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Process Measurement and Control Websites

The measurement and control of chemical processes. This category is for non-commercial sites, or commercial sites that have significant educational value. Commercial sites are listed in the supplier sub category.- Category ID : 428852
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Control Tutorials for Matlab

Tutorials about using Matlab for the analysis and design of automatic control systems.
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PID Tuning

Information on practical PID tuning.
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Hightech Multimedia Tutorials

Computer based process control training for Foundation Fieldbus and other applications.
4 -

Arizona Instrument

A manufacturer of Computrac moisture analyzers and Jerome toxic gas detectors for process control and environmental testing; provides specialized design, training, and customer support services.
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Status Instruments

Manufacturer of process control signal conditioning and instrumentation.
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Control Systems Principles

Information about control systems and how to implement them. Many papers for downloading.
7 -

Controlling Equipment

A number of articles presenting process control as it applies to pumps, heat exchangers and vessels as well as material on the correct implementation of limit switches and vibration monitoring. The site is rounded out by a collection of ancient engineering humour.
8 -

Advanced Process Control Network

Provides publications, chats, forums and links. Registration required.
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A non-commercial moderated e-mail list on PLCs, control, standards, and general automation topics with web based archives. Maintained by Control Technology Corporation.
10 -

About Temperature Sensors

An information resource on a wide range of devices that measure temperature.
11 -

Feedback and Temperature Control

An introduction to the effects of feedback using a PID temperature controller as a case study. An interactive simulation is also provided. From Charles D. H. Williams of the University of Exeter
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