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Pressure and Flow Sensors and Transducers Websites

These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sale primarily general-purpose pressure sensors and/or transducers or flow sensors and/or transducers. This would include liquid as well and pneumatic devices such as mechanical and electrical gauges. Mechanical and electrical pressure and flow regulators are also included here. Non industrial scale devices are listed here, scientific, laboratory type measuring devices only. Does not include data loggers or chart recorders generally.- Category ID : 424730
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Manufacturer of pressure switches and transducers, including custom solutions, for industrial use in machinery, water equipment, building control and air conditioning.
2 -

Net Motion

Motion Control, pressure sensors, tubing, fittings, screws, flow meters and vacuum pumps.
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Global Sensor Technology

Specialist supplier of transducers, signal conditioners, amplifiers, data acquisition systems and analytical software.
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Flowmeter Directory of Manufacturers and Suppliers

This page lists manufacturers of flowmeters and suppliers.
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Process Controls

A large link list of various types of transducers and sensors.
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Kessler-Ellis Products

Manufacturer of flow meters, HMI software, industrial PCs, flow computers, rate meters, counters, timers, and various types of industrial measuring and sensing equipment.
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KOBOLD Instruments Inc.

A manufacturer and supplier of thermometers, switches, transmitters, sensors, flowmeters, gauges, indicators and meters.
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Great Plains Industries, Inc.

Manufactures turbine flow meters, liquid flow sensors, transmitters and pumps for industrial, commercial and agricultural uses.
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E.S.I. Environmental Sensors Inc.

Environmental technology corporation specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of instrumentation and systems for environmental measurement. Water proof sensors.
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Stellar Technology, Inc

Designer and manufacturer of load cells, force sensors, pressure transducers and transmitters, and temperature sensors for a variety of applications.
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Manufacturer of high accuracy weight, pressure and acceleration sensing devices.
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ASL Environmental Sciences

Acoustic instruments using non-intrusive sensors for offshore oil, hydro-electric, coastal zone and scientific research applications. Acoustic measurement of flow rates.
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Blue-White Industries

Manufacturer and designer of variable area flowmeters, digital electronic meters and, chemical metering injector pumps.
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Bubble-O-Meter, LLC.

Manufacturer and distributor of soap film gas flow meters. This is the original product specified to calibrate many of the digital flow meters.
15 -

KEP Sales - Gross automation

Flow and rate measurement systems and industrial automation software and interface equipment.
16 -

International Microelectronics Research Corporation

Research, development and manufacturing for custom sensor applications and polymer and hybrid electronic inks.
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Manufacturer of elastic electret films, sensors and electronics for a variety of applications.
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RJC Enterprises

OEM supplier of fiber optic pressure, temperature and oxygen sensors and instrumentation for medicine.
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Liquid flowmeters

Small diameter liquid flowmeters for food and laboratory use
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Sensor Electronics

Electronic and measurement equipment, low air velocity and air temperature measuring systems, and anemometers.
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Manufacturer of precision gas controls. These include gas pressure equipment, flow control apparatus and delivery systems for worldwide medical, industrial and specialty applications.
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Validyne Engineering Corporation

Manufacturer of a broad range of data acquisition systems, signal conditioning systems, pressure transducers and transmitters.
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Electronet Equipments Pvt Ltd

Manufacturers of process control instruments including flow indicators, process calibrators and scanners, controllers and totalizers. Pune, India.
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