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Products and devices for home health testing or monitoring.
1 -

Home Health UK

Includes male fertility, date rape, diabetes, pregnancy, and drug tests. International delivery offered.
2 -

Evergreen Industries LLC

Provides a 5 minute semen detection kit for home use.
3 -

Craig Medical

Diagnostic test kits for pregnancy, ovulation, cancer, cholesterol, glucose, alcohol and drugs.
4 -

Home Access Health Corporation

FDA approved home testing for HIV and Hepatitis C.
5 -

Biomerica, Inc.

Supplies EZ Detect, an FDA-approved home test to detect hidden blood in the stool, one of the early warning signs of colon cancer.
6 -

Dantest Health Check Software

A computerized medical test for assessment of health risk. Based on HRV method.
7 -

Medimpex United

Pregnancy, Ovulation, fertility, forensic, drug and alcohol.
8 -

Biousa International

Medical diagnostic tests including pregnancy, drug, fertility and infectious diseases.
9 -

Home Health Testing

Offers a variety of FDA approved home testing kits for uses such as detecting drugs, alcohol, allergies, HIV, cancer, cholesterol and ovulation.
10 -

Test Medical

Tests for detection of thyroid, menopause, infertility, hormone, colon/prostate, drug or alcohol problems.
11 -

Kits for drug, HIV, carpal tunnel, sleep disorder, hypothyroid, alcohol, stress and thyroid disease.
12 -

Rapid Detect

Includes pregnancy, alcohol, and drug testing kits.
13 -

Noble Medical Corporation

Retailer of on-site drug, alcohol, adulteration, and paternity testing supplies.
14 -

Sexual Health Testing, Ltd.

Offers nationwide HIV, herpes, hepatitis, syphilis, gnorrhea, and chlamydia testing.
15 -

YorkTest Laboratories

Specializing in tests for food intolerance and allergies, pregnancy, cystitis, liver problems and prostate disorders.
16 -

The Denton Group

Provides drug detection assessments, DNA, paternity, and hair follicle tests.

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