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Laboratory Instrument Service, Calibration, and Repair Websites

These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, or distribute calibration devices for the lab. Also for companies that repair, service or calibrate lab instruments and equipment, or make calibration equipment or reference materials for the lab.- Category ID : 424743
1 -

TrigasFI GmbH

Offers liquid and gas flow meter calibration services and products. Includes online catalog and projected accuracy of the devices.
2 -

Precision Dynamics

Fluorescent standards for calibration of laboratory instruments.
3 -


Offers precision instrument and test equipment calibration services in the eastern United States, accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005, ANSI Z540, ISO 9000.
4 -


Electronics calibration and service.
5 -

Sterling Scale

Manufacturer and service provider of industrial and laboratory weighing devices.
6 -

GASCO Precision Gas Mixtures

Precision gas mixtures for gas detectors. NIST standards, flow regulators, gas generators.
7 -

Baseline Technology Ltd

Chromatography servicing, training, validation, consumables and equipment.
8 -

Pennine Instrument Services Ltd

Offers calibration services to companies in the UK and abroad.
9 -


Repair and maintenance of laboratory instruments.
10 -

Metrology Service

Industrial and length metrology consulting, research, software for calibration, SPC software.
11 -

Stephens Anayltical

Calibration of all makes of hygrometers, relative humidity meters, trace moisture analyzers and dew point indicators.
12 -

Peak Tek

Chromatography equipment service, calibration and refurbishment center.
13 -

Full Spectrum Analytics

End to end service to analytical instrumentation laboratories.
14 -

JH Metrology Calibration Services

Calibration and repair of electronic and physical/dimensional test equipment.
15 -

Certified Measurements

Instrument calibration and metrology lab.
16 -

Microtech Instruments

Service of Cahn Instrument brand of laboratory instruments. Data acquisition and analysis software. Custom sample holders.
17 -

Thermo Gauge Instruments

Producing precision Blackbody sources for the calibration of optical pyrometers, ir thermometers, thermocouples, fiber optic temperature sensors and heat flux gauges.
18 -

Techni-Cal Services

Light booth calibration, certification, and preventive maintenance.
19 -

Moyer Instruments

Offers calibration and repair services for analytical and process instruments.
20 -

Quality Calibration Service

Calibration and repair for gauges, test equipment, and balances.
21 -

Gavtt Precision Balances

Service and repair of precision mechanical and electronic weighing balances and scales.
22 -

MBH Analytical

Producer and supplier of certified reference materials.
24 -

DH Instruments

Pressure and flow calibration products, provides calibration and repair service, and offers training.
25 -

Al-Tar Services

Repair and service new and used laboratory, scientific research, and biotech equipment in California.
26 -

Scientific Calibration

Repair and calibration of electronic and multi-channel pipettes, Labsystems Multidrop systems, incubators, freezers.
27 -

Nova Biotech

Service and sales support for new and used Uv/Vis spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometers, microplate readers, IR, FTIR systems and selected PCR and DNA Synthesizer instruments.
28 -

Marsh Metrology

DC and low frequency, physical and dimensional calibration services. NIST traceable calibration service on site or at the laboratory in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
29 -

Testwave LLC Calibration Laboratory

Calibration of electronic and physical/dimensional test and measurement equipment either on-site or at our calibration laboratory.
30 -

Precision Pipette

Provides lab gravimetric pipette calibration and repairs.
31 -


Electrical, electronic, mechanical, and physical/dimensional calibration services.
32 -

Precision Measurements Corporation

Provides calibration and repair services thermocouples, thermometers, thermocouple calibrators, humidity indicators, pressure and vacuum gages, dead weight testers and balances. In short for almost any lab equipment you might have.
33 -

CompuFlow Solutions

Flow calibration equipment; repairs, upgrades, preventive maintenance, and certifications.
34 -

NIST Standard Reference Materials

Over 1300 individual reference materials each with carefully assigned values for chemical composition and physical properties.
35 -

Lik-Chrom Services

Repair, maintenance and resale of all Waters HPLC equipment, recent and older models.
36 -

University Pipette Service

Pipette service and calibration.
37 -

Technical Advantages

Laboratory instrument sales, service and repair in Australia. Specialising in repair of older instruments.
38 -

C&M Scientific

Sales, service, calibration and validation of laboratory equipment to GLP and GMP standards.
39 -

White Horse Technical Services

Independent LECO instrument service, repair, maintenance and rebuild. Performance certification and training.
40 -

Baseline Service

Provides repair, maintenance, and calibration services on HPLC and analytical systems. Relocation, IQ, OQ, and PQ services also offered.
41 -

Central Carolina Scale

Laboratory balances and weighing scales; service, repairs, and calibration for Ohaus, Shimadzu, and Sartorius models.
42 -

Pipette Repair Service

Maintenance, repair, and calibration of most major brands of single or multi-channel pipettes.
43 -

Gravioceanic Measurement Solutions

Software and hardware solutions for metrology.
44 -


Provides calibration, repair, and sales of test and measurement equipment to the manufacturing and technology community.
45 -

Analytical and Precision Balance Company

Analytical balances, scales and microbalances. ISO certified and offer calibration and repair services.
46 -

Advanced HEPA Technologies

Ontario based company performing testing of fume hoods, biocabinets and HEPA filters. Also health and safety training courses and duct cleaning.
47 -

Calserv Calibration Laboratory

UKAS temperature calibration laboratory providing temperature courses, consultancy including laboratory development and product design.
48 -

