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Temperature Sensors and Thermocouples Websites

These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell general purpose temperature sensors including transistorized temperature sensors and thermocouples.- Category ID : 424736
1 -

Scientific Devices Pvt. Ltd. (Bombay)

Manufacturers of instruments such as glass tube rotameter and flowmeters, level indicators,level switches, manometers, orifice plate and orifice flange assemblies.
2 -

The Temperature People

Thermocouple sensors and digital pyrometers for measuring temperature.
3 -

Quality Thermistor Inc

Manufacturer of NTC and PTC thermistors as well as USB temperature sensors.
4 -


Temperature controller hardware and software.
5 -

Peak Sensors Ltd

A supplier of solutions for temperature measurement and control.
6 -

Brannan Thermometers and Gauges

European manufacturer of thermometers and pressure gauges for science, laboratory, education, industrial process, marine, hvac, and refrigeration.
7 -

KOBOLD Instruments Inc.

A manufacturer and supplier of thermometers, switches, transmitters, sensors, flowmeters, gauges, indicators and meters.
8 -

Nutech Engineers

Manufacturers of a variety of thermocouples including thermocouple assemblies, and resistive temperature detectors.
9 -

G H Zeal Ltd

UK based manufacturer and supplier of thermometers, hydrometers, hygrometers, flowmeters, pressure gauges and recorders to medical, scientific, industrial and research institutions.
10 -

Boddingtons Thermometers

UK producer and seller of a comprehensive range of health and safety thermometers for use in health care, science, industry, and the home.
11 -

Wittich and Visser, ACIN instrument

Production, maintenance, measuring and control instruments for inside climate, HVAC, industry and meteorology.
12 -


Humidity, current, pressure, temperature, pressure transducers, meters and sensors.
13 -

Kessler Instruments, Inc.

Thermometers, hydrometers, tank gauging equipment, pocket, standard, calibration services.
14 -

Temperature Sensors

An information resource on temperature sensors. The site covers thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and radiation thermometers.
15 -

Temperature Sensor Services

Temperature sensors to your specification for marine petrochemical oil, general industries, and research.
16 -

Marlin Manufacturing Corporation

Manufacturer of thermocouple connectors, ISO9002.
17 -

Hart Scientific

Manufacturer of temperature calibration and measurement equipment including precision thermometers, primary standards, temperature readouts, sensors and probes, thermometer calibrators, constant temperature calibration baths, and temperature and humidity monitoring equipment.
18 -

Wilhelm Keiner

Hydrometers, thermometer, baume-hydrometer, saccharimeter, alcoholometer, mineral oil-Hydrometer.
19 -

Philadelphia Instruments and Controls

Specializes in the production of temperature measurement related products.
20 -

Everest Interscience

Manufacturer of non-contact infrared thermometers, temperature sensors and calibration sources for natural environment, industrial and research applications.
21 -

Exhaust Gas Technologies Inc.

Manufactures a wide range of thermocouple assemblies for all types of industrial uses.
22 -

British Electricals

Manufactures thermocouples, connectors and high temperature cement.
23 -


Manufactures heat flux sensors, convectives, and thermocouples.
24 -

Thermo Electric Wire and Cable

Supplier of thermocouples wire and cable, extensions, and copper instrument lengths.
25 -

HLP Controls

Infra red and probe, food industrial processes and thermometers, temperature loggers.
26 -

Betatherm Sensors

NTC thermistors, thermistor temperature sensor and temperature control specialists
27 -

Temperature Sensor Standards

A listing of most US and many International temperature sensor standards and the associated standards authorities.
28 -

Saket Heaters

Manufacturers types of electrical industrial heaters, temperature sensors, and heating systems.
29 -

GE Sontay UK

UK based temperature sensors and relative humidity equipment manufacturers and suppliers.
30 -

UVC Ingenieure

Pyrometer, fast temperature controller, UV-C and other optical sensor systems and adapt them to the customers special problem. Know-how for RF power systems, radiation systems in general and electronics.
31 -


Measure physical values like temperature and humidity with a simple PC and distribute results over the network (SNMP)
32 -

DCC Corporation

A manufacturer and supplier of the HotSpot Thermocouple Welder and HotMux temperature data logger.
33 -

Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Indian company manufacturing temperature sensors, including thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, calibration baths, non contact pyrometers, thermal imagers and accessories.
34 -

Micron Instruments

Manufacturer and supplier of temperature related instruments including controllers, sensors, indicators, timers and digital counters. Mumbai, India.
35 -

Aginova Inc

Wireless temperature equipment for the remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and light. Mainly used in the medical and food industries.
36 -

Beaded Stream

Designer and manufacturer of multipoint digital temperature acquisition systems engineered for extreme conditions. Temperature acquisition cables, data logging and installation solutions are built to suit.
37 -

Smart Sensors Inc.

Manufacturers of a complete line of RTD, thermocouple, thermowell and sensor products, including surface temperature sensors and resistance temperature detectors.
38 -

Radiant Innovation Inc.

Manufacturer of infrared ear and forehead thermometers for both home healthcare and medical applications. Specializing in the design and development of infrared technology.
39 -

Techno Controls

Manufacturer of temperature sensors, wire wound RTD elements, mineral insulated thermocouple cables and stator winding temperature sensors. Gujarat, India.
40 -

About Temperature Sensors

An information repository about temperature measurement.
41 -

Techno Instruments

Manufacturer of temperature sensors, thermocouples and pressure gauges. Ahmedabad, India.
42 -


Tutela supplies fully validated and FDA/MHRA compliant web based wireless temperature monitoring and recording systems for use in medical, biomedical and laboratory facilities.
43 -


Specialist providers of temperature monitors, temperature sensors, temperature mapping, wireless temperature monitoring, data loggers and compliance software.
44 -

GE: Thermometrics Products

Thermometrics offers worldwide excellence in temperature sensing technology and NTC and PTC thermistor solutions
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