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A Chemical Reactor Analysis Tool. It can generate a HTML file with tables and graphics of Residence Time Distributions. It can calculate conversions for both linear and non-linear systems, with and without flow model; and the parameters for some non-ideal flow models (tanks in series, axial dispersion and combined models).
2 -

ChemicaLogic Corporation

Thermodynamic properties of steam, moist air and CO2 can becalculated with given software tools and Excel add-ons.
3 -

Softbits Consultants

Supplies Flaresim, a process simulation and analysis program for the design of flare systems in the offshore oil and gas industry. They also provide consultancy services.
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Offers a wide range of programs for analysis and simulation of equipment and process plants. Ranging from data mining, engineering, data reconciliation, equipment design to dynamic simulation. Detailed description of programs and various papers on simulation and analysis topics.
5 -

Control Station

Software for process dynamic modeling and simulation, PID controller tuning, and practitioner training.
6 -

GSE Systems, Inc.

Supply a fully integrated simulation program of customizable software consulting services and training to reduce new product time to market, minimize development costs, and improve optimization.
7 -

C&R Technologies

Products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis.
8 -

Astron International, Inc.

Custom software development.
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Computer software and equipment for the engineering industry and for teaching engineering principles.
10 -

G&P Engineering Software

Chemical and physical property database and property estimation tool.
11 -

Interactive online engineering applications to assist in designing, constructing, and maintaining a facility. Categories include liquid and gas flow, pumps, heat transfer, vessels and tanks, valve and piping, civil and structural.
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Provides a range of standard and custom tools for applications including fluids and mixtures, phase equilibria, thermodynamics, process simulation, realtime control and optimization.
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HES - Heat Exchanger Simulator

Educational software for shell and tube heat exchanger simulations.
14 -

Thorn Technologies

Thorn Technologies, along with Simulation Solutions, provide Windows based chemical process simulators integrated with performance analysis tools.
15 -

Inventech Ltd.

Provides details of software products for process engineers, specialising in the application of vacuum, condensers and thermocompressors to process industry.
16 -

NASA Glenn Equilibrium Program (CEA)

Computer program for calculation of complex chemical equilibrium compositions. Applications include properties for assigned thermodynamic states, rocket performance, thermal transport properties, thermodynamic properties, Chapman-Jouguet detonations, and shock wave calculations.
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Provides online chemical engineering software including free thermodynamics packages for predicting various states.
18 -

Alchemy Software

Software for the simulation and modeling of chemical mechanisms for use by chemists in research laboratories and by academic institutions.
19 -

Adaptive Resources

Supply advanced regulatory control technology. Products include the adaptive model-predictive regulatory controller and a modeling and simulation tool to create process models and predict process behaviour.
20 -

Trident Computer Resources, Inc. / Autodynamics Simulator Systems

Custom dynamic operator training simulators to the process plant industries.
21 -


General calculations for chemical and plant engineering. Interactive Java applets.
22 -

Katmar Software

Shareware programs for properties of ice, water and steam; packed column hydraulics; project risk analysis.
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Deerhaven Technical Software

Information on the PD-PLUS Chemical Process Simulator for steady-state modeling of chemical, petrochemical, and refinery systems.
24 -

ERGUN : Fluidized bed design software

Ergun is a computer program for modeling and simulation in fluidization with details on grids, bubbling, TDH, cyclones, heat transfer and reaction aspects.
25 -

Kintecus Homepage

Modeling software to simulate the chemical kinetics of combustion, nuclear enzymatic, catalyst-reactor and many other chemical reactions
26 -


Software for experimental design and optimization, with sequential design of experiments to optimize products, processes, and chemical analytical methods.
27 -


Chemical compound information and estimation of chemical compound data. Includes Periodic Table, physical and thermodynamic data.
28 -

ChemEng Software Design

Offers a number of chemical and mathematical programs including property calculations, simple process simulation and a equation solver.
29 -

Korf Hydraulics

Fluid flow calculations for process industry. Description of program abilities and screenshots.
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FlowPhase Software Inc.

VLEFlash is a package for performing multicomponent single-stage equilibrium calculations. Also offers programs for compressor design, quick pipe sizing and for predicting the fluid phase equilibria in natural gas-water systems, in particular sour natural gas.
31 -

OLI systems Inc.

Provides process simulation tools for oil fields, wastewater treatment, chemical processing plant operation and optimization, reactive separations, and environmental simulations. Extensive database of aqueous electrolyte chemistry.
32 -


A 3D heat transfer simulation program for arbitrary body shapes.
33 -

Ask a Chemical Engineer

Features a large list of Links to software related to ChE.
34 -

Cheminform St-Petersburg (CISP) Ltd.

Methodology and software for experimental data processing, kinetics evaluation and reactor simulation. Description of software and company, with list of references. Downloads of software and manuals
35 -

Van Mierlo Software Consultancy Product List

Custom built software and a number of ready made products, including DAx Data Analysis software, CA Contact Angle Determination software, DigiBall Digitising software, and instrument control packages.
36 -

Blankschtein Research Group

MIT. Professor Blankschtein describes the computer programs developed to predict bulk and interfacial properties of surfactant systems
37 -


The company provides CAE and CFD solutions for fluid flow, heat transfer and stress.
38 -

Gaseq Chemical Equilibrium Program

A free Windows program for combustion related chemical equilibrium calculations: flame temperatures, compositions, shocks and detonations.
39 -

Reaction Design

Develops and sells the ChemKin software package for modeling gas- and surface-phase chemistry. Overview of products, services, and industries served.
40 -


This site provides free online chemical engineering software written in form of Java applets.
41 -


Description of a programme for semiconductor bulk crystal growth simulation by using the following techniques : the Czochralski, the float zone and the Bridgman method.
42 -

Eqair Applet

Provides a Java applet for calculating the thermodynamic properties of air under equilibrium conditions.
43 -

Enground: GETS

Software to help solve a wide range of common engineering calculations. More than 20 models and data tables are organized into a single package.
44 -

LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting in C++

LIBPF is a C++ library for modelling of chemical processes. Users can create special-purpose simulators suitable for rating, process engineer support, operator training and on-line applications.
45 -


A science and engineering tool that simplifies the tasks of data plotting, regression analysis (curve fitting) and statistical analysis. A 30 day evaluation copy is available.
46 -


A software package for predicting the fluid phase equilibria in natural gas-water systems, in particular sour natural gas.
47 -


Engineering package for the design and simulation of plants producing sulphuric acid and related products. Capabilities include material and energy balance, temperature and pressure calculations, and optimizing operating parameters.

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