed flags, banners and accessories for holidays or everyday.
59 -

M & W Services

Telescoping flagpoles and accessories for residential and commercial applications.
60 -

Pacific Coast Flag

Offers US, state, and international flags and accessories.
61 -

Features the sale of a planetary flag designed to reflect world unity.
62 -

Flagpole Warehouse

Features a selection of flagpoles to meet a variety of applications such as architectural, home, nautical, indoor, and parades.
63 -

Eagle Flag of America Inc.

Store with a large variety of US, historical, state, international, and military flags as well as grave markers, memorial display cases and accessories.
64 -

A UK based flag shop selling world, sporting, novelty and car flags.
65 -

EZPole Flagpoles and Mounts

Features a flagpole system with no-wrap swivels and sections that can be provided in custom colors.
66 -

Mainely Flags

Sells US, state, international, military and historical flags. Also offers GSA contract orders.
67 -

Constructs all steel flag poles with an aluminized rust resistant finish. Also offers ground mounts and light kits.
68 -

The Flagpole Co.

Markets commercial and residential flagpoles as well as American, state, world and message flags.
69 -

Five Star Flags

Manufactures custom flagpole kits and distributes US and state flags.
70 -

Advertising Flag Co.

Sells a range of flags and custom banners. Offers a catalog and close outs.
71 -

Texas Sam

Specializing in international, novelty, state, college, and military flags.
72 -

Admiral Flag Poles, Inc.

Residential and commercial tapered aluminum poles in heights from 20 to 80 feet. Includes fiberglass, telescopic and sectional designs.
73 -

Small Flags

Providing flags products to increase heritage awareness.
74 -

Features a range of products including state, federal, and collegiate flags.
75 -

Historical Americana

Offers authentic antique framed American flags, includes information on flag history.
76 -

Quinn Flags And Banners

Markets country, state, sport, and historical flags as well as bunting, pleated fans, and poles.
77 -

Flags! Georgia

Offers American, state, country, and military flags as well as banners.
78 -

Action Flag Company

Markets US, American, state, and school flags as well as flagpoles, banners, and decorations.
79 -

Kronbergs Flags & Flagpoles

Full service company for the flag and banner flyer, making and installing custom flags and flagpoles.
80 -

North American Flags & Flagpoles

Offers USA, confederate, historical, military, religious, state, and country flags as well as commercial aluminum and residential flagpoles.
81 -

Uncommon USA

Telescoping flagpoles and flags of states, countries, armed forces and sport teams.
82 -

H.A. Peterson & Sons

International supplier of all types of flags and flagpoles. Flagpoles in all heights and configurations for residential and commercial use.
83 -

The Flag Lady’s Flag Store

Offers patriotic gifts and clothes as well as custom, US, state, OSU and international flags and hardware.
84 -

Humphrys Flag Company

Sales of outdoor US flags for homes and businesses.
85 -

A-Flag and Flagpole Co., Inc.

Sells flags, banners, pennants, flagpoles, windsocks and related products. Offers custom designs and specializes in US and foreign national products.
86 -

Flagworld Pty Ltd.

Sells international, national, and state flags and banners for commercial and residential use.
87 -

Z Flag Store

American, firefighter, police and fraternal organization hand-held flags, and markers for graves.
88 -


Manufacturer of military, religious, pet, world, US, and state flags, flagpoles as well as accessories.
89 -


Sells flags, pennants, and streamers as well as poles and kits.
90 -

Offers national, state, and military flags and banners as well as poles and accessories.
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