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Intelligence Websites

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Gifted Development Center

Site of Linda Silverman, a counselor and author who pioneered the concept of visual/spatial intelligence.
2 -

IQ Test: Does it Measure Potential?

A critical review on the use of IQ tests in diagnosing children with learning disabilities.
3 -

Great Ideas in Personality - Intelligence

Introduction to theory and research on the science of intelligence, with links to research papers, websites, and other reference sources.
4 -

Is Intelligence Distributed Normally?

A paper by Cyril Burton on the distribution of IQ scores, arguing that highly gifted individuals may have been underestimated due to the assumption of normal distribution.
5 -

Intelligence, Intuition and Creativity.

The definition of intelligence in the Global Cognitive Theory. The best concept to define intelligence is the group of basic and abstract relational functions of Life.
6 -

Diversity of Intelligence

Contains resources about possible reasons for the difference in intelligence, taking into consideration many factors.
7 -

Intelligence Amplification

Explains ways to increase the mental abilities of humans to new levels, and possible methods such as cognition enhancing drugs and bionic enhancements, etc.
8 -

Intelligence and Psychological Testing

An undergraduate psychology course focusing on the history, theory and research about intelligence. Includes lecture notes and activities.
9 -

The Integrated Theory of Intelligence

Contains the original publication "Integrated Theory of Intelligence". It is considered to be a groundbreaking theory, and of great human import.
10 -

Multiple Intelligences beyond Class

Contains resources on how to use part of the brain never before used, research, tips, tools and practical strategies to help form new neuron pathways towards a higher vision for life.
11 -

IQ Comparison

Includes a number of tests for evaluating and converting IQ scores, as well as a list of mean scores in different countries.
12 -

Brain Tricks - Psychology Intelligence

Offers information about the intelligent psychology of the mind through optical illusions or visual phenomena.
13 -

Highest IQ in the World

This page provides top IQ scores information about the smartest people in the world, and how intelligence is relative to many aspects.
14 -

Human Intelligence

Resources for studying the historical development of intelligence theory including biographies, articles, and a timeline, hosted by Indiana University.
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