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Dried and Emergency Supplies Websites

On-line retailer sites shipping dried, dehydrated and emergency preparedness food supplies as well as staples and storable foods over a wide geographic area.- Category ID : 431166
1 -

Cache Lake

Dehydrated soup mixes, breads and salad, pre-cooked meats, and desserts in pouches for camping or outdoor cooking.
2 -

21st Century Food Storage

Dehydrated and freeze-dried storable foods with a shelf life of 5 to 10+ years.
3 -

Alpine Survival

Distributor of emergency and survival food supplies.
4 -

Expedition Foods

Many choices in freeze-dried, ready to eat, and self-heating camping and expedition foods shipped worldwide.
5 -

Wilderness Dining

Sells freeze dried and dehydrated camping food, utensils, pots, pans and ovens for back country cooking. Also offers cookbooks.
6 -


Precooked meals that come with a water-activated heater. No refrigeration is required.
7 -

Blue Chip Group, Inc.

Manufacturer and wholesaler. Food storage, dry food goods, alternative milk, low-fat dry milk, non-fat dry milk, custom food blending, and bakery mixes.
8 -

Rainy Day Foods

Major supplier of dehydrated foods and food storage. A division of Walton Feed.
9 -

AlpineAire Foods: Katadyn Products Inc

Foods for outdoor recreation and long-term storage with no added preservatives, flavorings, or MSG. Self-heating meals, freeze-dried and dehydrated meals.
10 -

Honeyville Food Products Inc

Complete line of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, whole grains, flours, baking ingredients, canned foods, corn products in bulk packaging. Also sells kitchen supplies.
11 -

Meal Kit Supply

Offers food products with a five year shelf life, fully hydrated meals with heaters. Ideal for use in emergency preparedness, business continuity, disaster response and recovery. Ships in the United States and in Canada.
12 -

Free Legacy Food

Entrees, side dishes, breakfasts and drinks. Some gluten free. FAQ and product information.
13 -


Dehydrated and freeze dried foods, canned meats and cheese and butter. Grain mills, water filters, books, survival gear.
14 -

Freeze Dry Guy

Offers freeze dried food and emergency preparedness items, including gluten free and low sodium. Also stocks water filtration systems and pet foods.
15 -

Survival Warehouse

Survival gear including first aid, cooking and firestarters, and long term food storage.
16 -

Wise Company

Offering emergency food supplies as well as water filtration kits and survival kits.
17 -

Mother Earth Products

Provides dried vegetables, freeze dried fruit andvegetables, TVP and meat substitutes, and other grains and legumes as well as drink mixes.
18 -

Coffee Reserves LLC

Offers specially packed coffee, tea, spices and other food products for long term emergency food storage programs.
19 -

The Storage Room

Offers dehydrated and freeze-dried foods for long term storage.
20 -

Lindon Farms

Provides gourmet, freeze-dried and air-tight foods that will last up to twenty years.
21 -

My Food Storage

Long term food storage supplies including freeze dried fruits and vegetables, and water filtration.
22 -

Harveston Farms

Manufacturer of dehydrated food and food storage with up to 25 year shelf live on many products.
23 -

Dehydrated Food Storage

Dehydrated food and freeze dried foods for home food storage, emergency preparedness, and everyday use.
24 -

Get Survival Kits

Offers survival kits including for classrooms, and for long term storage.
25 -

Nutriom LLC

Manufacturers of OvaEasy Egg Crystals, an all-natural powdered egg that tastes like fresh eggs.
26 -

Survivalist Food

Selling freeze dried and dehydrated bulk food storage with a shelf life of 25 years. Ships throughout the United States and to Canada.
27 -

Emergency Food Supply

Supplying survival food supplies and disaster survival kits.
28 -

Outdoor Herbivore

Produces vegetarian and vegan dried meals for backpacking and outdoor recreation. Made with organic ingredients.
29 -

Quintessential Outdoor Fare

Offers freeze-dried camp foods and outdoor equipment.
30 -

Camping Food and Backpacking Food Co

Sells freeze dried food for camping and backpacking, including soups and stews, breakfasts and desserts.
31 -

Mountain House

Lightweight, easy-to-prepare meals. Includes vegetarian and gluten free items.
32 -

Disaster Basics

Emergency preparedness food storage, disaster packs and tools.
33 -

Valley Food Storage

Emergency and long term food storage.
34 -


A liquid or powdered staple food intended to be maximally nutritious, time saving, and environmentally sustainable. FAQs, nutritional details, blog, and a forum.
35 -


Offers a healthy and organic drinkable meal. Lists ingredients, nutrition facts, and a blog.
36 -


Offers custom meal-replacement powders. Describes product options, nutrition information, and a blog. Canada.
37 -


A healthy, organic meal replacement mix. Describes the ingredients, nutrition facts, an FAQ, and a blog. Germany.
38 -

Mixon and Wiggins/Savannah Cinnamon Company

Makers of dry mixes: one to add to wine and freeze for slushies, another sugar-free to add to beverages, cake batter, or whipped toppings.
39 -


A vegan, nutritionally complete powdered food made in the UK. Includes nutrition details, ingredients, FAQ, and a forum.
40 -


Offers powdered nutrient-complete meals in a variety of flavors. Has formulations for exercise, waking up, and vegans. Based in The Netherlands.
41 -


Chocolate-flavored powdered food designed for a ketogenic diet. Describes purchasing options, its nutrition, and its history.
42 -

Nuharvest Foods

Freeze dried long term meals, meat, vegetables and fruit with a 30 year expiration. Based in Spanish Fork, Utah.
43 -

A powdered meal replacement that is soy-free and vegan. The Netherlands.
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