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Data Loggers and Recorders Websites

These sites are from companies that manufacture or sell primarily chart recorders and/or data loggers; either mechanical, electrical or electronic. 10/22/00- Category ID : 424716
1 -

Evidencia Data Logger Technologies and Solutions

Provides data loggers, temperature labels, and traceability solutions. Includes information about the company and their products and services, along with news.
2 -


Chart recorders, data loggers and measurement instrumentation for temperature, humidity, pressure and voltage.
3 -

Logic Beach Incorporated

Portable data loggers, data logging and alarming systems for remote site, lab and portable data acquisition.
4 -

Omni Data Loggers

Large range of data loggers from simple single channel temperature units to multi channel remote GSM units with SMS text alarms
5 -

Onset Computer

Over 70 models of data loggers and custom controllers for measuring and monitoring temperature.
6 -

AMASS Data Technologies Inc

Environmental data acquisition modules.
7 -

Audon Electronics

Supplies a range of dataloggers, chart recorders, data acquisition hardware and software. Offers free technical advice.
8 -

Two Dimensional Instrument

Thermal data viewers. Temperature history is continuously recorded and displayed. An alternative to data loggers and chart recorders.
9 -


DataBeacon transceivers are wireless, solar-powered modules that send data to secure servers for real-time access. Provides a password-protected directory, 128-bit data encryption, and a web interface.
10 -

Temperature Technology

Manufactures a range of data loggers for measurement of physical quantities.
11 -

Meilhaus Electronic

Sellers of digital measurement equipment such as PC card, ISA/PCI/cPCI, RS232, RS485/455 boards. PXI systems, datalogger, DMM, Oscilloscopes, USB measurement, and Software from Puchheim, Germany.
12 -

Veriteq Instruments Inc.

Miniature battery-powered data loggers and recorders for temperature, relative humidity, thermocouples, voltage and 4-20 mA current. PC-compatible, RS-232 and wireless RF data acquisition.
13 -

Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd

UK manufacturer of the Tinytag range of wireless and cable data loggers for recording environmental parameters. Includes profile, information on products, accessories, software, and calibration and support services, downloads, news, articles, FAQ, application notes, distributors list and contact details.
14 -

L S Technology

Offers dataloggers for temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, current, voltage, pH, EtO, pasteurization and sterilization processes. Includes online product information and shop.
15 -

Scigiene Corporation

Offers dataloggers for shipping, process and facility monitoring.
16 -


Distribution, marketing, and sales of advanced technology products including measurement, recording, logging, and control instrumentation.
17 -

Data loggers for temperature, humidity, pressure, count, shock, acceleration. Non-volatile memory, small size.
18 -

Pace Scientific

Miniature, battery powered Data Loggers record temperature, pressure, humidity, light, current, voltage, and events. Full software available for free download.
19 -

SUPCO Sealed Unit Parts Inc.

Temperature data loggers, strip charts.
20 -

NexSens Technology, Inc.

Dataloggers, telemetry systems, and software for real-time environmental monitoring of water quality, level, flow and weather conditions.
21 -

CoBex Recorders, Inc.

Manufacturer of single pen and two-pen electronic recorders, precision instruments to monitor variables such as temperature, humidity and voltage for science and industry. Photos, specifications, ordering, online manual, part number lookup, chart selector.
22 -


Designer and manufacturer of DC load banks and data loggers. Catalog includes both portable and rack mounted DC load banks and data loggers for equipment protection and diagnostics. Based in Brisbane, Australia.
23 -

Recorder Company

Manufacturer of strip chart recorders, XY plotters, plotter pens, thermal printers and supplies.
24 -

Pico Technology

Offers the DrDAQ data logger with sensors for light, temperature, sound (dB and waveform).
25 -

Ingram Data Recorders, Inc.

Makers of hardened, miniature, digital high speed data recorders. These devices can withstand crashes, blast and shock. Custom and off the shelf designs.
26 -

Campbell Scientific Ltd.

Datalogger for environmental research, structural monitoring or weather station for meteorological measurements.
27 -

Sensitech Inc.

