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Italian Association of Laser Velocimetry and Non Invasive Diagnostics (AIVELA)

Created to promote the exchange of knowledge, research, and technical training within the field of laser velocimetry. Page lists areas of activity, and conferences.
2 -


Sveriges Provnings- och Forskningsinstitut is the Swedish national institute for technical evaluation, testing, certification, metrology and research
3 -

General Association of Engineers in Romania

An association that promotes local industrial development, offer managerial training, support research in the field, Events and publications. [English/French/Romanian]
4 -

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

International technical society organized to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration.
5 -

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization specialized in the creation and transfer of technology in engineering and physical sciences. Includes research activities, events, technological and commercial information.
6 -


European Association for producers and applicators of specialist building products like sprayed concrete, flooring and protection and repair of concrete structures.
7 -

International Lead Zinc Research Organization

A not-for-profit trade organization which conducts research on behalf of lead and zinc users and producers throughout the world - lists related resources and current research
8 -

Rare-Earth Magnetics

Information on the science and technology used in the production of rare-earth(neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt) magnets.
9 -

International Laser Display Association

A Non-Profit association dedicated to advancing and promoting the professional use of laser displays through awards programs, technological standards, safety policies, and public outreach.
10 -

International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association

IDEMA promotes the technological, manufacturing, marketing, and business needs of the disk drive industry.
11 -

Indian Institute of Technology

Madras based organisation which aims to promote technological advancement of local engineers. Admissions policy and events diary.
12 -

AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

AIST aims to contribute to society through the advancement of industrial technology. Provides information on research fields, international exchange, the organization and its history.
13 -

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

Non-profit organization dedicated to industrial cooperation between Japan and the European Union, primarily through training programs and a round table program. Overview, program information, results, news, and contact information.
14 -

African Technology Forum

Organization based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Includes an overview, feature articles, back issues and technical services.
15 -

Clinical Engineering Society of Ontario

The Clinical Engineering Society of Ontario, CESO, represents the professional interests of Clinical Engineers and Biomedical Engineering Technologists and Technicians in the Province of Ontario.
16 -

Alberta Research Council

Develops and commercializes technology including solutions globally to the energy, life sciences, agriculture, environment, forestry and manufacturing sectors.
17 -

APEPEI - Association of Professional Engineers of Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown, PEI

Regulates the practice of engineering and governs members, licensees, engineers-in-training and holders of certificates of authorization in accordance with the Act and By-Laws and Code of Ethics.
18 -

Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)

Information and resources for the Canadian information technology industry of over 1,300 firms operating in all sectors of computing and telecommunications industries.
19 -

New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers

NHSPE represents engineers in the legislative process, encourages professional registration of qualified engineers, creates public awareness of engineering, sponsors educational programs, and actively supports the professional growth of all engineers.
20 -

The Geek Group

A non-profit organization which is dedicated to scientific and technological research and education, and having a fun time.
21 -

Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Professional society. Represents mechanical Engineers in the United Kingdom. Lists events, news items and joining instructions. Includes members area.
23 -

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

Independent, non-government organization dedicated to the promotion of scientific and engineering knowledge to practical purposes.
24 -

The Western Canada Group of Chartered Engineers

Serves members of the UK Institutions of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Chemical and Building Services Engineers resident in B.C., Yukon, Washington and Alaska. News and information for members and friends.
25 -

Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration

International society of professionals associated with mining and mineral-related industries. About the profession, publications, and other information. [May not work in some browsers.]
26 -

American Technion Society

U.S. affiliate of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. News releases of recent developments and annotated links.
27 -

National Academy of Engineering

Provides engineering leadership in service to the U.S. nation -- analyzes and reports on technical aspects of public/military issues/concerns.
28 -

PACON International

International non-profit scientific society of marine scientists, engineers, and policy makers.
29 -

The Engineering Council

Professional engineering association in the United Kingdom. Information about the engineering profession, accredited courses, exams, recognitions and awards, Council publications, employment opportunities, and related topics.
30 -

American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE)

Multidisciplinary technical society whose goal is to emphasize research, design, development, manufacture, and measurement of high accuracy components and systems.
31 -

National Society of Professional Engineers

NSPE represents individual engineering professionals and licensed engineers across all disciplines.
32 -

United Engineering Foundation

Makes grants for the advancement of engineering and has a program of engineering conferences. Organization overview, projects, grant guidelines, conference guidelines and calendar, publications, and contact information.
33 -


International trade organization of professional firms practicing in the Geosciences. Organization overview, programs, news and event information, publications, membership information, and member resources.
34 -

International Gas Union

Supports continued global development of gas production, marketing and utilisation. Members area, events guide and information about the organisation.
35 -

Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon

Self-governing body that regulates the engineering profession in Yukon. This site provides events and membership details along with links to relevant resources.
36 -

