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Glass Products and Accessories Websites

These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sale primarily glass devices for the lab. Such as glass beakers, funnels, distilling and reflux products etc. This category also includes lab glass blowing and lab glass design firms. Custom glass shops and individual craftsman are also included. 10/22/00- Category ID : 424717
1 -

Baccarin Giovanni

A manufacturer of glass syringes, disposable glass syringes for epidural kits, dosing syringes for veterinary and laboratory use, high precision glass tubes with micron tolerances, and others for hospital and laboratory purposes.
2 -

Verre Labo Mula

Laboratory glassware, Pyrex glass and quartz blowing. Comprehensive customized systems.
3 -

Yancheng City No.2 Glass Instrument Factory

Manufacturer of flasks, volumetric cylinders, vacuum tubes and desiccators, condensers, and other glassware, located in China.
4 -

Tensil Glass Works India.

Industrial and laboratory glassware, glassware accessories, flasks, rubber liner, vacuum pumps, temperature controllers and refrigeration chillers.
5 -

Garg Lab Glass Industries

Manufacturers of scientific laboratory glassware, distillation apparatus, glass pipelines and valves, and glass centrifugal pumps.
6 -

Jain scointific Glass Works

Volumemetric, sintered and standard lab glassware
7 -

H. Baumbach and Co. Ltd

Manufacturers of quartz and borosilicate glassware, optical components, cells, polished discs and pyrolysis tubes for laboratory uses.
8 -

Biochem Glass

Makers of custom glassware for the laboratory with many years experience working with borosilicate glass.
9 -

Yorlab: Custom Glassware

Glass fabrication, cutting, drilling, general machining of glass ceramics, silica and vacuum work, silvering, glass to metal seals, vacuum coating, sandblasting, and glass repairs.
10 -

Robson Scientific Online

Supplier of quartz and borosilicate scientific glassware using industrial glass blowing techniques.
11 -

Jaytec Glass

Volumetric glassware manufacturer of both standard and custom ranges on short lead times.
12 -

Pegasus Industrial Specialties Inc.

Supplier of tubing and glass rod, blanks, custom glass, laboratory glass, sight glass and process pipe and systems.
13 -

National Scientific Company

Fabricator of fused quartz tube and rod, also distributing Pyrex products. Catalog, usage guide, and quotation request form. Pennsylvania, USA.
14 -

Tomopal Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of glass syringes, microsyringes, scales and balances, gas filters, gas purifiers and instruments for the laboratory and industrial specialty markets.
15 -

Allen Scientific Glass, Inc.

Glassblowing, laboratory, pharmaceutical and scientific glassware.
16 -


Offers general and laboratory packaging including vials, bottles, jars and metal containers. Other lab supplies offered include gloves, beakers and flasks, filtration products and lab equipment.
17 -

A M Glassware

Karl Fischer electrodes, general laboratory glassware and complimentary glassware producers
18 -

Pyromatics Corp.

High purity molded fused quartz products for state of the art applications.
19 -

Industrial Glassware

Glass and plastic bottles and jars, borosilicate glass vials, Teflon-lined caps. Serving the environmental-testing and chemical industries.
20 -

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt. Ltd

A wide variety of laboratory glass products including small parts to giant pieces.
21 -

United Silica Inc

Supplier of quartz, quartzware, glassware, horizontal and vertical wafer carriers, and process tubes and liners.
22 -


Tech-Glass primarily fabricates replacement glass plates and cassettes (including hinges) for electrophoresis systems.
23 -

Yankee Glass Blowers Inc.

Scientific glass blowing, forming hot glass with Kovar or tungsten seals; forming coils, spot welds, brazing, tube fabrication, tube bending, and Pyrex bending.
24 -

Glass Tech

Custom scientific glassblowing.
25 -

QVF Labortechnik GmbH

Manufacturer of laboratory equipment, made of borosilicate glass.
26 -

Hamilton Laboratory Glass

Water stills and laboratory glassware for all educational, clinical and industrial requirements.
27 -

Glass Works, inc.

Builds, designs, modifies and repairs borosilicate and quartz scientific glassware.
28 -

Soham Scientific

Manufacturers and suppliers of all type of custom and off the shelf laboratory glassware, borosilicate and quartz glassware manufactured to order.
29 -

Vitri-Forms Inc.

Specializing in custom glass blowing, glass molding, machining, and repair work services.
30 -

Pesce Lab Sales

Manufacturer and repairer of standard and custom laboratory glassware with a complementary line of laboratory supplies, reagents, and equipment. Quartz and Pyrex glassware.
31 -

NBS-New Biology Systems Ltd

MIXXOR solvent extraction separatory cylinder.
32 -

Research and Development Glass Products and Equipment, Inc.