Supplier of time-temperature monitoring devices, systems and professional services.
28 -

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

High-speed multi-channel data logger systems and data acquisition software.
29 -

Mitec Instrument AB

Portable data loggers and analysis instruments for energy, climate, process, and measuring.
30 -

DCP Microdevelopments

Data logging, control and computer interfacing products for the lab and educators.
31 -


Temperature, humidity, air velocity, flue gas analyzer and pH logging devices.
32 -


Battery powered data loggers capable of measuring temperature, voltage, resistance, current, barometric pressure, pulses, light levels, pH and time domain events.
33 -

Omni Controls

Monarch, Dickson, Partlow, Rustrak, Toshiba has circular recorders and dataloggers for data storage and measurement controls.
34 -

Grant Instruments

Develops laboratory and life science equipment and data logging systems.
35 -

AIM Recorders

Digital temperature data loggers with integrated memory. Windows data loggers.
36 -

Electronic Controls & Systems

India. Manufacturers of potentiometric, multi point and industrial recorders, recording charts, programmable controllers, and electronic controls.
37 -


Manufactures data loggers to measure and record pressure, humidity, shock or temperature data.
38 -

Applied Electro-Magnetics Pvt. Ltd

Includes company overview and catalog.
39 -

Thermodata Pty Ltd

Temperature loggers and software.
40 -


Manufactures and sells portable test instruments and software that monitor and record environmental and product conditions such as a temperature, humidity, and pH levels.
41 -


Temperature and humidity logging systems, continuously transmits data to a central location.
42 -

Dry Pak Industries

Offers a line of temperature strip chart recorders. Available in models from 5-60 days.
43 -

Lakewood Systems Ltd.

Manufactures data recorders, sensors, software for data collection.
44 -

Monitor Sensors (Aust) Pty Ltd

Manufactures Data loggers, a wide variety of specialist sensors and controllers for Agricultural, Environmental, Meteorological, Process and Laboratory applications.
45 -

Vermes Microdispensing GmbH

Develops and manufactures contact-free piezo-based micro-dispensing systems.
46 -

Geoscientic Ltd.: Data Loggers

Canadian distributor of Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation such as Data Loggers and DataLogger Sensors as well as Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
47 -

Data Loggers Online

Portable and fixed acquisition systems for measuring a variety of conditions including temperature, humidity, level, flow and shock. Low cost PC based logging systems also available.
48 -

Lives International

Wireless data loggers for temperature, humidity and pressure.
49 -

Projex Software

Software for universal data collection (datalogger read-out), Alarm management (sms/e-mail) and visualization (trending).
50 -

Alpha Controls And Instrumentation

A supplier of data loggers, humidity instrumentation, recorders, controllers, flow control, level control, and calibrators.
51 -

Signatrol UK

Manufacturers and suppliers of data logging equipment and software, for temperature, humidity, pressure and flow rate. Includes product applications, specifications, and profile of company in Tewkesbury, England.
52 -

Manufacturers of data loggers, and signal conditioners. Specialises in miniaturised, complete stand-alone data loggers with signal conditioning, processing and on-board solid-state storage. Custom systems designed and built.
53 -


An automated, wireless, computerized remote temperature monitoring, recording and alert system to replace chart records, data loggers and manual temperature log reports. Wireless temperature system for commercial applications.
54 -

Symmetron Electronic Applications

Data Loggers for environmental and general technical measurements. Stand alone, GSM and network operation. Wind-Analysis software. ActiveX controls for custom applications.
55 -

Marathon Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of data loggers and chart recorders for documenting environmentally sensitive products for storage and shipping; FDA compliant software for pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
56 -

AKS Labs

Designs and manufacturers explosion proof data recorders.
57 -

Cascade Group, Inc.

Product information for wireless and self powered data loggers and sensors.
58 -


Offers mobile datalogger for multimixed sensors in geophysics. Application software is Open Source.
59 -

DATAQ Instruments

Sells data logger hardware and software for stand alone and PC applications. Page includes product photos and setup tutorials.
60 -

Acumen Instruments

Small, rugged data recorders (data loggers) for RS-232 serial data using CompactFlash and other flash media.
61 -

Inovaflex Elektronik

Developer of logic analyzers with integrated interpreters such as SPI,I2C and CAN.
62 -

Etrelec - MADD systems

Measuring stations and equipment for geology and geotechnics, hydrology, pluviometry and meteorology.
63 -


Designs, manufactures and supplies temperature and humidity data loggers.
64 -

Lindorm, Inc.

