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1 -

FeelGood Natural Health Stores

Natural remedies, homeopathy, body care products, and books. Features general health information and a newsletter.
2 -

Global Healing Center, Inc.

Alternative nutrition supplements, skin care products, herbal formulas, and air and water purification equipment. Also offers health books.
3 -

G. Baldwin and Co.

Natural products from the UK including dried herbs, aromatherapy oils and candles, tinctures, supplements, ingredients for making cosmetics, and books.
4 -


Herbals and supplements, ear candles, aromatherapy, bath and beauty, and homeopathics.
5 -

Allied Products and Services

Bio and neuro feedback equipment, flotation tanks, light and sound machines, and gauss meters.
6 -

A License to Heal

Bath and body products, therapeutic pillows, tea sets, candles, spa wear, massage aids, and organic foods.
7 -

Promo Life

Oxygen therapy equipment, herbal supplements, biofeedback machines, and natural and organic household cleaners.
8 -


Biomagnetics, air and water purifiers, nutritional supplements, and light therapy equipment.
9 -

Lucas Life Forms

Topical pain spray, ionic minerals, supplements, stabilized oxygen, and ozone purifiers for air and water.
10 -

The Medicine Garden

Offering homeopathy and flower essences, gem and fetish stones, medical astrology charts, and books.
11 -


Supplements and alternative therapies for general nutrition hormone balancing, cancer therapy, and immune boosting. Also offers herbal progesterone creams.
12 -

Zenith Corporation, Ltd.

Health products from New Zealand including colloidal silver, bee balm, and liquid supplements.
13 -

Essential Elements

Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, aromatherapy, and meditation supplies.
14 -


Herb, vitamin, and mineral based oral sprays designed for specific ailments or for general health improvement.
15 -

Nature Craft

Group of shops offering aromatherapy and essential oils, herbs and teas, and bath and body products.
16 -

Elixa Peak Being

Supplier of holistic physical, mental, dental, and sleep health products. Includes product descriptions and expected benefits.
17 -

Natures Comfort

Magnetic jewelry, herbal pillows, hand-held massagers, and natural nail care.
18 -


Herbal supplements, homeopathy, yoga and ayurveda, bath and beauty products, and audio programs and books.
19 -

Ear Candles and Herbs

Ear candles, herbs and spices, natural supplements, and essential oils, includes expected benefits.
20 -

Progressive Doctors

Herbal remedies, biofeedback machines, water purification, and weight loss supplements.
21 -

VesPro Life Sciences, LLC

Herbal and nutritional supplements, growth hormone, topical treatments, and related alternative health products.
22 -


Energy enhancing and rejuvenating products including personal pyramids, air filters and ionizers, nutritional supplements, and books and tapes.
23 -

Bamboo Delight Company

Combining Chinese medicine with western philosophy to create books, videos, and audio programs for weight loss and personal health.
24 -

Unwind Online

Relaxation and stress relief products including meditation music, personal massagers, and aromatherapy. Also offers relaxation tips, and an online community.
25 -

Revive Health Products, Inc.

Specializing in products from Japan. Includes bath towels, charcoal soaps, facial peels, and seaweed masks.
26 -

Amasha Oils

Essential oil blends and remedies, books, ear candles, and crystals.
27 -


Herbal and nutritional supplements, personal care products, and alternative health aids. Also offers videos.
28 -

Apothecary Shoppe

The product division of the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) offering organic herbs, essential oils, flower essences, candles, books, and accessories.
29 -

Global Herbal Supplies

Dried herbs and extracts, essential oils, ear candles, vitamins, and cell salts.
30 -

Herbal Healer Academy

Natural supplements, bulk herbs, organic foods, aromatherapy, books and videos, and homeopathic remedies. Also offers correspondence course for naturopathy and herbology.
31 -

Health is Wealth Maui

Offering massage and reiki tables, air and water filters, spa equipment, and acupressure tools and accessories.
32 -

Premiere Enterprises

Natural remedies for allergy and pain relief. Also offers herbal home cleaning products.
33 -

Sound Vistas

Healing through sound, music, and aromatherapy books, audio, and video.
34 -


Aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower remedies, tea, and body care products.
35 -

Diamon Naturals

Herbal bodycare products, crystals, color therapy, and healing art.
36 -

Diamond-Herpanacine Associates

All-natural formulas by Dr. Wayne Diamond, N.D., including Herpanacine, Healthy Horizons and DiamondMIND.
37 -

Sacred Mysteries

DVDs for sound, light, shamanic, and alchemical healing.
38 -

Blue Moon Health

Magnetic shoe insoles, cupping products, ion pumps, homeopathy, and massage.
39 -

Cutting Edge Catalog

Products to protect the immune system from environmental stress, including air and water filters, full spectrum lighting, electromagnetic field protection, geopathic detection and mitigation equipment, magnets, light therapy, and environmental testing.
40 -

ProAcuMed, Inc.

Offering many complementary therapies, with explanation of practices, product description, and details of applications.
41 -

Wealden Natural Health

Colon cleanse kits, salt lamps, bath salts and body care, and detox products.
42 -

Stressaway Acupressure

Tools designed for self-help of pain relief. Includes usage instructions.
43 -

The House of Mistry

Herbals and supplements, bodycare products, ayurvedic formulas, and teas.
44 -

New Image Group Limited

Colostrum supplements, herbs, aloe vera gel, aromatherapy hair care, and other health products.
45 -

Celestine Moon

Nutritional and herbal supplements, teas, body care products, specialty formulas, and aromatherapy.
46 -

Natural Healing Tools

EMF protection, detox kits, and meditation programs.
47 -


Offering a variety of alternative remedies including herbs, green foods, homeopathy, ear candles, and aromatherapy. Features product information and special offers.
48 -

Presents descriptions and comparisons of different treatments, as well as product details and selection advice.
49 -

Apitronics Services

Bee venom therapy supplies.
50 -

Niagara Medical Leeches, Inc.

Medicinal leeches, Hirudo Medicinalis. Includes modern methodology for their application, how to buy and use them, and case histories.
51 -

Global Health Trax

Natural products including weight loss supplements, noni juice, oxygen therapy, and smart magnets.
52 -

The Analyst

Offers online diagnosis and naturopathic treatment suggestions.
53 -


Offers e-books and mp3 downloads about this massage and relaxation technique.
54 -

Lee DuBelle

Offers a variety of skin care, food combining, nutrients, and teas. Includes testimonials, locations, and FAQ.
55 -

Preventics, Inc.

Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and alternative health products.
56 -

Genesis Health Products

A variety of herbal medicines, alternative supplements, and skin care creams.
57 -

Nahziryah Monastic Community

Offering a selection of incense and essential oils, holistic living and magnetic therapy products, and meditation supplies.
58 -

Altered States

Offers a variety of biofeedback equipment, colloidal silver generators, books and tapes, ionizers, and other healing tools.
59 -


Homeopathics, herbs, skin care products, and nutraceuticals.

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