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Masks Websites

Original, handcrafted works by artisan maskmakers.
1 -

Florentine Masks

Decorated Italian art masks and wall sculptures.
2 -

The Merchant of Venice

Fine handsculpted leather masks for stage, masquerade, Halloween, Mardi Gras and Carnevale by award-winning artist and costumer Cheryl Mandus.
3 -

Fantasy Guilde Studios

Handcrafted leather masks designed and created by Larry Wood. Mardi Gras, Carnival, masquerade, goth and renfaire designs. since 1985, online since 1991.
4 -

Goblin Art

Original handmade masks and sculpted art pieces by Monica Roxburgh.
5 -

Schultz, Becky

Native American inspired mixed media art masks, shields, Southwestern masks, blanket dolls, and plaques.
6 -


Offers handcrafted masks and other feathercraft items.
7 -

Masks by Morgan

Offers hand sculpted leather products in themes of Gothic, Halloween, Gala, and Mardi Gras.
8 -

Kersten, Pam

Designs for theater, fantasy, or decorative use. Themes include animals, abstracts, mardi gras. Custom orders accepted.
9 -

AnĂ³n, Jorge

Handcrafted leather masks for theater, videos, publicity, performances, parties, and decoration.
10 -

DarkSide Masks

The work of Australian artisan Ross Brown.
11 -

Mask Parade

Online catalog with images, events schedule, and designer profile.
12 -

Theater Masks

Custom theater masks for performance, educational, and decorative use. Workshops and residencies available.
13 -

Masque Arrayed

Producer of paper mache masks and performance pieces by Annie Hallatt.
14 -

Noh Masks

Traditional Japanese Noh theatre masks.
15 -


A gallery of original, modern papier mache artwork created by Louisa J. Malcolm. Masks for theatre work, parties or wall sculpture.
16 -

Wendy Drolma Masks

Offers a verity of handcrafted leather drama masks.
17 -

Masque Boutique

Selection of handmade masks that are mostly inspired by vintage jewellery and laces.
18 -

Mystic Masks

Husband and wife team create decorative masks, hand carved, hand painted, life size, fine art, and swag lamps from recycled materials.
19 -

Puerto Rico Masks

Offers crafted masks for home decoration, gifts, parties, as a memento of the island of Puerto Rico.
20 -

Masks by Jen

Tooled, hand-made leather masks. Categories include celestial, creepy, fauna, flora, Mardi Gras, and Cthulhu. Custom work is also available.
21 -

Merimask Designs

Features the leather sculpture of Andrea Harris. Hand carved masks suitable for wearing or display.
22 -

Ravenwood Masks

Handcrafted masks for performance and masquerade.
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