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1 -

Busken Bakery

A small selection of iced cookies, schnecken (coffee cake), breads or pies from the Cincinnati bakery.
2 -

E. Botham and Sons

North Yorkshire biscuits, cakes and plum bread, world-wide delivery service.
3 -

The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery

Supplies cakes, pastries and candy.
4 -


Italian bakery offers cheesecakes, cannoli, cookies, cakes, pastries, and biscotti.
5 -

Golden Crown Bakery

Sales of New Mexico green chile bread, biscochitos (anise and cinnamon cookies), and bread shaped to resemble a turkey.
6 -

Scotts Cakes

Baker ships a wide variety of cakes, cookies, quiche, chocolate balls, and candy world-wide.
7 -

Pie Gourmet

A large variety of fruit pies, cheesecakes, pot pies and quiche delivered in the USA.
8 -

The Baker

New Jersey bakery offering fresh baked whole grain bread and rolls, and muesli. Ships in USA.
9 -

Wuollet Bakery

Bakers of fine cakes, desserts, breads and pastries. Includes information on weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.
10 -

Larsen’s Danish Bakery

Seattle bakery specializing in Danish and Scandinavian baked goods including Kringle.
11 -

Pasty Oven

Pastys, also known as pasties, sold with a variety of fillings, fully cooked and then frozen.
12 -

Penn Street Bakery

Order cakes, cookies, treats and gift baskets for any occasion. Baked fresh in Grand Rapids, MI.
13 -

Awrey Bakeries, Inc.

A selection of fresh frozen homestyle pastries, breads, cakes, donuts, biscuits, muffins.
14 -

Tellico Grains Bakery

An artisan bakery, specializing in wood-fired brick oven breads, gourmet pastries, cookies and other sweets, as well as made-to-order specialty sandwiches and pizzas. Shipping within the United States.
15 -

O&H Danish Bakery

Offers Kringle, Scandinavian breads, and other Danish pastries.
16 -

Mystic Pizza

Features a variety of frozen pizza and logo clothing.
17 -

Mary of Puddin Hill

Offers cakes, fruitcakes, pies, cookies, candies, and assorted chocolates.
18 -

Boston Coffee Cake Company

Coffee cakes for every occasion. Personal, corporate, and fundraising gifts. Ships in USA.
19 -

Miss Grimble Bakery

Cheesecake, pies, tortes and cakes shipped in the U.S.A.
20 -

Dough-to-Go, Inc

Manufacturer of cookies, scones, brownies and other baked goods for wholesale, fund raising, and retail from an online store.
21 -

Butterfield Farms

Croissants and fruitcake in a variety of packages, including a monthly croissant club.
22 -

FatCat Scones

Their scones come frozen in six packs. Each pack includes a container of topping, and is fresh baked in thirty minutes.
23 -

Baked Just For You

Custom baked foods, plus a variety of non-custom items, and a monthly special.
24 -

J and S Watkins

Specializing in gourmet cheesecakes, tortes, cakes, and pies.
25 -

Almond Glory

Offers reduced carbohydrate, sugar and gluten free bagels, muffins, scones and Danish.
26 -

Frankly Natural Bakers

Offering vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, and fat-free snack foods.
27 -

Sweet Temptations

Russian sherry tea cakes in original or Grand Marnier chocolate flavors, plus cookies made with almond meal, reduced fats and carbohydrates.
28 -

Better Baker

Specializes in lowfat muffins, cookies and brownies. Also available in assortment packages or gift baskets.
29 -

Savoy Foods

Offers selection of rolls, pancakes and biscuits; offers catalog, company history, preparation, and contacts.
30 -

Baking Bread LLC

Homemade cinnamon rolls, breads, apple pie, chocolate rolls, and dinner rolls. The products contain no eggs. Ships in USA.
31 -

BABS Bakery

Offers a selection of products including cookies, breads, biscuits and specialty cakes and desserts shipped in the U.S.A.
32 -

Three Brothers Bakery

Houston, Texas full service bakery making Eastern European style breads and pastries as well as specialty dessert cakes.
33 -

Kountry Bakery

Offers kolaches, pies, pastries, cakes, sausages, rolls and loaves.
34 -

Cuisine de France

Offering freshly baked French breads, pastries, baked confectionery, and other specialty foods from around the world.
35 -

The Sweetery

Southern desserts; cakes, pound cakes, pecan pies, cookies and bars. Ships in USA.
36 -

Sunrise Bakery

Baked goods including potica, biscotti, strudel, and kolacky, plus cookies, jelly rolls, and tea breads. Ships in USA.
37 -

This Chick Bakes

Offering cookies, bars, cakes, and pies, and a selection of vegan and gluten-free cookies. Provides hand delivery in the New York City area. Ships in USA.
38 -

Dessert.Net Cafe

Offers a selection of foods, including southern cakes, pies, brownies, and cobblers.

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