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Family and consumer science is an academic discipline that combines aspects of social and natural science. It deals with the relationship between individuals, families and communities and the environment in which they live.- Category ID : 427352
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Consumer Behavior and Marketing: The Psychology of Consumers

Provides an overview of topics in consumer psychology from a marketing point of view.
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International Federation of Home Economics

Provides an international forum for home economists to develop and express concerns for individuals, families, and households at the United Nations and among other international non-governmental organisations whose interests parallel those of home economics.
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The Ecology of the Family

Background paper for a family-centered approach to education and social service delivery.
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From Domesticity to Modernity: What Was Home Economics?

Cornell University Library exhibition on the history of home economics. Traces the in history of the profession, provides a timeline, biographies, bibliography and interviews.
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Home Economics Institute of Australia

Professional association for home economists. Includes member information, publications, news, chat, student links and related resources.
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US Census Bureau Families and Living Arrangements

Demographic characteristics of households and families.
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Home Economics Archive

Electronic collection of historic books and journals in Home Economics and related disciplines. The full text of these materials, as well as bibliographies and essays are available.
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Forum for Family and Consumer Issues

A refereed e-journal designed to integrate, apply, and transmit knowledge about issues of current interest in Family and Consumer Sciences.

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