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Industrial Hemp is an annual plant that can be grown in almost any climate and can be used to produce over 25,000 products including: food, paper, clothing, plastics, building materials and fuel. It is currently grown in more than 25 countries including Canada, England, Germany, France, Russia and China but it is still prohibited in the United States. Please see the FAQ for more information about Industrial Hemp.- Category ID : 430091
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Two Star Dog

Berkeley, California hemp clothing company. Wholesale and retail.
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Artisan Gear

Award winning line of contemporary canvas bags, packs, travel gear, briefcases, organizers and accessories.
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TerraPax, Inc.

TerraPax combines hemp, linen, vegetable tanned leather, solid brass hardware, and shed elk antler closure to create heavy duty, yet beautiful and functional carrying bags and backpacks. Makers of natural fiber carrying bags since 1992.
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THTC - The Hemp Trading Company

Urban eco clothing. Heavy on Flash.
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Dash Hemp Santa Cruz

Designs for men and women, hand loomed tops, non-itch beanies, and hoodies.
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Anna Herman Fashion Design

Clothes for young women and men in the latest styles made from hemp and other natural fibers. Patchwork, hiphuggers, and western wear. Online retail sales and phone order.
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Swirlspace: Conscious Hempwear

Casual colorful hemp clothing with funky screenprinted artwork. T-shirts, yoga pants, bags. Made in San Francisco.
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Goddess Gear

Eco-friendly designs for women made from hemp and other natural fibers.
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Hemp Cotton Sweaters

50% Hemp 50% Cotton sweaters. Have great historical value as they were the first load of Hemp garments to be imported into the US directly from China. Purchase online available
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Clothing retailer specializing in hemp t-shirts, hemp sweatshirts, polo shirts, and tank tops. Online sales.
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