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pH Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Websites

Sites are for companies that manufacture, distribute or sell pH meters, ion selective probes and meters, dissolved oxygen sensors and/or BOD devices.- Category ID : 424728
1 -

Delta Ohm Inc.

Manufactures instruments for the measuring temperature, relative humidity, pressure, light, noise, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.
2 -

Radiometer Analytical

Manufacturer of pH and ion meter, potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrator, polarograph for trace analysis, potentiostat and impedance meter. (site traps Netscape)
3 -

Oxygen analyzers

Describes a product line of trace and percent oxygen analyzers and carbon dioxide analyzers.
4 -

Digital Instruments Corporation

Manufacturer of ph meter, conductivity meter, TDS meter, ORP indicator controller and other laboratory analytical instruments from India.
5 -

Strathkelvin Instruments

Manufacturers of dissolved oxygen measurement instrumentation for laboratory use.
6 -

Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc.

Provides pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, suspended solids, and chlorine sensors and transmitters.
7 -

Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

Manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for measurement and control of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, resistivity, and specific ions.
8 -

Illinois Instruments

A manufacturer of process oxygen analyzers, headspace analyzers, and permeation analyzers.
9 -

Analytical Sensors, Inc.

Electrochemical sensors: pH, conductivity, ion selective electrodes, dissolved oxygen, and temperature.
10 -

Nico2000 Ltd

Ion selective probes, cation as well as anion selective probes and instrumentation. Computer and data acquisition hardware.
11 -

Advanced Micro Instruments

Manufacturer of trace and percent oxygen analyzers. Full specifications of company products online.
12 -

IQ Scientific Instruments

Non-glass pH systems with ISFET silicon-chip sensor technology and ion-selective probes.
13 -

Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturers of pH, ORP and Ion Selective Sensors for difficult process control measurements. ASTI provides complete pH, ORP and ISE loop control systems including analyzers and transmitters, TPC and PID Controllers.
14 -

Pro-Oceanus Systems, Inc.

Manufacturers of an Ultra-Stable line of dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and total dissolved air sensors.
15 -

Astech Ireland

Offering TOC, ammonia, sodium, silica, turbidity, BOD, COD, organic halogens, pH, conductivity, flow, and meters.
16 -

Rosemount Analytical Uniloc Division

Manufacturer of pH sensors, analyzers, transmitters, and dissolved oxygen sensors.
17 -

Weiss Research

Manufactures pH electrodes, ISE, ORP electrode, DO, conductivity probes and reference electrode for the laboratory.
18 -

Milwaukee Meters

pH, EC, TDS, conductivity, redox, thermometers, dissolved oxygen meters.
19 -

Erlich Industrial Development, Corporation

Manufacturer of computerized lab equipment, meters, accessories, data loggers and sensors, including pH, ion selective electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity, dissolved oxygen sensors and temperature sensors.
20 -

PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

Optical sensors and microsensors for dissolved oxygen, oxygen in dry gases and temperature to measure through glass and non-invasive.
21 -


Designs, manufactures and distributes standard and specific electrochemical measuring instruments for laboratories.: pH-meters, redox, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorometers, electrodes and probes.
22 -

Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc.

Manufacturing of water and wastewater optical dissolved oxygen and suspended solids systems.
23 -

pHionics Inc.

Submersible transmitters for the control and monitoring of various water quality parameters
24 -

EID Corp.

Manufacture computerized lab equipment; data loggers, electrodes, cells, probes, sensors, buffers, accessories, pH electrodes, Ion Selective Electrodes, ORP electrodes, Conductivity, DO electrodes and temperature sensors.
25 -

Quantek Instruments

Oxygen analyzers and CO2 analyzers for modified atmosphere MAP testing of food packages, oxygen analyzer for pharmaceutical vial testing.
26 -


Manufacturer of pH simulators, conductivity meters, ion meters, thermometers, humidity meters and thickness gauges. In Polish and English.
27 -

Engineered Systems and Designs

Manufactures pH meters and electrodes; dissolved oxygen and gaseous oxygen meters, electrodes and controllers.
28 -

Professional Equipment, Inc.

Offers handheld meters, analyzers and detectors for gas, moisture, electric and temperature. Includes product overviews and photographs.
29 -

Micro Probe, Inc.

Providing metal microelectrodes for neuroscience research, clinical deep brain procedures, and electrochemical applications. Multi-channel electrode arrays and custom design electrode systems are also available. Located in Potomac, Maryland.
30 -

Indian supplier of a wide range of scientific equipment
31 -

Jenco Instruments

Manufacturer of pH meters, ORP meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, ion meters and temperature meters. ISO certified manufacturer, CE approved products.
32 -


Provides sensors for environmental and scientific research.
33 -

Amoxtec Inc

Manufacturers of oxygen and gas analyzers, including sensors and monitoring systems for military purposes, bar cellars and pelican cases.
34 -

JUMO Instrument Company Ltd

A company in the field of analytical instrumentation and probe assemblies for liquid measurement. The range of equipment covers conductivity, clean water, pH, redox (orp), dissolved oxygen, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide.
35 -

Hanna Instruments Ltd.

Manufacture and supply pocket testers, portable meters, bench meters and panel meters for a wide range of applications.
36 -

GWJ Company

Products include portable instruments, meters, inline monitors and controllers for testing pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, oxygen reduction potential, water analysis and deionized water.
37 -

Ionode Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of pH, ORP, ion selective and reference electrodes for laboratory, pool treatment, industrial and custom applications.
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