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Shellfish Websites

Shellfish includes crab, lobster, shrimp, clam, oyster, scallop and mussel.
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Shop Legal

Fresh lobsters and seafood from Legal Seafoods Restaurant. Gift certificates also available.
2 -

Clearwater Fine Foods

Live Nova Scotia lobster, seafood, Seabright smoked salmon and dinner packages. Includes recipes.
3 -

Phillips Seafood

Clam bakes, live Maine lobster, seafood seasoning, and crab cakes from the well-known restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. Ships in continental USA.
4 -

Maine Lobster and Seafood Company

Fresh or frozen Maine lobster, clams, mussels, haddock, salmon and crabmeat. Shipped same day or overnight.
5 -

Oyster Holdings, Inc.

Distributor of live oysters and clams grown in Washington state, as well as sauces and spice. Includes recipes, and food safety information.
6 -

Taylor Shellfish, Inc.

Grower and shipper of oysters, mussels and clams in Washington state.
7 -

Falmouth Fish Market, Inc.

Providing live lobsters and seafood, as well as cookbooks and themed apparel. Ships within the US and Canada.
8 -

The Great Gourmet

Maryland crabs, breaded seafood, New England clam chowder, fish and shellfish. Ships in continental USA.
9 -

Lobster Guy

Selling live lobsters, lobstermeat, clambakes, chowder, bisque, steamers, and seafood overnight direct from Rhode Island.
10 -

Crab Broker

King crab, shellfish and premium seafood from Alaska, Australia, and the Pacific Northwest.
11 -

The Crab Place

Offering a variety of crab, oysters, clams, scallops and fish. Provides cooking and cleaning directions, plus nutritional information.
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Offers live, steamed or boiled lobsters and blue crabs from the Atlantic Ocean. Includes recipes, and wholesale information.
13 -

Crawfish Company of Central Florida, Inc.

Live Louisiana crawfish, Atlantic shrimp and red snapper fillets.
14 -

The Abalone Farm, Inc.

Offering California Red abalone steaks in gift packages with shells and recipes. Includes a photo gallery, and video tour.
15 -

Catalina Offshore Products, Inc.

Provides many types of fresh and frozen west coast seafood.
16 -

Seafood Cellar

Sales of Littleneck clams, mussels, lobster, sea scallops and steamers.
17 -

Central Seaway Company, Inc.

Frozen seafood supplier offers shrimp, lobster, crawfish, mussels, and squid.
18 -

Mobjack Bay Seafood

Offers a variety of oysters and clams.
19 -

Quality Fresh Seafood

Offers a variety of fresh and prepared seafood including fish, shellfish, crustacean, and smoked products.
20 -

East Coast Gourmet

Specialties include Maine lobster, crab cakes and clam chowder shipped in USA.
21 -

Rappahannock River Oysters

Offers Chesapeake Bay oysters from several locations.
22 -

East Dennis Oyster Farm

Oysters from Massachusetts, shipped in USA, or available for pickup at the store.

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