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Documentation and purchase information for software that is useful for engineers.- Category ID : 429383
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Engineering Power Tools

General utility with modules covering mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering.
2 -

CalcGen v1.0

The product is designed to make calculating easy and faster for any user or company looking for a Customized Calculating Solution.
3 -

ControlEng Engineering Software

Develops servo system sizing software and software developer tools for engineers and scientists.
4 -

CEDRA Corporation

Provides services for the conversion of hardcopy drawings into digital form along with database and application development. Maps and drawings can be converted into vector or raster digital format. Description of software and application examples.
5 -


Motion analysis systems to record. measure, and analyze motion.
6 -

Power Acoustics, Inc.

Community Noise Software based on ISO 9613. Description of programme features with screen shots and pricing.
7 -

Raindrop Geomagic

Provides 3D photography solutions for digital manufacturing, mass customization and quality assurance. Also offers customized software.
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ExpertControl - Engineering Software

Tools for modeling, control design and hydraulics for different development environments such as Mathcad, VisSim, Matlab and MS-Excel.
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ComputIT - Computational Industry Technologies AS

Software developers and Consultants for numerical calculation of flow, gas dispersion, combustion, flames, soot, radiation, fires and explosions. Description of business, programmes and references.
10 -

Jets & Poudres

Software assistant for thermal spray coating. Description of program and its theoretical background. Download available.
11 -


Allows the calculation of the mechanical characteristics of piezoelectric composites from the initial components. This site describes the application field of the software, and allows the downloading of a free evaluation version.
12 -

Stat-Ease, Inc.

Provides statistical software, training, and consulting services on design of experiments(DOE)for scientists, engineers, researchers and quality professionals.
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An Excel add-in (VBA) counts reference designators on a bill of materials (BOM) and netlists. Features : find duplicates, list all do-not-install parts, create different assembly versions, compare BOM, display differences, quick overall compare.
14 -

Mobile Computing in Engineering

Describes research for system solutions for mobile applications. Also describes technologies such as wireless networks and speech recognition.
15 -


Provides references, information, and calculations for electric and communication utilities in the USA. Located in Waitsburg, Washington.
16 -

Datura LLC

Offers equal format databases that can handle the most complex data without advance knowledge of the structure, relationships or content.
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Developers of COMSOL Multiphysics software, an interactive environment for modeling and simulating scientific and engineering problems.

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