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Contains sites for national-level professional psychology organizations.- Category ID : 428377
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American Psychological Association

Promotes research and represents the professional interests of psychologists in the United States. Includes information on publications and conferences, and a find-a-psychologist referral feature.
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British Psychological Society

Representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK, responsible for the development, promotion and application of pure and applied psychology for the public good.
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New Zealand Psychological Society

Provides information on the Society, its membership requirements, the services and benefits provided to members, and its publications.
4 -

Australian Psychological Society

Professional organization for psychologists. Includes details of forthcoming conferences and other events, a searchable membership directory, and abstracts of journal articles.
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American Psychological Society

Professional organization for the advancement of scientifically oriented psychology. Includes details of annual convention, publications, and a searchable employment adverts index.
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Canadian Psychological Association

Detailed site on psychology in Canada. Available in French and English.
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United States Association for Body Psychotherapy

USABP is a practitioner-centered, member-driven association that is committed to the goals of organizing, representing and shaping the emerging profession of Body Psychotherapy.
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APA Practice Organization

An affiliate of the American Psychological Association dedicated to advocating on behalf of practicing psychologists and their patients, and providing timely online information, products, and services to help psychologists grow and improve their practices.
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European Psychiatric Association

Profile, mission, activities, membership and news.
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Iranian Psychological Association

Professional organization for psychologists. Includes details of forthcoming conferences and other events.
11 -

Depth Psychology Alliance

An academic community for those interested in exploring the hidden or deeper parts of human experience by seeing things in depth rather than taking them apart.
12 -

Society of Indian Psychologists

Organization of people who provide services to American Indians and Alaskan Natives in the United States. Includes news and information on membership, the annual conference and leaders.
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Canadian Union of Professional Sexologists

Nonprofit organization that provides professional standards for the training and certification of sexologists, and those institutions that offer training in sexology.
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Association of Directors of Psychology Training Clinics

A national organization for directors of psychology training clinics. Its members are directors of clinics that are typically associated with pre-doctoral graduate training programs.
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National Association of Principal Educational Psychologists

NAPEP is open to all local authority principal educational psychologists in the United Kingdom. Includes information on the committee, activities, the annual conference and the action plan.

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