Engineering Council of South Africa

Registering of Professional Engineering persons, accreditation of engineering educational qualifications. Site provides joining instructions, events diary, relevant links and research and journal lists.
37 -

A-Z Directory of Engineering Institutes & Associations

Listing of engineering institutes and associations. Site also provides other services, such as job listings.
38 -

Turkish Cypriot Engineers Association

Official site for the Turkish Cypriot Engineers Association, providing information, reports, and guidance on all engineering fields.
39 -

The Engineering Society of Buffalo

Engineering Society of Buffalo, NY. Website of ESB, including newsletters, scholarship information, professional and social activities.
40 -

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (Penang Branch)

Professional learned society serving more than 15,000 members in Malaysia, overseas and the communities in, which they work.
41 -

The Society for Underwater Technology, Houston

A multi-disciplinary learned Society bringing together individuals and organizations from more than forty countries who have a common interest in underwater technology, ocean science, and offshore engineering.
42 -

Technical Business Information Site

An information referral system to provide a single window service to technological parties.
43 -

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Events calendars, membership details and related links and resources.
44 -

International Lead and Zinc Study Group

An intergovernmental organization which regularly brings together twenty-eight member countries in an international forum to exchange information on lead and zinc.
45 -

American Society of Safety Engineers, Kuwait

A branch of the American Society Of Safety based in Kuwait. One of the largest society for Safety Engineers in the world today.
46 -

Engineering Forum

Networking for all engineering disciplines, groups and clubs
47 -

Engineering Council Projects

The site is a useful reference to the EC projects and the students may go through projects thoroughly before submitting their project report to the EC
48 -

Pacific Northwest Steel Fabricators Association

Provides information on steel products, suppliers and fabrication. Includes member section, related resources and links.
49 -

EUROAVIA : the European Association of Aerospace Students

The official website of EUROAVIA. Information on student projects, fly-ins, symposiums, etc.
50 -

Safety and Reliability Society

UK based society affiliated with the Engineering Council. Lists branches, events, and enrollment details.
51 -

International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications

Represents nearly 15,000 physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers and technologists who are linked through their common use of vacuum. They are active in basic and applied research, development, manufacturing, sales and education.
52 -

Heavy Movable Structures, Inc.

Non-profit technical organization of volunteers focusing on the heavy civil facilities utilized by or for the public benefit. Events diary, discussion forum and information.
53 -

Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow

Group is created to promote engineering as a career to pre-college students, support internships for college students, encourage the integration of social impact courses in school curriculum, showcase important technology projects, honoring outstanding achievement and identify useful resources. Includes news, publications and sponsorship information.
54 -

ASM Peoria Chapter

Organization for metallurgists, materials scientists and anyone interested in materials in Peoria.
55 -

Young Engineers Australia - Victoria Division

The Young Engineers Australia (YEA) is a group within Engineers Australia, representing approximately 20,000 members (a third of total memberships) who are in the first five or so years of their career OR under the age of 30 years.
56 -

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

Japanese engineering and technology organization.
57 -

World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS)

Sponsors conferences in research and the diffusion of scientific and engineering knowledge, especially of mathematics and computer science.
58 -

ERCOFTAC: The European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion

Scientific association of research, education and industry groups in these technologies. Provides information on the pilot centers that coordinate research and the special interest groups that stimulate European-wide research efforts on specific topics.
59 -

National Academy of Engineering of Korea

Aims to contribute to government policies in respect of engineering issues with members coming from both industry and academia. Provides information on forums and meetings, awards, educational projects and publications. [In Korean and English.]
60 -

Association for Black Engineers UK

Non profit organisation which aims to challenge and inspire people of black origin to make enhanced contributions to the various fields of engineering.
61 -

HESGNY: The Hospital Engineering Society of Greater NY

Provides information on the Society, its activities and membership.
62 -

Engineers and Architects of Hawaii

Nonprofit organization founded in 1902. Formerly Engineers Association of Hawaii. Open to engineers, architects, and anyone else interested in goals of the organization.
63 -

Florida Engineering Society

Aims to promote and defend the professional interests of all engineers in the state. Includes information on membership, continuing education, publications, awards and scholarships.
64 -

International Association of Science and Technology for Development

IASTED is a Calgary-based non-profit organization that holds conferences around the world in the fields of science, technology, engineering, management and education.
65 -

The FACT Technical Society

Aims to help members keep pace with rapid technological advances in the industrial field. Includes an overview, activities, courses, publications, news and events. Kochi, Kerala, India.
66 -

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

Advancing the world-wide utilization of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to improve the quality, efficiency, and relevance of laboratory analysis. Includes a list of conferences, journal, membership information, and news.
67 -

International Federation of Inspection Agencies

IFIA AC members inspect, survey, sample, weigh, analyze, inventory, measure and gauge a variety of different commodities and consumer products and provide related laboratory services.

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