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For psychology, cognitive science, and research-related weblogs and blogs written primarily for or by professionals in psychology.- Category ID : 428585
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Mind Hacks

Neuroscience and psychology weblog that highlights various research findings of the day and week.
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News and information about our knowledge of the brain and behavior.
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World of Psychology

Daily updated news, research and commentary on psychological science, mental disorders, psychiatric medications and technology.
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Jeremy Dean’s blog on understanding how our minds work and why we think and act the way we do.
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Behavioural Science Blog

Behavioural sciences explore interactions among organisms and their environment.
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Talking Brains

Discusses the neural organization of language, run by two Cognitive Science / Linguistics professors.
7 -

Dr. Helen

Commentary on popular culture and society, from a (mostly) psychological perspective.
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Discusses a variety of psychological topics, often focusing on the interplay between psychology and the "real world."
9 -


Current news, reviews, research and rants for psychology students and teachers.
10 -


Blog comprising reflections in English and Italian on the impact of technology and media on our psyche.
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Brain Health Hacks

General discussion of brain research, often including suggestions for improving brain health.
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Child Psych

A blog on child psychology, mental health, trauma and related social issues.
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Mixing Memory

A cognitive science weblog focusing on cognitive psychology, sensation and perception.
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Psychology, Happiness, and Relationships Blog

Self-help psychology blog by Dr. Alice Boyes, a clinical psychologist in New Zealand.
15 -

Mystery Shrink

A humorous and entertaining look into the everyday psychoses which affect ordinary people.
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Brains, Learning & Technology

The intent of this site is to bring readers the most recent information on the mind, learning and technology and the impact each has on the others.
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BPS Research Digest

The British Psychological Society reports on the latest psychology research.
18 -

The Business of Psychotherapy

Devoted to the investigation of best practices in conducting the business of psychotherapy, from record-keeping to secure communications with psychotherapy clients.
19 -

Exploring Psychology and Matters of the Mind

Site created by a graduate student in clinical psychology, discussing news and research in clinical psychology.
20 -

What is Psychology?

A blog created in order to bring a simple, fun and at times whimsical approach to the world of Psychology.
21 -


Notes on neurodiversity, autism and cognitive liberty.
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