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Process Simulation Websites

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Provider of smart manufacturing and supply chain management software and services for the process industries.
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Aurel Systems

Developer of chemical process simulation and modeling software. Includes presentation of product line, contact information, list of clients, support resources.
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Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc.

Supplier of ProMax with TSWEET and PROSIM. Process simulation software used to design and optimize gas processing, refining and chemical facilities.
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DESIGN II for Windows Process Simulation

Rigorous process simulation for chemical and hydrocarbon processes including refining, petrochemical, gas processing, gas treating, refrigeration and pipelines.
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A complete set of process simulation software and services dedicated to chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
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Computing in Technology GmbH

The company develops software in the field of chemical computing such as modeling and simulation of macromolecular processes (polymerization), kinetic modeling and industrial crystallization. Company information and programme descriptions.
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Scale-up Systems: DynoChem

Software for chemists and engineers, for simulating, characterizing and scaling organic synthesis operations in the batch industries. Online tour, overview of features.
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JaSim: Dynamic Simulation Software for Training

Educational software designed to provide an engineering quality range of dynamic process models specifically for education and training, to teach the principles of process control for plant operators and chemical engineers.
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CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulator

COCO is a free, steady-state simulation environment consisting of a flowsheet environment, thermodynamics, unit operations and reaction packages, plus various tools.
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TSC Simulation

Specialists in dynamic process simulation for basic and advanced operator training and plant verification for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
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KBC: Petro-SIM

Full-featured, graphical process simulator that combines proprietary KBC technology and a process simulation environment for better modelling of refineries, petrochemicals facilities, and gas plants.
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Steady-state and dynamic simulation software for process plants. Uses include feasibility studies, plant design, control system design and testing, commissioning, in-plant process optimisation, planning and operations.
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Virtual Materials Group Inc

Offers advanced process simulation and thermodynamics software for the process industries.
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Physical Process Modeling

Modeling, analysis and design of heat transfer, AC/DC and electromagnetic modules, induction heating systems and electro-resistance furnaces.
15 -

Chemstations, Inc

Full suite of tools for simulating steady-state or dynamic chemical processes. Handles batch, semi-batch, and continuous systems. Full brochures available online.
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Supplier of training systems and simulation software for oil and gas, pipelines, LNG, chemicals and power plants. Detailed description of software and services offered.
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