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1 -

Rug Doctor

Rent or buy carpet cleaning machines and products.
2 -

Steam Brite

Carpet and upholstery steam cleaning equipment for home and business.
3 -


Biodegradable, safe non-toxic cleaning supplies for boat, home, car and snowmobile.
4 -

Clean Team Catalog

Housecleaning, janitorial, organizing and home maintenance products.
5 -

Mary Moppins

Cleaning tools designed by a professional for home, office, RV, airplanes, boats and hundreds of uses.
6 -

Jani Source

Distributor of sanitary maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies.
7 -

Clean King

Supplier of janitorial equipment, supplies, vacuums and duct cleaning equipment.
8 -


Sells robotic devices for house cleaning.
9 -

Pro-Tek Cleaner

A biodegradable, industrial strength cleaning solution designed for the commercial and residential cleaning markets.
10 -

Damprid Inc.

Moisture and odor control products.
11 -

Bar Keepers Friend

Non-abrasive cleansers for brass, copper, stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, tile, plastics, glass cooktops, formica, and marble.
12 -

Citrus Based Cleaner NZ

A ready to use concentrated cleaner and degreaser for a wide range of cleaning chores.
13 -

The Ray Machine

Aluminum table crumber with a unique, patented beveled edge. Available in 6 colors.
14 -


Presents furniture polish and cleaner with lemon oil for cabinets, paneling, and all wood surfaces helps remove scratches and water rings.
15 -

Ross Products Amazing Cloth

Micro fiber products which clean without chemicals.
16 -

Red Hot Carpet Cleaning

Specializing in spot removal, pet odor removal, and stain removal products.
17 -

Cape Cod Polish

Polishing cloths clean, polish, and protect any type of metal. The cloths are reusable and have a pleasant vanilla fragrance.
18 -


Offers a large selection of carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals.
19 -

Streak Master

Stain removal product that works on interior and exterior stains instantly.
20 -

Microfiber Tech

Distributor of microfiber towels, cloths, mops, and mitts for auto detailing and household cleaning.
21 -

Naturex Fragrancing Systems Canada

Naturex provides Air fresheners and fragrancing products for home or work
22 -

Vapor Systems

Offering vapor cleaning systems for home or industrial use.
23 -

Eco Trade Marketing

International Trade in ecological products for household and cars
24 -

Universal and Cleaner Protectant

Products used by teams of the NFL, Major League Baseball, NHL and PGA/LPGA on equipment and uniforms.
25 -

Eclectic Selections

Offers dryer link brush. Dryer fires, appliance malfunction and excessive energy use can be avoided by proper maintenance. Safety tips, photos, and additional uses.
26 -

The Dial Store

Soap, laundry supplies and air fresheners from the Dial Corporation, mainly sold in kits intended as care packages.
27 -

Powell Productions

A chemically treated cotton cloth that works without cleaning products.
28 -


Provides cleaning solutions for house, garden.
29 -

Supply Central

Offers commercial cleaning supplies.
30 -

Clean Wood Floors

Hardwood, laminate and hard surface floor cleaners for wax and polyurethane coated wood floors - secure on-line shopping.
31 -

Weiman Home Products

Offering wood and metal care products including cooktop cleaners, furniture cleaners, jewelry cleaners, wax removal products, and chandelier cleaning solutions.
32 -

Peels Plus

Environmentally sound cleaner with industrial performance. Made from orange peel solvent and biodegradable additives.
33 -

Sells a beeswax based furniture polish, to care for and restore wood furniture.
34 -


Clean and deodorize any type of carpet and upholstery - Removes Pet stains, cola, coffee, tea, grease, oil, and rust guaranteed.
35 -


Full service carpet cleaning business that sells stain removal and carpet care products.
36 -

CBR Products

Specialty products for paint removal, historical building restoration, coating, wood preservation, graffiti removal, and masonry cleaning.
37 -

