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Reliability engineering is an engineering field that deals with the study of reliability, the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time.- Category ID : 429371
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Quanterion Solutions

Provides reliability engineering consulting services aimed at improving system reliability.
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Helps maintenance and reliability professionals from around the world with information designed to help improve their organizations. Includes articles, tips, news, tutorials and upcoming events.
3 -

Reliability Analysis in Mechanical Engineering Design

A summary and the first two chapters of a PhD thesis.
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Reliability engineering and life data analysis resources. Includes reliability engineering theory, discussion and resources
5 -

Society of Reliability Engineers (SRE)

resource providing education, social contact, and insight to foster understanding of reliability, maintainability, and life testing.
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International Reliabilitiy Physics Symposium

Annual conference. Includes information on posters and papers, presenter information and program.
7 -

The Annual R&M Symposium (RAMS)

Annual reliability and maintainability conference. Includes a message from the chair, on-line registration, and a program brochure.
8 -

Statistical Reliability

A course dealing with the probability and statistics useful in reliability engineering. Includes course notes, a syllabus, plus related links.
9 -

Reliability Engineering Snapshot

A monthly illustrated collection of actual failure analysis case studies in the fields of corrosion, lubrication, machine design, material properties, people, and vibration.
10 -

Reliability Center, Inc.

Offer root cause analysis training, reliability consulting, root cause analysis facilitations, FMEA facilitations, and reliability assessments.
11 -

Equipment Reliability Institute

A specialized engineering school that focuses on solving hardware reliability problems.
12 -

Weibull Database

Includes typical failure data for various components.
13 -

Statistics 533

Reliability course (in the statistics department) at Iowa State University.
14 -

Safety-Critical Systems Club / Software Reliability & Metrics Club

Non-profit organisation seeking to raise awareness and facilitate technology transfer in the field. Based in the UK.
15 -

ASQC Reliability Division

The reliability part of the American Society for Quality Control, a quality improvement organization headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Includes general information and how to join.
16 -

Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals

A not-for-profit corporation formed to network those in the maintenance profession.
17 -


Consultancy company offering reliability, availability and maintainability software and services, including project support and management, tools and training.
18 -

Center for System Reliability

A division of Sandia National Laboratories. Includes information on the center as a whole, the training offered, ways to work with the center and related links.
19 -

DfR Solutions

Provider of quality, reliability, and durability research and consulting for the electronics industry, specialising in root-cause analysis and accelerated testing of electronics.
20 -

Alion System Reliability Center

Consultants providing information, tools, training and technical expertise in reliability, maintainability, supportability and quality.
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Reliability and design engineering consulting firm that specializes in improving electrical and electronic designs through various design and analysis techniques.
22 -

ARMS Reliability Engineers

Australian consultancy firm offering reliability engineering services, reliability software solutions and root-cause analysis training.
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LebenTech Innovative Solutions

Consultants providing reliability and manufacturing engineering solutions through the application of strategic research, associated technologies, mathematical modeling, scientific method and extensive engineering analysis.
24 -

Ops a la Carte

Professional consulting firm focused on reliability engineering services, reliability management and reliability education.
25 -

Reliability Works Inc.

Provides strategies to improve the operational efficiency of industrial and commercial equipment for a variety of industries. Includes news and case studies.
26 -

Eagle Eye Uptime Consulting

Provides consulting and training services to small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities in need of assistance with equipment maintenance issues.
27 -

sf(x) Engineering Inc.

Consultants providing reliability engineering services, statistical analysis and training. Includes some analysis problem examples.
28 -

Reliability and Maintainability Center

A research and development group at the University of Tennessee. Includes information on their mission, internship program, staff, continuing education and related links.
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Reliability Direct, Inc.

Provides e-commerce solutions for electric motor condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability products as well as other centrifugal and reciprocating machinery.
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