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Thom Hartmann

This author and host of a daily radio talk show discusses politics and Attention Deficit Disorder.
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Goddess Gift

Knowing personal archetypes can be the first step to self-acceptance and personal growth. The Goddess Quiz reveals your archetype to access the power of the divine feminine.
3 -

Biorhythms and Group Dynamics

Research information that includes a downloadable program.
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Doyletics - A New Science for the 21st Century

A discussion on how feelings and bodily states are recapitulations in adult life of experiences before five. Includes techniques to remove unwanted fears, anxiety, anger, and allergies.
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QUALIA I: Cooper-Pairing and Negativity in the Human Mind

Presents a quantum physics theory on the mechanical dynamics of mind function as applied to individuals and society.
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PDC - Psychodiagnostic Chirology

Information on the science of handreading in psychological diagnosis. Site offers an overview, case studies, and profiles.
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The Emergence Site

Explores health, healing, and human nature, in areas such as weight loss, addictions, relationships, learning disabilities, personality, and consciousness in general.
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Palmistry Primal Focus

Presents a non-mystical sober viewpoint on hands as diagnostic instruments that are gaining attention not only from medical practitioners but also from behavioural scientists.
9 -

Is It Normal?

A quest to discover just what is and is not normal through the power of the Internet. Participants can vote and submit personal scenarios.
10 -

Molwick Books

Online books by José Molina relating to his Global Cognitive Theory.
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International Association for Voice Movement Therapy

Offers an introduction to this type of expressive arts therapy, FAQs, a list of registered practitioners, and upcoming events.

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