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Spices Websites

Reserved for websites that specialize in selling spices and spice related products online to the US, Canada and Internationally.- Category ID : 431318
1 -

Vive les Epices

Offers Mexican seasoning in mild, medium and hot varieties.
2 -

Atlantic Spice Company

Herbs, spices, extracts, nuts and seeds, bulk tea, fragrance and essential oils, potpourri, and accessories.
3 -

The Spice House

Merchants of spices and herbs. Includes recipes, and history.
4 -

World Merchants

Seattle-based retailer of spices, herbs, and tea. Online catalog; order by phone or email.
5 -

Great American Spice Company

Assortment of seasonings, spices, and condiments available online.
6 -

The Epicentre

Consists of information on spices, regional cuisines and recipes, with sales of spice collections.
7 -

The Spice Hunter

Offers spices and salt-free blends plus mixes, dips and beverage items.
8 -

Offers dried spices, herbs, chiles, mushrooms, vegetables, and ingredients for Asian, Mediterranean, Southwestern, and Mexican dishes.
9 -

Asian Home Gourmet

Selection of Asian spice pastes for Thai, Cantonese, Szechuan, Indian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese cuisines.
10 -

The Planters Seed and Spice Company

Offers bulk herbs and spices.
11 -

Spice Barn

Catalog of bulk spices, seasonings, herbs and extracts.
12 -

Penzeys Spices

Offers spices, herbs, and seasonings as well as recipe suggestions.
13 -

Instant Gourmet

Herb and spice blends for meats, vegetables, sauces and salads.
14 -

Old Stone Market

Importers of black peppercorns from Madagascar, a range of dry rubs, sea salts and coffee. Gift boxes.
15 -

Steenbergs Organic

UK shopping and information resource for organic spices and herbs.
16 -

Alchemy Spice Company

Offers spice blends, dipping oils, mulling spices, and bathing salts. Product and contact details.
17 -

Ethiopian Spices

Imported Ethiopian spices such as berbere, teff, mitmita, and shiro.
18 -

Zamouri Spices

Specialists in Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, and Indian spices. Also offer Moroccan argan oil and tagines.
19 -

Cedar Hill Seasonings

Specializing in spice blends that contain no salt, sugar, MSG, and preservatives. Also offers a newsletter and recipes.
20 -

Savory Spice Shop, Inc.

Retail store that provides grinding and blending of raw herbs and spices, extracts, and sauces.
21 -


Family farm offering spice blends, teas, and a monthly newsletter.
22 -

Offers spices, seasonings, teas, and oils direct from Sri Lanka.
23 -

Tsp spices

Organic herbs and spices sealed in one-teaspoon packets and stored in tin cans.
24 -

Monterey Bay Spice Co.

Herbs, spices, teas, essential oils, potpourri supplies and recipes, gelatin capsules.
25 -

Spicy Chicks

Specializes in pre-packaged savory and dessert spice mixes.
26 -

Henry Langdon

Offers teas, sea salt rubs, cocoa and chai collections, whole spices, and aromatic blends. Located in Australia.
27 -

Pollen Ranch

Fennel pollen and dill pollen seasonings for home and commercial use.
28 -


Offers varieties of all natural flavored sugars, smoked peppercorns, other spices.
29 -

Aspen Mulling Company

Mulling spices for cider, juice, tea, wine, and cooking.
30 -

Cinnamon Vogue

Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka along with related products.
31 -

Back to the Basiks

All natural spice and seasoning blends for every type of food. Gifts for the cook in your life from the kitchen of Heidi Basik and Anne Shomberg.
32 -

The Spice Merchant and Tea Room

Offering specialty teas, spices, and herbs.
33 -

Starling Farm

Family owned business in Cambodia producing Kampot Pepper and other spices.
34 -

FrottenAC Food Services Inc

Offers cooking spices with low salt content.
35 -

Indus Organics

A wholesale bulk supplier of certified organic spices, herbs, seeds and tea.
36 -

Gourmet Creations

The website provides background information on the company and the gourmet blends of spices and herbs that are created and used for rubs, sauces and vegetable dips. Olive oil blends and dessert mixes are also highlighted.
37 -

My Spice Sage

Offers hundreds of spices at wholesale prices.
38 -

Spices Inc.

Online spice shop offering spices, herbs and seasoning blends. Includes a large assortment of organic and salt free spices and seasonings.
39 -

3 Isle Spice Inc.

Spices from exotic locations with health benefits for cuisine and diet.
40 -

Seasoned Pioneers Ltd. 

UK retailer of spices, chilies, exotic blends and specialty ingredients.
41 -


Merchants of spices, herbs, sea salts and seasonings. Featuring over 400 hard to find culinary ingredients from around the world.
42 -

Mas Guapo Fods

Sazon Mas Guapo is an organic spice blend.
43 -

Best Southern Seasonings

Old Plantation seasoning blends and marinades are designed and packaged for processors who manufacture smaller amounts of product.
44 -

Indo-New Zealand Corporation

Supplies Indian spices, wet spice products, food ingredients, condiments like crushed garlic, ginger, chillies paste, mix, pickles.
45 -

Spice Fusion

Australian home business offering freshly-ground and roasted spices and curry blends influenced by cuisines from around the world. Includes recipes for each blend.
46 -


Offers spices and extracts, with an emphasis on vanilla products. This site contains recipes, videos and product descriptions.
47 -

All the Right Spices

Custom spice blends, curry powders, and garam masala for home or professional use.
48 -

Smith & Truslow Organic Spices

On-line purveyor of organic spices and herbs, custom blends and flavored sea salts.
49 -

Red Onion Spice & Tea Company

Merchants of organic spices, tea, herbs and custom blends.
50 -

Barbeque Specialty Spice Inc.

Grill rub spices. Low sodium and no msg. Saint John, New Brunswick Spice Vendor.
51 -

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

An Australian boutique herbs & spice shop also specialising in Gourmet foods, Moroccan tajines and spice storage solutions. Come in and let your senses entice you!
52 -

Old Town Spice Shop

Gourmet spices, teas, blends, extracts, sugars, salts, peppers and mushrooms.
53 -

AcroAma Blends

Organic herb and spice company dedicated to gourmet cooking.
54 -

Spice Sanctuary Inc

Spice merchant and purveyors of spices online, for food stores and wholesale.
55 -

The Spice Shop

Sourcing herbs and spices from around the world. Producer of hand blended spice mixes, seasonings, curries.
56 -

The Spanish Tin

An online spice shop featuring handcrafted spices.
57 -

Spice Specialist

Supplier of gourmet spices, herbs, seasoning blends, and specialty ingredients,and custom spice blending.
58 -

Abbey Botanicals

Suppliers of culinary herbs, spices and herbal teas, in both small quantities and bulk.
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