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Vacuum Websites

These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell equipment, supplies or ancillary devices for the production of a laboratory vacuum.- Category ID : 424738
1 -

Leybold Optics, Optical Coating Equipment

High vacuum precision optics coating systems. Vacuum coating systems for molded parts.
2 -

Torr International, Inc.

Thin film deposition and etching systems.
3 -

Becker Pumps Inc.

New pumps and repair of your old vacuum pumps.
4 -

Materials Research Furnaces, Inc.

Designs and manufactures a complete line of high-temperature, vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for a wide range of applications.
5 -

Kinequip, Inc.

Distributor of pneumatic, automation, air, and vacuum equipment. Vendors include SMC Pneumatics, Gast, Kaeser, Rietschle, Bauer, CEJN, Circle Seal, Hoke, Go Regulator.
6 -

Helium Leak Testing Inc.

Leak detection, test fixtures, calibration, vacuum pump services, and supplies.
7 -

Advanced Vacuum Technology

Supplying vacuum pumps, vacuum tweezers and other vacuum related products.
8 -


Manufactures magnetron sputter sources, reto-fited magnetic arrays for existing sources and sputter targets. Gencoa also has wear-resistant coatings and vacuum deposition experience.
9 -


Compressed air driven venturi-type vacuum generators, suction cups, and accessories. Includes related news and product information.
10 -

Island Scientific Ltd

Supply, hire and servicing of reconditioned high vacuum equipment and accessories. Includes profile, news, information on products and services, terms, ordering information, and contact details. Isle of Wight.
11 -

SAES Getters

Provides getters used to maintain ultra high vacuum or to ensure high purity of gas used in industrial and scientific applications.
12 -

Galileo Tecnoplant - Process Equipment

Galileo TP Process Equipment; vacuum and refrigeration technology, and Tecnoplant.
13 -

Advanced Energy

Products for plasma-based thin film vacuum processes.
14 -

PolVac Corp.

Vacuum pump repair and rebuilding specialists with lists of models serviced, an overview of rebuilding procedures and a sales list.
15 -

R. D. Webb Company

Manufacturer of high temperature inert gas atmosphere vacuum furnaces for sintering and research.
16 -

NTE Poole for Vacuum Vessels

Specialising in the construction of vacuum vessels for all types of difficult projects. Check out how we helped the Gemini Telescope.
17 -

Ferrovac GmbH

Magnetically coupled wobble stick manipulators, linear- rotary feedthroughs, sample handling tools.
18 -

Applied Vacuum Technology

Standard and custom vacuum component manufacturer of conflat and KF vacuum flanges and fittings, weldments and chambers for low to high vacuum applications.
19 -


Customized UHV-cluster tool systems, pulsed laser deposition systems, hysitron nono tribology tools, triboindenter, triboscope, nano lab, nanoindentation systems and service.
20 -

Torrovap Ind. Inc.

Canadian manufacturers of custom high vacuum chambers and associated components for research and industrial applications. Fully designed, manufactured and helium leak tested on premises.
21 -

LACO Technologies, Inc.

Manufactures vacuum chambers and leak and helium detection systems, Offers vacuum gauge calibration, and ovens. Overview of company in Salt Lake City, Utah.
22 -

Abbess Instruments

Manufactures vacuum chambers that are custom designed to be rugged bench top units for research, production or testing.
23 -

UniTemp GmbH

Portable leak detector for leak finding on vacuum systems for use by field service engineers and in research and development.
24 -

Mpf Products Inc.

Ultra High Vacuum feedthroughs and optical components
25 -

Vacuum Solutions Group, Inc.

Supplier of vacuum chambers and pumps, with associated parts and accessories. Includes descriptions of services and products.
26 -

Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers International

Includes information on the association, job listings, a directory of companies, and news related to the industry.
27 -

Systems Design and Fabrication Inc.

Manufactures vacuum components and systems.
28 -

Torr Scientific Ltd

Provide components, services and equipment for UHV and vacuum.
29 -

Welch Vacuum

Sold its first rotary vane pumps to laboratories over 100 years ago; they are now a standard feature in labs and industry.
30 -

Leybold Repair by Tech Services

Connecticut based company for all your Leybold vacuum equipment and pumps. We repair and sell Leybold pumps.
31 -

Zero K Designs

Designer of calibration and related systems. Includes a brief description of services and a chart of the pressure measurement and calibration hierarchy.
32 -

WME Incorporated.

