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Fur Websites

Sites for stores selling real and/or faux fur clothing.- Category ID : 430085
1 -

Vermorel Geneva

Personalized fur clothes made by experienced professionals.
2 -

Carolyn Furs

Fur teddybears, fur accessory and fur coats to the general public at discounted and bargain prices.
3 -

Claw Antler And Hide Company

Home decorating products created from animal skulls and furs.
4 -

Hinsdale Furriers

Professional storage, cleaning, repairs or remodels. Complete line of new furs.
5 -

Paula Lishman International

Offering fur fashion: give a gift of beaver lingerie.
6 -

Mano Swartz

Luxury furs in a variety of styles.
7 -

Prime Furs

A buyer and supplier of raw and dressed pelts for garments, hats, gun cases and lingerie.
8 -

Shekhman Furs

Offer a complete selection of fur and related merchandise.
9 -

Fur Outlet

Fur coats, jackets, hats, and stoles. Specializing in mink and fox.
10 -

A.J. Ugent Furs

Features an extensive collection of furs, leathers, shearlings, woolens, specialty outerwear and accessories for men and women.
11 -

Henig Furs

Offers furs and leather, in a wide variety of designs for men, women and children.
12 -

Fur Center

Offers fine fur coats and jackets such made of minks, sables, beaver and chinchillas.
13 -

Northern Fur

Furs, antique traps and wall hangings.
14 -

Luxury Fur For Less

Off the rack furs from major furriers and leather designers.
15 -

Estate Furs

Professionally appraised used furs.
16 -

Does remodeling, relining, fur storage with insurance and cleaning.
17 -

Fox Unlimited, Inc.

A wide variety of fur items such as boas, headbands, earmuffs and scarves.
18 -

Kanuk Sheepskin International

Makers of sheepskin and wool products from British Columbia.
19 -

Alaska Fur Cache

Sells handmade fur hats, headbands, ruffs, earmuffs, collars, key chains, pillows, teddy bears, mittens, slippers, and pelts.
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