Kit Wax

Manufacturer of auto care products.
38 -

DEI Services

Offers a variety of household and personal items by the case.
39 -

Floor Cleaners

Stocks a variety of cleaners.
40 -

Synergy Wholesale Distributing, LLC

Shop online for industrial grade cleaning chemicals and professional cleaning tools.
41 -

Agelong Brands

Shop for brand name home care, cleaning, gardening and personal care products.
42 -

The Fuller Brush Company

Cleaning and personal care products for home and business.
43 -

Offers cleaning accessories including buffing pads, sponges and wash mitts. Located in St. Louis, Mo.
44 -


Seller of products including trash cans, air fresheners and janitorial supplies.
45 -


Stain and odor removal products.
46 -

Floor Care Shop

Providing carpet care, tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood cleaners.
47 -

Bar Supplies

Suppliers of commercial and industrial cleaning products.
48 -

Stanley Home Products

Offering home and personal care products such as; carpet sweepers, degreasers and mops.
49 -


Products that control and eliminate undesirable odors.
50 -


Offering microfiber cleaning products manufactured in Swedan.
51 -

Pounds Floor & Tile

Cleaning supplies for ceramic, vinyl, carpet, laminate and hardwood flooring.
52 -

Natron, Inc.

Offers cleansing wipes for household cleaning uses including dishes, glass, mirrors, and silver.
53 -

Concentrated chemical cleaning products for the hospital, restaurant and hotel industries. Ships in USA.
54 -

Bell Brush

Supply a range of cleaning products.
55 -

Torrington Brushes

Offers a range of industrial brushes.
56 -

Engleside Products

Active Orange cleaner and grease removers which are environmentally friendly.
57 -

Parish Maintenance Supply

Janitorial and cleaning supplies and equipment such as carpet cleaners and floor polishers, for professional users and home owners.
58 -


Permanently eliminating cat urine and spray odors has gotten much easier and effective. It uses not enzymes or bacteria and no harsh chemicals to do the job.
59 -

Clean n Brite

A multi-purpose, lemon fresh product that can clean most anything.
60 -


Supplier of wholesale priced janitorial equipment and commercial cleaning products.
61 -

Dixie Packing & Seal

Provides a line of adhesives, automotive cleaners and maintenance supplies, cleaners and degreasers for industrial and home use.
62 -


Manufacturer of drain openers, clog removers and septic system solutions - solution finder for advice on drain care and plumbing problems.
63 -

Instagone Products

Cleaning supplies for both laundry and the entire home.
64 -

Selection of floor buffers, polishers, scrubbers, and accessories.
65 -

LHB Industries Online Store

The Lighthouse for the Blind (Saint Louis), is a non-profit company that produces a wide range of aerosol and liquid cleaning products.
66 -

Clean Floor Store

Selection of microfiber mops and other floor cleaning supplies.
67 -

Carpet Medics

Chemicals and equipment to remove stains, restore carpet burns and discoloration.
68 -

Sell a line of professional cleaning equipment for janitorial and flood restoration, floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, and autoscrubbers.
69 -

Floor Scrubbers

Selection of automatic floor scrubbers and floor scrubbing brushes, pads, and accessories.
70 -

Shower Power

Bathroom cleaner that removes soap scum and hard water stains without scrubbing.
71 -

Power Maxed

A cleaning range for all types of vehicles, including heavy duty glass and hand cleaners for all kinds of dirt and grime.
72 -

Consumers Interstate Corporation

Carries toilet paper (including custom printed paper); and commercial and industrial cleaning products, tools, and equipment.
73 -

NWBay Shops

Spot-X, a product to remove calcium deposits, hard water stains and spots.
74 -

Scot Labs

Carpet care, floor strippers, floor finishers/sealers, cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, and washroom products. Ships in USA.
75 -

Dura Wax

Offering janitorial supplies including floor finishes, strippers, sealers and cleaners.
76 -

Butler Home Products

Lint rollers, washable lint removers, stain erasers, deodorizers, and shoe shapers.
77 -

Ecology Works

Offers clean and natural non-toxic solutions to eliminate house dust mites and allergens in carpet, upholstery, and mattress, to reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies.

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