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Optical Websites

This category includes webpages about companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell optical equipment components for the lab, such as mirrors, lenses, and filters. Optical laboratory equipment may include optical inspection equipment, optical benches, photonics, machine vision optics, electro-optical laboratory equipment, unmounted and mounted optics for optical benches, optical supplies and optical cleaning supplies. This category does not include lasers, unless the site submitted makes manufactures or distributes or supplies these products directly to be usable in a laboratory setting.- Category ID : 424726
1 -

Atago Co., Ltd.

Manufactures refractometers and polarimeters for use in the food and beverage industry, research labs, industrial facilities, universities and clinics.
2 -

Golden Way Scientific

Custom and off the shelf high precision optics.
3 -

Gold Dragon Optics

Chinese manufacturer of precision optical components and crystals. Company profile, products and contacts.
4 -

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd

Manufactures refractometers and polarimeters.
5 -

LG Optical

Glass filters and lenses, from high to low volume, custom and standard designs, glass machining and glass blowing.
6 -

Sterling Precision Optics

Optical component manufacturer of includes optical filters, color filters, mirrors, optical windows tempering and coating.
7 -

Spectral Systems

A manufacturer of precision optical components, specializing in the production of optics for UV and IR spectral regions.
8 -

Andover Corporation

Includes extensive technical information on optical filters and coatings. Online ordering.
9 -

Doric Lenses Inc.

Specialist manufacturer of customizable optical components for industrial, laboratory and other uses.
10 -

Laser 2000 UK

A supplier of lasers, optics, instrumentation and fiber optics components.
11 -

Boston Electronics Corporation

Distributor and trading company for photo detection components as well as optical and semiconductor materials. Includes product descriptions and information request form.
12 -

Omega Optical, Inc.

Omega Optical custom-designs and produces high performance optical filters and coatings in large volumes or single-piece quantities.
13 -

Edmund Optics

Manufacturing and integration of optical components. Includes lenses, prisms and filters. Custom and off the shelf optics.
14 -

LVR Systems

3D inspection, 3D vision, 2D machine vision, inspection, robotics, inspection systems.
15 -


Optical frequency measurements and optical synthesizers.
16 -

OptoSci Ltd.

Research, development and manufacture of optoelectronic systems, components and instrumentation for industry and education. Innovative photonics technology.
17 -

Luzchem Research

Fused silica cuvettes for most types of spectroscopy.
18 -


Products include optical tables, vibration Isolation, opto-mechanics, translation, rotation stages, goniometers, motorised positioners, controllers, micrometers, fine adjustment screws, optics, filters and lasers.
19 -

Tydex J.S. Co.

A supplier of a wide range optical components made from different materials for numeroust applications.
20 -

Lexitek, Inc.

Designs and manufactures customized photon-counting detectors, PAPA detector, gamma and x-ray cameras, neutron detectors.
21 -

Brain Power Inc.

Large USA based manufacturer of optical tints, chemicals and instruments.
22 -

Glass Perfection

Scientific and optical components, optical windows, filters and components for production, custom fabrication or from stock.
23 -


Large depth of field microscope images constructed from sequence of shallow depth images.
24 -

Santinelli International, Inc.

Providers of lens edging equipment for the optical industry.
25 -

Koch Optical

Provides optical equipment, pattern makers, patternless edgers, slit lamps, lensometers and polishers.
26 -

PCO Computer Optics

A manufacturer of high performance CMOS and CCD camera systems and imaging video products for science.
27 -


Manufactures high-speed Mueller matrix polarimeters for simultaneously measuring all of the polarization properties of a sample, including retardance and a Stokes polarimeter for measuring the polarization state of light.
28 -

Modi Opticals

Manufacturer and exporter of optical instruments used in science labs such as: prisms, lens, glass slabs, magnification lens and condenser optics.
29 -

American Optics

Offers system and single lens design, micro/macro series fabrication and distribution.
30 -

Rofin Australia Pty Ltd

Portable and laboratory forensic light equipment for use in forensic criminal investigations. Also offer liquid light guides.
31 -

Nanotek Inc.

Manufacturer of optical components and systems, including nanostructured detectors. Based in Seoul, South Korea.
32 -


A UK supplier of optical fibre test equipment and accessories.
33 -


Offers night vision optics, infrared viewers, and goggles.
34 -

Hamamatsu Photonics

Offers detector, lamp and imaging system solutions for OEMs and researchers. The devices and modules are used in medical diagnostics, medical imaging, NDT, analytical instruments and industrial controls.
35 -

Optronis GmbH

A manufacturer of high-speed and streak cameras. Cameras, components, company profile, and contacts which include international distributors.
36 -


Developer and manufacturer of digital CCD cameras for spectroscopic and imaging purposes. Also offers light measuring systems and solar cell inspection systems for the scientific research and industrial communities.
37 -


Manufacturer of a range of UV equipment including meters, monitors, spectrometer and IR convection systems. Germany.
38 -


Offers services in the field of lasers, optoelectronics, optomechanics and related equipment.
39 -

DAC Vision

Manufacturer and distributor of ophthalmic lens processing supplies including consumables for surfacing, coating and finishing.
40 -


Manufacturer of optical test equipment specialising in the research and development of accurate, PC controlled optical test instruments for the industrial and scientific use.
41 -


Manufacturers of optical filters for fluorescence instrumentation and microscopy, Raman instrumentation and laser analytical instrumentation.
42 -

Crystaltechno Ltd

Manufacturer of crystals (ZnSe, KRS-5, Al2O3 and others), optical components and lasers for industry and research.
43 -

Nanjing Shuncheng Optical Components Co Ltd

Manufacturer of a range of lenses, prisms, beam splitters and optical windows.
44 -

Eksma Co. Lasers, Optics, Electronics

Manufacturer of standard and custom optical components: mirrors, lenses, windows, prisms, polarising optics.
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