Scientific, laboratory and specialty glass.
33 -

Monash Scientific Glass Blowing Services

Standard glass lab fitting and apparatus and includes wine testing apparatus.
34 -

Laboratory Glass Apparatus

Custom manufactures, repairs and modifies scientific glassware and quartzware. Stocks various laboratory glassware and equipment, including Skin Permeation Systems, a line of diffusion cells.
35 -

Adams and Chittenden Scientific Glass

Manufactures scientific and industrial glassware, both standard and custom, with particular emphasis on biotech applications.
36 -

Stemmerich Glass

The company helps with industrial glass and process systems needs, providing Pyrex, Borosilicate, tubing and rod, high pressure gauge glass, W.I.N.S., pneumatic conveying, and abrasion resistant glass.
37 -

Scientific and Laboratory Glassware

Atmar has over half century of scientific and laboratory glassblowing experience. offering online shopping worldwide.
38 -

Oberoi Scientific Corporation

Manufacturer of volumemetric, interchangeable and general glassware. Supplies semi-finished material to glass manufacturers including stopcocks, stoppers, and cylinders.
39 -


Offers amber or clear, screw top vials, display vials, patent lip vials, dropper vials and accessories.
40 -

Technical Glass Products, Inc.

Fabricators and suppliers of fused quartz and borosilicate glass products. Custom fabrication and glassblowing for industry and research. Glass tubing and rod.
41 -

Quartz Scientific Glassblowing Company UK

Laboratory glassware manufacturers, specialising in quartz processed glassware including optical plates, jigs, diffusion tubs and wafer holders.
42 -

Specialty Glass Inc.

A manufacturer of custom scientific and laboratory glassware. The glassware is consistent with regulatory requirements for glass apparatus used for testing in research and development labs.
43 -

Superior Scientific Glass

Specializes in the production of organic and inorganic combustion glassware.
44 -

Lake Charles Manufacturing

Plastic test tubes manufacturer and printer. Product range includes a full line of plastic test tubes, glass test tubes, closures and test tube racks.
45 -

R Exports

Offers a wide range of laboratory glassware and research apparatus made from boro-silicate glass.
46 -

Sci-Tech Glassblowing, Inc.

Professional glassblowing company that has specialized in manufacturing custom glass apparatus for over 35 years.
47 -

Navcour Glassware

Specialists in three different glassblowing services, custom manufactured scientific glassware, neon and art glass.
48 -

Shiva Scientific Glass

Manufacturers and exporters of glass equipment including borosilicate gas process equipment, column components and heat exchangers.
49 -

Kantu 200 Scientific Store

Provides a wide range of laboratory glassware at competitive prices. Product catalogue, FAQ and online sales.
50 -

QSI Quartz Scientific, Inc

Manufacturer of clear fused quartz tubing, labware, and crucibles, including custom ware.
51 -

Verrerie Dumas

Manufacturer of customised laboratory glassware specializing in chemistry instruments, calibration, thermometers, extractors and oenological analysis instruments.
52 -

Radnoti Glass Technology

Manufacturers of a range of scientific glassware. Products include isolated tissue and isolated organ systems and tissue bath systems.
53 -

CTech Scientific Pte Ltd

Sales of scientific laboratory glassware and other lab supplies for education, research and industry.
54 -


New Zealand manufacturer of laboratory and scientific glassware, including both standard and custom items, in borosillicate and quartz glass. Repair service available.
55 -

Eagle Laboratory Glass Co.

Family owned and operated business specializing in the fabrication and repair of borosilicate glassware. Includes information on standard and custom products.
56 -

Glasatelier Saillart

Offers a full service from glass blowing (quartz and borosilicate glass) up to a complete laboratory programme. [Site in English, French, German and Dutch]
57 -

GARG Scientific Glass Industries

Manufacturers of laboratory glassware, scientific glass apparatus and industrial glassware
58 -

Discount Vials

Wholesaler and retailer of glass vials, test tubes, capsule vials, pipettes, closures and other scientific glassware.
59 -

Pioneer Scientific Instrument Corporation

Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of sintered laboratory glassware including buchner funnels, filter discs, viscometer tubes and vacuum pin tubes. Kolkata, India.
60 -

BioMedical Instruments

Manufacturer of glass micropipettes for different applications in biology, medicine, physics and chemistry.
61 -

QB Glass Ltd

Scientific, industrial and artistic glassblowers working with quartz and borosilicate glass supplying companies and individuals with bespoke and standard glassware.
62 -

Manufacturer of a diverse range of fused quartz labware in clear, translucent and opaque glass.
63 -

Abrisa Technologies

Offers thin film optical coatings. Also offers optical glass specializing in lighting components. California.
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