Offers SediMeter, an instrument for measuring sedimentation, and LogDator, a network master that can control many SediMeters and other LogDators, and record data from them on memory cards.
65 -

Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd.

Supplier of HP and Agilent test and measurement equipment for hire and purchase in Australia. Also sells refurbished equipment and parts and provides training.
66 -

CAS Dataloggers

Master distributor for the ADwin, dataTaker, Eltek, and Grant data acquisition and logging products in North and South America. Services offered include sales, technical support, repair, calibration and training.
67 -

Interworld Electronics

Interworld manufacture high voltage resistors and distribute data loggers, oscilloscopes, digitizers, analog to digital, digital I/O and other industrial products for research and industry.
68 -


Swedish manufacturer and supplier of data logging equipment and software.
69 -

Networked Robotics

Offers network-based hardware and software for monitoring temperatures, carbon dioxide, oxygen, humidity and power.
70 -

Recorder Charts and Pens Company

Offers recording chart paper, recorder pens and marking system supplies. Includes a list of manufacturers for which these products are available.
71 -


Developer and manufacturer of flexible PC based data acquisition systems for portable and laboratory use with a wide range of sensors.
72 -

UV-IR Technology

Developer of a range of products including UV data samplers, loggers, meters, integrators, monitors and spectrometers.
73 -

Compliance Control Inc.

Offers TempGenius, a system to monitor, track and log temperature, humidity, leaks and floods, proximity, vibration and doors.
74 -

Graphic Controls

Developer and manufacturer of charts and marking systems for recording instruments, medical recording papers and pens, ink jet fluids and tickets.
75 -

DPM Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers of circular chart recorders, strip chart recorders, process control instruments and data loggers.
76 -


Remote temperature monitor company offers wireless temperature monitoring systems for hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and blood banks.
77 -

Rmoni Wireless

Offers wireless monitoring systems for environmental variables like temperature, humidity and CO2. The gathered information can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
78 -

Dataron Instruments

Developer and manufacturer of Data Bank, a digital interpretive meter and data collector. Also supplies custom cable assemblies, custom GPS serial and power cables, and GPS side mounts.
79 -


Suppliers of a range of data loggers in Australia, from single channel data loggers through to multi channel complete data logging systems for various applications.
80 -


Offers GigaLog, a family of data loggers based on memory cards. In French, German and English.
81 -


Supplier of advanced instruments sourced from specialist companies. Products include a range of stand alone dataloggers, monitoring equipment, calibration equipment, flow monitors and gas detectors.
82 -


Manufacturer and supplier of a range of portable data loggers, humidity loggers and related equipment.
83 -

Linseis Inc

Manufactures stripchart recorders for laboratory and industry. Offers data loggers for temperature, temperature/humidity, and digital thermometers and psychrometers.
84 -

Sedna Scientific

UK suppliers and installers of laboratory monitoring systems for the scientific, healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries.
85 -

Crabtree and Associates

Pressure transducers, signal conditioners, clocks and chronometers, chart recorders, accessories and supplies.
86 -

Digitline Automation

Developer and manufacturer of software and equipment for industrial machine analysis.
87 -

E-Senza Technologies GmbH

Developer and manufacturer of wireless device networking products for connectivity between sensors, instruments, actuators, meters and systems. In German and English.
88 -

Isatec Ltd -

Provides data loggers, wireless data collection systems and temperature intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.
89 -


Distributor of temperature and humidity loggers and recorders for the transport, medical and industrial sectors.
90 -


Manufacturers of small scale stability test kits including bench-top and wireless data logging for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food material testing.
91 -

Xiamen Kehao Automation Co., Ltd

Developer and manufacturer specializing in industrial automation control instruments.
92 -

Maxim Integrated: iButton Sensors

Temperature data logger the size of 5 dimes, enclosed in a stainless steel can, offering up to 1 million temperature readings.
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