KayDee Tek

A repair service for HPLC, Uv/Vis spectrophotometers, fluorometers, polarimeters, centrifuges, incubators, IR and FTIR systems. Kaydee Tek supports brand names like Agilent, Beckman, Eppendorf, Hitachi, HP, Jouan, Perkin Elmer and Waters.
49 -

Prime Technologies

Calibration software, includes asset management and multi language capabilities, ProCalV5.
50 -

Minerva Measuring Technology

Supplier of calibration equipment for pressure and flow. EA accredited calibration lab for all pressure equipment.
51 -

Holmes Analytical

Laboratory servicing company, providing planned maintenance, calibration and repair to HPLC, GLC and other equipment.
52 -

Exact Calibration

Independent maintenance, certification and calibration services by OEM trained CMM specialists for Leitz and Brown and Sharpe CMM models PMM, PMM-C, CYGNUS X, PMM Gantry and Reference. Services for Brown and Sharpe and DEA brand are also available. Fully NIST traceable calibrations and certifications.
53 -

Aspland Gauge

Calibration, repair and sales.
54 -

Gordon Instrument Labs

Repairing, refurbishing, and certifying electronic instruments measuring temperature, pressure and flow.
55 -

American Lab and Science

Laboratory instruments, supplies and chemicals. Also repair, service and calibrate laboratory instruments.
56 -

Astro Instrument

Supply color matching software, coating thickness, colorimeter, spectrophotometer and calibration repair service.
57 -

MJW Technical Services - Radiological Instrument Calibration

MJWTS provides calibrations for radiation detection equipment. MJWTS also provides a source leak testing service and technical training courses.
58 -

SEO Enterprises

They service all brands of microscopes for clinical, educational, and professionals of the medical field in the state of Florida.
59 -

Optical Activity

Manufacturer of polarimeters, saccharimeters, quartz calibration standards and associated accessories.
60 -

Microscopy USA

Offers seminars to equip biomedical and laboratory personnel to perform microscope servicing and repair on all makes and models of clinical microscopes.
61 -

Gatrad Engineering Corporation

Independent laboratory providing calibration and repair of electrical, temperature, humidity, pressure and dimension measuring instruments.
62 -


Manufacturer of dead weight pressure gauge testers, pressure and vacuum gauge calibrators, precision dead weight pressure gauge testers, gauge comparators, pressure and vacuum gauges and calibration equipment.
63 -

Northeast Technical Services

Provides repair and maintenance services for laboratory equipment and sales of refurbished equipment with warranty. Specializing in Genevac evaporators but experienced in all lab equipment.
64 -


Provides calibration and repair of close tolerance measuring equipment as well as new equipment sales, calibration software and instrument repair. Konsult is ACLASS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.
65 -

Technical Alternatives

Offers cost effective laboratory service, preventative maintenance programs, full service agreements, and parts for a variety of instrumentation. Also sale of new and refurbished lab equipment.
66 -

Analytical Technologies Group

Offers repair, maintenance, training or support for scientific equipment and instruments, both new and old.
67 -

MTK Biomed

European reseller of medical test equipment offering a range of products and software as well as calibration services, seminars and workshops for medical technicians. prices
68 -

LABpro Biomedical Inc.

Canadian company offering pipette calibrations and repairs. Also provides instrument service support for laboratory instruments throughout Ontario and buys and sells used laboratory and medical equipment
69 -

Nunes Instruments

Indian company offers repair of precision measuring instruments and equipment. Also offers to buy electronic test equipment and sell refurbished instruments.
70 -

Lambda Calibration Ltd

Describes the services offered and capabilities of this UKAS laboratory which provides a wide range of tool, gauge and meter calibration services throughout the UK. Also provides useful information about UKAS, ISO 17025 and the relevance of ISO 9001 to calibration.
71 -

Compliance Technology Group, Inc.

Specialists in the preparation and execution of commissioning and validation documents for equipment, utilities, processes, laboratory instruments and computerized systems.
72 -

Rytek Technical Services

Offers a laboratory instrument maintenance service and repair of automation equipment.
73 -

Silicon Valley Micro Service

Provides microscope and metrology related products and services including microscope calibration and repair.
74 -

Bagan Calibration Services

Provide A2LA accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in-lab and on-site calibration of inspection, measuring and test equipment.
75 -

Lab Integration

Specialists in materials testing equipment including building, upgrading and calibrating testing machines.
76 -


Provides obsolete spare parts and electronic operating manuals for Tektronix, HP/Agilent test instruments and Sony consumer electronics.
77 -

Coastal Instruments

Offers service and sales of mass flow controllers and cleaning and recalibration of pressure and vacuum devices.
78 -

Analytical Maintenance Services Inc.

AMS provides analytical instrumentation and general application support services.
79 -

The Eaagle View

Offers calibration and components measuring services in Chennai. Accredited by the NABL, Department of Science and Technology, India.
80 -

Microlab Technologies

Distributors of Hamilton, Hirschmann, Vistalab, Ovation and Hellma liquid handling products in the UK and the service division of Essex Scientific Laboratory Supplies providing calibration, service and repairs.
81 -

Digital Measurement Metrology Inc.

DMM provides sales, service and calibration for digital readout systems, force measurement equipment, optical projectors, coordinate measuring machines and other metrology equipment. Ontario, Canada
82 -


Consumables and equipment for electrochemistry-pH, turbidity, oxygen- biotechnology-tissue culture, microbiology, waterpurification, incubators-process control-temperature, pressure, flow-physical testing-colour, viscosity, particle sizing.
83 -

Calibration Procedures

A large number of calibration procedures provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
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