Pumps, valves, fitting, controllers and other vacuum components, all very useful, hard-to-find parts and some odd ball parts too.
33 -

West Technology Systems

Manufacturers of custom high vacuum systems including vacuum furnaces and ovens, helium leak detection systems, deposition systems and vacuum reservoir systems.
34 -

Scientific Instrument Services

All sorts and sizes of KF fittings. Technical explanations of KF and other types of fittings.
35 -

Pfeiffer Vacuum TurboPumps

Turbomolecular pumps with integrated controller.
36 -

MKS Instruments

A source of instruments, components, and subsystems, for vacuum and gas-based processes.
37 -


Vacuum pumps, accessories, vacuum oil, and ancillary vacuum equipment. They also carry Bell Jars for medium vacuum.
38 -

HSD Engineering

Fabrication, repair and design of vacuum system controls. Also technical information about vacuum pumps and fittings.
39 -


Manufacturer of high and ultra high vacuum stainless steel valves, fittings, and components for scientific and industrial use.
40 -

Capitol Vacuum

Manufacturer of repair kits and spare parts for vacuum pumps made by Alcatel, CTI, Edwards, Leybold, Precision Scientific, Stokes and Welch.
41 -

A and J Vacuum Services

Repair and service high vacuum equipment.
42 -

Provac Sales

Offers rebuilt vane, piston, turbo and blower pumps and systems, vacuum pump oils and accessories.
43 -


Distributor of Alcatel, Arun Microelectronics Ltd., Andonian Cryogenics, CTI-Cryogenics, IntelVac, Evac, Granville Phillips, Veeco, Mykrolis, Nor-cal and custom made vacuum products.
44 -

NBM Design, Inc.

Manufacturer of custom designed vacuum systems and components for laser deposition, sputtering, ion beam, and other etch and deposition techniques.
45 -

Extorr Residual Gas Analyzers

Extorr produces a quadrupole residual gas analyzer which includes both an ion and Pirani gauge. The probe fits on a 2 3/4 inch flange and is controlled by RS232.
46 -

The R. D. Mathis Company

Specializing in the manufacture of hi-vacuum evaporation sources for the thin film industry.
47 -

MDC Vacuum Products Corporation

Vacuum components manufacturing company in Hayward CA, catering to UHV applications and the like.
48 -

Caburn UHV

A supplier of scientific components. Established in 1986 with the primary objective to service areas where UHV and High Vacuum components are used.
49 -


A company that offers an alternative to existing UHV and High Vacuum components suppliers.
50 -

Vacuum Equipment Service Co. (VESCO)

Parts and service for electron beam power supplies and electron beam guns.
51 -

Löwener Vacuumservice

Contains product descriptions and photographs, and overview of services provided.
52 -

Sensistor Technology

Instruments for leak detection and leak location based on the hydrogen method.
53 -

Huntington Mechanical Laboratories, Inc.

Better built vacuum components.
54 -

Kurt J. Lesker Co. Vacuum Products

Manufacturer and distributor of high-quality vacuum product for all vacuum applications.
55 -

Pascal Technologies, Inc.

A single source supplier for a large range of vacuum systems and components.
56 -

Thermionics Vacuum Products

Manufacturer of vacuum systems, components and hardware for all vacuum applications including: XYZ manipulators, sample handling devices, motor controllers, valves, feedthroughs, gauges and controls, and flanges.
57 -

Edwards Limited

Vacuum pump and accessories manufacturer.
58 -


Supplier of new and used vacuum equipment for industries and universities. Includes a downloadable catalog.
59 -

Henniker Scientific

Distributors of components, instruments and systems for vacuum, UHV surface, gas and plasma processing.
60 -


Manufacturer of control equipment for automatic leak testing machines and leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories.
61 -

Advanced Optics Vacuum Co.Ltd.

Manufactures vacuum components and pulsed laser deposition systems.
62 -

Solid Sealing Technology Inc.

Manufacturer of standard and custom ceramic to metal and glass ceramic to metal vacuum feedthroughs, connectors, thermocouples, coaxial assemblies and isolators.
63 -

Applied Vacuum Engineering

Sales of new and reconditioned components and plant and service to all main brands in house or on site. Specialist high vacuum coating engineers.
64 -

Ding Ten Industrial Inc.

Manufacturer of stainless steel products including vacuum fittings, components and valves.
65 -

X-Tronix Ltd.

Distributor of equipment and supplies for vacuum and thin film, gas flow, and cryogenic applications.
66 -


Offers a full range of vacuum UHV equipment for thin films and surface technology such as mini electron beam evaporators, plasma sources, sputter sources, effusion cells, hydrogen crackers, MCP microChannel plates.
67 -

LMDC Catalogue: Vacuum Equipment Page

Equipment for vacuum coating and research including pumps, chambers, magnetrons, power supplies, sputter systems, turbopumps, cryo pumps and compressors.
68 -

Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd

Specialist manufacturer of sputtering and evaporation physical deposition vapour systems.
69 -

TPW Vacuum Products

Manufacturer of custom vacuum pumping systems also offering distribution and service of vacuum pumps and related products.
70 -


Manufacturer of a wide range of laboratory and instrumentation vacuum pumps, gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum.
71 -

Vactechnic Industry Co Ltd

Manufacturer of various vacuum components in China including vacuum flanges and fittings, valves, turbomolecular pumps and custom vacuum chambers. Also supplies machining equipment.
72 -

A&J Vacuum Services, Inc.

Offers repair and sale of new and second hand fully refurbished industrial and research vacuum pumps and other vacuum equipment.
73 -

Surplus UHV Components for Sale

Used ion pumps, UHV angle valves, UHV gate valves and other UHV equipment for sale by the Physics Department at the University of Texas at Austin.
74 -

Northern Lakes Engineering

Equipment made for thinfilm vacuum coating including standard planar magnetrons, ultra high utilization planar magnetrons, closed loop voltage and PEM controllers. Coating service offered.
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