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Silver, Pewter and Flatware Websites

A directory of businesses specializing in sales of antique and vintage silver utilitarian objects, such as holloware, smalls and flatware products.
1 -

Schredds of Portobello

London dealer offers British Georgian and Victorian flatware and smalls.
2 -

I. Franks

London dealer specializing in British sterling, Sheffield and silverplate flatware and holloware.
3 -

M. P. Levene Ltd.

London firm offers antique English and Irish silver, and new hand-forged flatware in traditional English patterns.
4 -

J.H. Tee Antiques Ltd.

Vancouver antique dealer offers English silver flatware and hollowware, and Birks sterling.
5 -

The Sterling Shop

Oregon dealer offers sterling and silverplate matching service.
6 -

Sterling Buffet

Mansfield, Ohio dealer sells flatware and holloware.
7 -

Chancery Lane Antiques

Nashville, Tennessee dealer offers British sterling and Sheffield Plate holloware, smalls and jewelry.
8 -

Copper Lamp

Dallas, Texas dealer offers new and estate flatware and holloware.
9 -

The Silver Fund

London firm specializes in estate Georg Jensen holloware, flatware and jewelry.
10 -

Bruce Cherner Antique Silver

Boston dealer offers unusual sterling and coin accessories.
11 -

Spencer Marks

Boston area dealer offers American and English flatware and holloware.
12 -

As You Like It Silver Shop

New Orleans dealer offers estate sterling flatware pattern matching.
13 -

Kacer Enterprises

Arizona dealer offers sterling silver flatware in current and inactive patterns.
14 -

Louis Wine Ltd.

Toronto dealer offers fine period silver, old Sheffield and plated metal.
15 -

Bryan Douglas

London dealer offers British silver, sterling, Sheffield and silverplate.
16 -

Imperial Half Bushel

Baltimore dealer specializes in antique and estate silver.
17 -

Hayward & Stott

Edinburgh dealer specializes in antique silver from the 17th to 19th centuries with special emphasis on Scottish Provincial and Irish silver.
18 -

Drucker Antiques

New York author and dealer offers Georg Jensen silver jewelry, hollowware and flatware.
19 -

Sandra Lipton

London dealer offers English sterling and plate holloware and flatware.
20 -

Paul Bennett

London dealer offers English and Continental sterling and plate holloware.
21 -

Estate Silver Co., Ltd.

New York dealer offers American and English holloware, flatware and accessories.
22 -

Chapel Antiques

UK dealer specializes in Exeter flatware and holloware of the Georgian and Victorian periods.
23 -

Meden Antiques

Offers English sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware.
24 -

Wayne and Phyllis Hilt

Connecticut dealers specializing in American and British pewter holloware.
25 -

North Hill Antiques

New York dealer specializes in early American coin silver flatware.
26 -

Albion Antiques, Ltd.

London dealer offers a varied collection of silver, silver plate and Sheffield plate from the Americas, England, Europe and the Orient.
27 -

Nelson & Nelson Antiques

New York City dealers of antique sterling holloware, desk accessories, jewelry, silver overlay, vanity and wine related items.
28 -

Silbury Antiques

Offers reclaimed and restored door hardware and architectural metalwork.
29 -

AC Silver

Newcastle upon Tyne dealer Andrew Campbell offers fine English period and modern silver.
30 -


Missouri dealer offers coin silver, British, Continental and American serving pieces and flatware.
31 -

Leopard Antiques

South African dealer of English and Cape silver.
32 -

Silver Magpies

Pennsylvania dealer offers barware and miscellaneous tableware.
33 -

Ivy Manor Antiques

Toronto area dealer offers sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware, pattern matching services and other silver antiques.
34 -

Hill Country Galleries

Austin, Texas dealer offers American sterling flatware and souvenir spoons.
35 -

Eitha Limited

Barrie Wallis presents a selection of antique silverware. Includes information on hallmarks and the history of silver plate. Nottingham, United Kingdom.
36 -

Fort Lauderdale Rare Coin

Florida dealer offers sterling flatware and hollowware.
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